Reflexology:Touching the Soul

Healing seems to focus primarily on the physical. However, what my journey through Reflexology has led me to discover– is that the soul is involved as well.Much of what I do as a practitioner, is to gently lead others back to themselves. I use the body to touch the soul. I consider what I do-Reverent Touch.

We each have choices and options as to which path of wellness we use to help ourselves. The beauty of bodywork, is that it touches on many levels of healing. Sometimes the body is what it is– and physical healing is not part of the process. It is at these times, that I have seen the miracle of soul work.

Part of my practice involves volunteering for a non-denominational spiritual ministry organization that offers bodywork modalities to those in the community who are infected and affected with the HIV virus. This work has given me more of an education than any school could ever impart. Not only does it allow me to develop my practical skills, but to also develop my soul skills as well.

It is here that I have seen the body become invisible and the soul very tangible. Maybe it’s because of the loss of control–the soul is more open. For whatever reason, I feel immensely humbled and grateful to be a silent witness.

One of the things I enjoy about my work here, is that there is very little talking involved. Most of the time a client is so physically and emotionally drained, that all they want to do, is get on the table and just fall asleep for an hour. I love that. When someone totally surrenders to the art of bodywork, something wonderful happens– the energy has freedom to do it’s work.

In this vulnerability, all expectations are void and the soul is able to receive. It never ceases to amaze me, that what the client always receives……is Love.

I had this experience happen just recently during a session. When I work, I usually do so with my eyes closed, allowing my hands to work intuitively. Towards the end of the session, I felt my heart open and fill with an incredible feeling of unconditional love. I had a vision of the client being held by the most gentle, yet powerful hands. When the session was finished, I went to the restroom to wash my hands. When I came back into the room, the client shared their experience with me. They said that during the last few minutes of the session, they had felt like they were being held and nurtured. I smiled, but kept silent. I feel that whatever each client receives is private and special for them. Yet I did thank them, because by allowing me to touch them- I was shown what healing is all about.

I don’t always know what someone else needs from a session. But if I can just let go and trust, allowing myself to be open to receive it…..I know that they will too!

Be well!