Snow…..Confetti From Heaven

Whenever it snows, I feel like I’m 2 years old again.

I get excited, rambunctious and absolutely silly.

Well…today in the city it snowed. And while most people stay indoors all toasty and warm – I on the other hand run outdoors like a banshee… make snow angels.

With a bag of nuts for the squirrels and a Starbucks grande’ coffee in hand, I headed out to the park to submerge myself in a small plot of nature.

It is within nature – that I strongly feel my personal connection to God.

As I sat on a bench, sipping my caffeine and feeding the squirrels, I looked up to the sky and watched in amazement, as big white confetti, like New Years Eve….. fell from heaven. As I looked at the bare branches on the trees, slowly and silently, become highlighted – I couldn’t help but think of icing on a cake. I stuck my tongue out….to catch a few. It felt like I was inside one of those snow globes and someone had just shook the hell out of it. I smiled and felt giddy.

I watched as one of the squirrels I was feeding, begin to hide all his peanuts under the snow. And as he lifted his little head up to look at me – I noticed he had the perfect outline of a snow beard on his face.

Two sparrows stood on the arm of the bench that I was sitting on and looked at me as if to say, “Hey…..what about us?”

I noticed a little dog, dressed in a sweater coat, desperately trying to find a spot of of free snow to pee on. He eventually went under a bush.

I watched as this “nature menagerie” went on around me like some Walt Disney movie.

And I thought to myself, “My God…..does it get any better than this?”

I very often get so wrapped up in creating my own life, that I quickly loose sight of what is being created around me. God’s creation.

And although I didn’t make any snow angels today……..I certainly spotted some.

So thank you nature. Thank you for reminding me of what I already have.

So much!

20 thoughts on “Snow…..Confetti From Heaven

  1. what a lovely post. It doesn’t snow much down here…but when it does, the world seems to stop.

    yes, it is so very nice to slow down just enough to look around and realize how very lucky we are. so glad you were able to do that this weekend!

  2. Meredith,

    Thank you so much for stopping by…..I was hoping you would.

    After I posted this last night, I re-read it and got very teary-eyed. Sometimes when I write, I have no idea what I’m going to say. I just allow myself to be freely guided by spirit- and it amazes me what comes through. I’m so gratefully humbled to be allowed this expression.

    So… you feel any different since your attunment? I thought about you Saturday at work and was wondering how it was going. I am so happy for you. I really feel that you will be a wonderful example of Reiki to your students. You’ve allowed yourself to be ripped open and then re-filled. And to those who move on to teach the “true essence” of Reiki…..I feel that this is so important. Not everyone we touch will go to such depths. But for those who do….you will be creating the sacred space for them to feel safe.

    What an honor that is….rock on!

    Thanks for your visit Meredith.

    Be well,

  3. now, why wouldn’t I stop by?

    And I do think that is the best kind of writing…to just let it Flow without thinking too much. Yes, we All need to get the Mind out of the way and let the spirit do its thing much more often.

    And thank you once again for your kind words. I do have a background in teaching and perhaps that is why I felt so called to learn Reiki through the Master level to teach it to others? I do plan to write about the attunement…I just still need some time to let the dust settle a bit.

    And I DO notice (and so do others) a dramatic increase in my energy channeling…my hands get so hot & the energy just shakes my whole body sometimes///strange but cool.

    enjoy the snow! when I was little & people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said A Snowman. Is that hilarious, or what?

  4. Hello Meredith!

    Oh my God….that is so adorable. A Snowman????? Why not a Snowoman? How cute is that? Isn’t it amazing what we say as children? I wonder what the hell we were thinking when we said the things we did? I always wanted to be an actor. I put on shows in the garage that looked like a Broadway production. Christmas tree lights strung around a shower curtain, a spot light that I made out of a desk lamp and an empty toilet paper roll (how disgusting). I even served popcorn to the people who would show up. I charged 25 cents a show. It was a cheap way to spend a Saturday afternoon watching a few frustrated actors lipsync to “West Side Story.” So I pursued my dream for many, many years. And I LOVED it. But then 10 years ago I was led into what I do now (and I LOVE that too). It’s all about Passion!

