Reiki: "Touching Our Essence"

Out of all the alternative healing modalities, Reiki is perhaps the most challenging to explain.It must be experienced….. in order to know.It’s gentle simplicity, ironically does not match it’s deeply profound results.Reiki has a universal intelligence of it’s own and needs no control from either the practitioner or the client. It is the healing art of allowing.

It is not about technique- but rather about taking a journey to reconnect with our true essence.

Reiki is the umbilical energy that created us. Our original mother and father. It is a love that goes beyond any condition- because it is pure. To receive Reiki- is to return to that love.The beauty of Reiki, is in it’s adaptability to touch each one of us in a unique and totally different way- yet still remaining the same thing.It will never force itself upon anyone, but will rather wait patiently to be asked for. It will gently guide us to a clearing-and then allow us to see the way. It does not judge or condemn. It only loves.Reiki uses the spirit to manifest itself in the physical. It sometimes moves quickly and other times slowly.It supports us as we embrace change- and embraces us, when change is not.It allows us to visit the past and see the future- but asks that we remain in the present.It will always give us what we need-but not always what we want.

Reiki is already apart of us- and only waits to be remembered.

It is the life essence which delivered us here- and it is the life essence which will hold us… we return.


4 thoughts on “Reiki: "Touching Our Essence"

  1. Akekamalu,

    Thank you so much!!!!

    It’s very hard for me to put into words exactly WHAT Reiki is -because to ME, Reiki is such a FEELING.

    The only REAL word I can use….is LOVE.

    Love is what I feel when I practice.

    That you so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate it!

    Be well,

  2. Ron~

    This was a wonderful thing to read. Your thoughts on Reiki are much like mine on the Tao. Things flow the way they do because they are meant to. Directing our energy can only bring us what we are ready to know or receive. All things come from a singular place, a place of love. Within that place of love comes acceptance and the knowledge that each one of us is worthy of all the happiness and goodness that comes our way.

    I think I’ll start doing some more reading on Reiki, it feels right.

    ciao adesso~

  3. Dearest CeeCi,

    You said mouthful of TRUTH!

    It’s ALWAYS a pleasure to share with you my friend…..

    Be well,

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