Reiki: Teachings of a Cat

Ironically, my greatest master teacher of Reiki was Jerry- my cat and companion.Through the final transition of his life, he gave me a clear glimpse into one of Reiki’s most profound teachings…..allowing.

I was at a pinnacle point of my own spiritual growth at this time, going through a deep surrendering process. Confused, lost, frightened and very angry- I had no other choice but to accept and trust. Not only was I confronting my own “smallness” as a human being, but was also learning the excruciating lesson of allowing myself to be supported by “true power.”

In 1999 Jerry had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. After initially hearing the different options I had from a traditional veterinarian, I decided to use alternative health care to assist him (as I do with myself). Through the teachings of a holistic veterinarian, along with much Reiki and some time, his health returned to a balanced state. With hyperthyroidism there are “highs and lows”- which are to be expected using any type of healing method. However I watched him very carefully, adjusting his health care as he adjusted.

In 2001 I decided to make a move back to the northeast, but was very concerned about whether or not he would be physically up for it. After some blood work and a physical examination, the vet seemed amazed that Jerry was doing so well. Apparently the thyroid test was showing sky high results. However when the vet checked his heart rate…..Jerry was as calm as a cucumber. He said that this was very unusual, because it did not match the test results. He also said that he could see no reason to not go ahead with our moving plans. So off we went.

About 6 months after settling down to our new life, Jerry’s health took a nose-dive. It was at this point I knew intuitively, that nothing else could be done and that this situation was going to be what it was. So I made a choice. I had witnessed Jerry coming into this world 19 years prior- and I wanted to witness him as he left it.

During the last day of his life, Reiki was the only assistance that I could offer him. I watched as this compassionate energy- gently and calmly guided him through his own transition. As I fought and struggled- Jerry let go by simply accepting and embracing. There seemed to be a natural flow to what was happening and he seemed to have the “inner knowing” to move with it. And as he did…..he experienced peace.

It is my personal belief- that animals are placed on this earth to be wise spiritual teachers.

They seem to have a natural understanding of acceptance. Animals also seem to understand the “workings” of Reiki. Perhaps it’s because they know that Reiki is a part of them……and they simply allow it.

4 thoughts on “Reiki: Teachings of a Cat

  1. Hey Ron! I found it. Just saw your comment on my blog and responded. Thanks for the link back.

    Wonderful story about your cat. Our last cat lived to be 21. We were all with her as a family when she had to be put down. I agree that animals are our spiritual teachers, if we let them. And if we do, we truly are the lucky ones.

    I’ll see you around the Outpost.


  2. Hey Tony,

    Thank you very much for your comment. It’s my pleasure to add you to my links. I would like to spread your good words!

    Wow….your cat was 21 yrs. old? That’s wonderful. I heard of a woman whose cat lived til it was 25! Like Grizabella from “Cats.”

    Cat’s are very “special” little beings- They just KNOW.

    We are lucky…aren’t we?

    Be well,

  3. When I look into the beautiful golden, green eyes of my sweet cat-boy I know how peaceful and fulfilled he is. He is what he is, a sweet little being who came into my life to be loved and nurtured by me. Cats are splendid creatures and I agree with you, they have much wisdom to impart. My sweet guy has a bhindi, now how cool is that?

    Jerry sounds like he was a wonderful friend and companion for you. Sad as it probably was at the time, I’m glad you were able to be with him as he made his way to the next part of his journey.


  4. Greetings CeeCi!

    Yes….as tough as it was. A part of me knew that Reiki wanted to SHOW me something through this experience.

    I was at the point of FAITH. And I needed to walk through the fear….to get to the other side.

    I had alot of spiritual help going through this. And I am SO blessed for that.

    Like I said, Jerry was MY teacher…..he did this for me.

    And I will forever be grateful to him!

    Thank you SO much for reading this, I am so honored to share with you!

    Be well,

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