Reiki and Chakras

The word chakra (pronounced chaa-kra) is Sanskrit meaning: “wheel” or “vortex” of energy.Within the subtle energetic anatomy of the human body (pictured) there are seven major chakras that run from the crown of the head to the base of the spine. They each represent different aspects of our entire human hood- body, mind and spirit.

Energy is the fuel of life. It is the invisible, yet tangible “food” that supports are very existence. Energy is around us whether we are aware of it or not. Example: Have you ever walked into a large group of people either at a party or restaurant and instantly felt the “vibes” of the place? Well…..that’s energy. It’s invisible to the eyes, yet very tangible to our energetic system.

Throughout the day, we are constantly bombarded with various energy levels of the people who interact with us. This explains why around some people we feel really “good” and others “not-so good.” Have you ever had a feeling about something in your “gut”? That too is energy.

For the most part- we unconsciously, like a sponge, absorb energy without ever being aware or discerning. It sometimes becomes apart of our own system, either energizing or draining us.

Chakras are the portals through which this energy is assimilated. Simply put- chakras are like spinning wheels that absorb, process and then distribute the energy, so that it may be used for the betterment of our health. Through illness, extreme stress, and life experiences- our own chakras may become “imbalanced”- which in turn- prevent us from receiving the full benefit of their assimilation.

When receiving a Reiki treatment, the chakras are cleansed and then balanced. Some chakras may have an excess of energy, while others may have a shortage. The beauty of Reiki, is in it’s ability to “equalize” energy. A Reiki session follows the locations of the seven major chakras.

The Chakra System

7th Crown Chakra

Location- Crown of head

Organ- Pineal gland

Color- Violet

Theme- Our personal connection to a higher power, intuition, spiritual awareness

6th Third Eye Chakra

Location- Between the brows

Organ- Pituitary gland

Color- Indigo

Theme- Intuitiveness, our ability to visualize and manifest, imagination

5th Throat Chakra

Location- Throat

Organs- Throat, thyroid gland

Color- Blue

Theme- Our ability to communicate freely, self expression, creativity

4th Heart Chakra

Location- Center of the chest

Organs- Heart, thymus gland, lungs

Color- Green

Theme- Our ability to freely give and receive love, forgiveness, empathy, trust

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra

Location- Upper abdomen

Organs- Stomach, liver, pancreas, solar plexus

Color- Yellow

Theme- Our ability to express personal power without ego, fear, emotions

2nd Sacral Chakra

Location- Pelvic region

Organs- Reproductive organs, kidneys, legs

Color- Orange

Theme- Creativity, relationships with others, vitality, desire

1st Root Chakra

Location- Base of the spine

Organs- Adrenal glands, bladder, genitals, spine, feet

Theme- Security, will to live, survival, life force

Some cultures believe, that as a human being enters this life, they begin the process at the first chakra and then gradually proceed upward toward the seventh. And if you really “feel” about that- it actually seems like a natural evolution process, doesn’t it? We begin our life relying on others for security and survival. Then we slowly proceed to interact with others, testing our own personal power. We then move on to understanding love, self-expression, creativity, and eventually come to a personal relationship with a higher power. We sometimes need to revisit particular chakras and discover things they we may have missed on our first visit.

Through Reiki we can do that. It lovingly and compassionately supports our journey. The cleansing process can at times be intense (I won’t lie to you). However through Reiki, we learn how to let go…..and allow the process to take us where we need to be. It’s all about allowing.

I ask that you continue to explore and enjoy your Chakras. Please check out these two book recommendations that you will find clear and very informative.“Reiki and the Chakras”- author- Richard Ellis — “Wheels of Light” – author- Rosalyn L. Bruyere

So get out there…….and spin your “Wheels!”

Be Well


9 thoughts on “Reiki and Chakras

  1. what an awesome post! I have a post (in my head, not posted yet) about chakras…although your post sounds much better than the voices in my head!

    But I have read (don’t know if it is true or not) that chakras ‘develop’ at certain ages…and that if something traumatic happens at an age, the corresponding chakra will become blocked. It does makse sense, though.

    I do think that reiki helps me balance mine, as a few tend to be overactive and one tends to get blocked.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & your support.


  2. M,

    Thank YOU for stopping by my blog and for your supportive words. I really appreciate it! This blog shit is fun…isn’t it? It’s my creative outlet right now.

    Yes…I too have heard that chakras develop at certain ages. It’s similar to an
    evolutional “staircase” that we progressively climb as we grow- spending time on each floor. And yes, depending upon our life experiences at that level of chakra- it most definately effects our time on that floor. That’s why I feel it’s important to revisit- for some house cleaning.

    To me….Reiki is the most valuable tool for balancing. I honestly feel that without it….I would be even more of a mess than I already am (tee-hee). I thank God for it every single day!

    Hey…’ve added your picture to your blog. How cool is that? It’s funny though- the visual picture that I get in my head, about what people look like, who I haven’t seen….is NEVER correct. I saw you as a blonde (no pun intended) and totally different looking. My radar is always off in that department. You look so much like my best friend in Florida (Joy)- she’s a great gal and has a beautiful soul.

    And something that you mentioned in your blog post about people who move into Reiki for the reason to help others…and then use it to heal themselves first…is so very true. The more I allow myself to open to Reiki…the more each person I touch will receive.

