Frankincense: The Value of Gold

When hearing the word Frankincense- two visions may come to mind.

Being one of the gifts the wise men brought to little baby Jesus on his birth. Or catholic benediction mass, where the priest swings around a cool looking incense burner on a chain, asphyxiating everyone in the congregation. Both of these visions give you an idea of just how powerful this essence truly is.

Most people associate Frankincense with incense. However when experiencing the pure essential oil– the aroma of Frankincense is actually very gentle and most enjoyable.

The use of Frankincense can be traced to ancient Egypt, where it was revered as a valuable as gold. It was used for prayer ritual, beauty restoration, medicinal purposes, and the embalming process to preserve the bodies of spiritual leaders.

I was first drawn to Frankincense about a year ago. I purchased a bottle and after doing much research, began experimenting with different ways to enjoy it’s many benefits. It has now become my skin care staple, using it with jojoba oil- morning and night. I also take advantage of it’s spiritual value, by using it when I meditate and practice yoga. It instantly relaxes me, clears my mind and has giving me abundant inspiration.

In my professional practice- I use it during a Hot Stone Reflexology session, by adding a few drops to the grape seed oil used. The heat from the stones allows the essence to gently permeate the room as I work. During a Reiki session, I apply a single drop to the palm of my hand and gently rub both of them together. It seems to magnify the connection between the client and the energy. I’ve never had one client object to it’s aroma.


Botanical name: Boswellia Carteri

Plant origin: tree, resin

Extraction method: steam distillation

Aroma: balsamic, earthy, spicy

Small trees known as olibanum, can be found in north-east Africa and south-east Arabia. Cuts are made within the trunk of the tree, allowing the resin to exude. After the resin solidifies forming tears– it then goes through a steam distillation process, protecting the many valuable qualities of this precious and rare oil.

Properties may include:



Topical antioxidant


Benefits may include:

Respiratory aide

Restorative skin care qualities

Calming the emotions

Awakening the consciousness

Caution care: As with all essential oils- Frankincense is to be used for external purposes only. It should be diluted with a vegetable base carrier oil when applied to the skin. I also recommend a “patch test” by applying a small amount of the oil in the crease of the arm- to check for sensitivity.

Whether you are a bodywork practitioner or someone who simply enjoys aromatherapy, I invite you to further investigate this wonderful gift of nature. I hope it brings to you, as much enjoyment and natural health benefits as it has for me!

For further information on Frankincense please visit: Scents of Earth

For Pure Essential Oils and supplies please visit: Hands-On Aromatherapy

6 thoughts on “Frankincense: The Value of Gold

  1. just found your blog off technorati reiki search…interesting stuff here…I enjoy aromatherapy as well. I will be back…

    I lived in philly myself for a time…

  2. Hey,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I got interested in aromatherapy about a year ago and been using it with Reiki and Reflexology sessions. It’s awesome.

    I moved back from Orlando, Fla. to Philly 6 years ago and I’m reading to leave again. “Strange energy” this city.

    I’ll go take a look at your blog and leave you a post.

    Thanks again for your comment,

  3. yeah, I have lived all over the US and the Northeast was difficult for me…there definitely is a different energy there.

    I do like the south, but with the slower pace, you lose a bit of the open minded-ness (if that is even a word?). I am trying to spread the knowledge and power of Reiki and alternative healing down here…

  4. It’s funny, because I thought the move to the Northeast would be an advantage to “open minded-ness”- but I found out that Florida (Orlando in particular) is much more open to alternative healing modalities- (strange)!? I left after 20 years, mainly because of the heat. I love the seasons. Especially winter (and it’s definately winter now…Brrrr).

    Philadelphia has a lot of historical beauty and charm to it.
    Unfortunately, it is dominated by “male energy” and is in desperate need of some “female balance.” It is also filled with much fear….and Reiki moves right into fear….so that’s perhaps why they fear it. I have this feeling that this is the reason why I (along with others) am here. Reiki is needed.

    I read on your blog that you are heading towards Master Level. How wonderful! I myself am Level 2 and have been for 10 years. I’ve never had the feeling to go any further. I truly believe that I have all I need. I practice and offer several modalities, but Reiki is the foundation of my work… and my life. It’s my best friend!

    Thank you again for your comment. I look forward to sharing in the furture. And please let me know when you get your final attunement.

    Be well,

  5. yes, definitely a male dominate energy throughout the Northeast…

    As far as Reiki levels, if you feel that you have all you need, then you do. All I can say is the first time I saw the word Reiki, I knew I had to get trained all the way through the Master level – this was before I had even had a treatment. Something bigger than myself led me to it. I cannot explain, but it was something I had finally come back home to.

    I will try to get some frankinscence oil next time I am out & see how I like it…

    I already had the First Master level attunement & have things to work on and practice before the next attunement in a few weeks…the master level attunement just clears out lots of stuff and your body has to get used to the higher energy level (so that is why my instructor likes to wait a few weeks in between the attunements). so the clearing out can be unpleasant at times, but in the end it will be a really great thing.


  6. Hi Meredith,

    Much like your own experience, when I saw the word Reiki on a business card, not really knowing what it was….I KNEW I needed to respond. And the minute the practitioner touched me….just as you said….I felt like I’d come home! My heart tells me that Reiki finds YOU. And when it does….you simply remember.

    The craziest part of my story, is that 2 years prior to my first session with Reiki, I was in Kyoto, Japan on a acting job. And while I visited the sacred temples there, I had a beautiful and deeply moving experience, that to this day, cannot put into words. It was a “feeling.” Then ironically after my first session, I started to investigate the history of Reiki, and upon seeing the name Kyoto…. I then understood WHY I had the feeling.

    You’re so right… is
    something bigger than ourselves that guides us to Reiki. And I am so grateful for that!

    It feels to me, that you have the sensitive, wise and sacred qualities, that makes for a true Master. Dr. Usui must be smiling down at you!

    After you experiment with the Frankincense, please let me know how it went. I find it to be a very sacred and special oil, that goes so well with Reiki. I used it on myself at first and then eventually started offering it to clients. Somehow it makes for a beautiful connection. But see what YOU feel.

    I wish you all the best!

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