    I feel very blessed to have met you through our blogs. You are a rare and precious vessel (you’re not afraid to bare your truth). I look forward to sharing our journey’s through Reiki.

    Also- please check out the books written by Carolyn Myss (maybe you already have). She gives a fabulous discription of the journey through chakras!

    Be well,

  3. yeah, blogging is fun. I just have to watch so I don’t take too much time with it, and time away from other things. But it is cool to ‘meet’ so many different kinds of people from all edges of the earth and all walks of life, you know? How else could you connect with and learn & grow from so many different people all at once?

    funny you mention staircase, I just listened to a new guided meditation cd last night that talked about visiting, your house, staircase, etc.

    yeah, my pic? I decided to post a real pic of me, I guess because some people do like to see the face behindn the words. It was halloween, that’s why they Gypsy attire. It was the most recent, decent pic of myself that I had. And my hair is blonder than it looks in that pic, it was night time, so it looks darker. Glad I remind you of Joy. She sounds lovely. I do not believe in accidents. People move into our lives for a variety of reasons and I just try to accept whatever they are here to teach me.

    Yes, I do think the Wounded Healer is quite a common theme. And no, I am not afraid to speak my truth…even when I sometimes pay a very high price to do so. And you don’t seem like a mess to me at all! I have not read that book…shall add it to my list!

    much love & light Ron!

  4. Hi Shahana,

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. I LOVE your name! I once had a boss in Florida who had the same name, yet she spelled it differently. Your’s is so unique!

    So your thinking about massage? I actually teach reflexology at a massage school, here in the city. I have a great respect for massage therapists. I started as a Reiki practitioner in 1997 and then in 2000- started my training for reflexology- then about a year ago I took a course in aromatherapy. My practice involves a fusion of all three modalities.

    Bodywork is a fasinating journey that has taught me sooooo much about myself.

    If you feel drawn to it….maybe you should investigate schools in your area and see what kind of courses they offer. The great thing about being a certified/licensed massage therapist- is that you can practice ALL the bodywork modalities and be covered under one. I was just always guided to focus on the feet. Reflexology is a very gentle, yet POWERFUL way to affect the body-mind-spirit. I really enjoy it!

    I’m one of those people who has to absolutely LOVE what I do, in order to be good at it.

    Good luck to you and keep me posted. Thanks again for your visit!

    Be well,

  5. Hi M,

    It’s always a joy to get a comment from you! Thank you.

    So you ARE a blonde? Oh my God…I guess my radar was right this time. Cool picture. I happen to LOVE Halloween too.

    That’s so funny that you were just listening to a CD pertaining to a staircase. I believe I READ that at one time (all the billion books I’ve read). It just seems perfectly natural, doesn’t it?

    And yes…I know what you mean about taking so much time away- to blog. I find myself at work sometimes thinking of how I can’t wait to get home to either write another post or to just see if someone left me a comment. I DO try and balance my free time with walks in nature (feeding the squirrels) and spending time AWAY from computers. It’s a challenging balance. And being a Libra- balance is the “theme” of my life. I have a lot of creative energy moving through me and blogging right now seems to be a great outlet for that. I use to be a theater actor for many years and THAT was my outlet then. Bodywork does that for me too! I go through periods of having great surges of inspiration- and I can hear the Universe saying….”Go for it Ron”… so I listen.

    I can also indentify with “speaking your truth.” My mouth has gotten me into some interesting experiences. Yet I HONESTLY feel that that’s what I’m here to do. Get others to feel. But I had to learn (and still do) how to speak my truth without being destructive. I have quite a “firey” nature at times and have been known to spew a rath. Reiki assists me with that. But I also feel that sometimes…it just needs to be said.

    And I think I’ve said enough right now. Babble…babble. I love to talk (as you can see). My comments turn into noveletts!

    Thank you for your communication and sharing your knowledge. It’s a pleasure!

    Be Well,

  6. I like your Noveletts…keep ’em coming. Um, yes I had a very fiery temperment in the past…Reiki and some self discovery have helped me tame the Fire a bit. I am not a Libra, but a few months ago I did a Tarot card reading on myself (not really knowing how, but…) and the theme that kept coming up was Moderation. I think that is something I do need to work at…balance, moderation, etc. I recently moved from where I was living to the dead end of a country dirt road. It is awesome. It really feels like being on vacation every day. I am a very lucky lady. Enjoy your day!

  7. Ron,
    Beautiful explanation of the different chakras, and great use of color to make it all the easier and relevant to visualize !

    Reiki done by a Master is indeed a lovely experience to receive — and give…

    It is so nice to be around someone whose energy feels good… Either in person, or when you visit their home in real life — or in cyber-space in the form of a blog !

  8. Hi Annie,

    Thank you for your comment and for your supportive words!

    I love to create through visuals and words. The pictures help tell the story (much like your beautiful blog).

    I use to be a theater actor ( “Mr. Dramatic” as my mother use to call me)and for many, many years that form of expression was my medium. Now through energy work and this blog….I found a new and wonderful outlet!

    Can you believe that not even a year ago- I was totally against going on the Internet? I’m eating some “crow” now! Never say never.

    Thank you for allowing me to share my journey….and for you with others!

    Stop by any time….it’s a pleasure.

    Be well,

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