    That’s so cool about the energy increase in your hands. You’re like a 250 watt light bulb now! I’ve noticed with myself the last two years- that my sessions (giving and receiving) have become much shorter in length. My own energetic system can only take 30 mins (tops). I have a friend of mine here who knows this- so when we share, we do 20-30 min sessions. Anything after that….I get very uncomfortable (physically). I can hear my inner voice saying, “Your cooked….no more.”

    Two years ago I went on a 7 day retreat to the Pocono Mountains by myself. It was in January and the snowfall was glorious. I spent 7 days in total silence- with one book, and a journal. I honestly believe that during that week, I was attuned to another level of Reiki- spontaniously. When I returned to the city- I actually felt like something had been adjusted within me that caused me to see things (with my physical eyes) in a new way. I literally saw a “glow” of light around objects. Which had NEVER happened to me before. With time….the sensation gradually subsided, but the conciousness has never left me. I had so many things happened to me on that retreat (I’ll save it for another post).

    My point being- not soon after my return- I just so happen to pick up a book (I can’t remember which one)- but it talked about the possibility of Reiki “doing it’s own thing” and attuning spontaniously. I can’t be sure. But something did in fact alter within me that week- and it changed me on a very deep level. I have never felt the feeling of “unconditional love” like I had during that week. It was like I had just gotten “married” to the love of my life!

    Wonderful journey Reiki is…isn’t it? It asks that you ALWAYS live in the moment. No more…no less.

    Thank you for allowing me to share with you…..and you with me.

    Be Well,

  5. ron, I used to sing and dance and choreograph little routines for hours and hours in the basement gameroom…no paying audience though…just imaginary adoring fans. shhhh, I still sing and dance around the house…

    um, I had never heard of the sponteous reiki attunements, but can absolutely believe it…like a spontaneous kundalini awakening…which is kind of waht started me on this journey. that is so very cool. and I am certain the time in solitude is what egged it on. It is amazing the things we can ‘hear’ in silence. on that note, off to meditate…oh, and the francinsense(sp?) oil its scent kind of smells like lysol to me. i dunno… enjoy your evening!

  6. Meredith,

    The imaginary audiences are the best…..they react as we imagine they would (standing ovations)!

    Oh….and that’s so funny about the Frankincense. Lysol!!!!! I never thought about it that way. Essential oils are very specific with people. Before I give a session I always allow the client to smell 2 or 3 and ask if they like them. If they do….I use them. If not….I offer others. So it may not be something that resonates with you. And that’s totally ok. Some scents that I use to enjoy, I no longer do. And others that I didn’t originally enjoy (like Clary Sage), I do now. So we must respect that within us. Frankincense may be something that you may find enjoyable later. Thanks for being open to it!

    Have a great evening and meditation.

    Be well,

  7. Ron,
    Good Friday afternoon ! Thank you for the nice comments that you left on my blog ! I appreciated it !
    Wanted to come by to visit and return the favor ! Am glad I did. I will be back again to learn more !

  8. Hi Annie,

    Thank you very much for stopping by for a visit! I appreciate it.

    Hey, I forgot to tell you when I left a comment on your blog- my mom’s name is Annie too! Two warm and loving people!

    Come by any time. I’m getting ready to post soon.

    Be well,

  9. Have a good weekend, Ron !
    And for easy recipes that REALLY taste good, try buying the small ‘Williams Sonoma’ series of cookbooks !

    I’d love to be part-owner of a b&b one day !!! A really luxurious, high end one, maybe 10 rooms, beautiful views, delicious 3 course breakfasts and afternoon tea, hardwood floors, 4 poster California king beds, fireplaces, heated floors in the bathrooms…
    That is my dream…

  10. Hi Annie,

    That’s so funny you mentioned William Sonoma- when I first moved back to Philly, that’s where I worked. Can you believe it? Me? Around cooking things?!!?!? I was assigned to electrical appliances (I’m suprised I didn’t electrocute myself). I DID enjoy it though. I actually learned a lot. The only thing I ever bought, was a French Press for my coffee! (and they give you a HUGE discount too).

    One day you WILL have your B&B- I can FEEL it! And I’ll come by to visit. Or you can hire me to do Reflexology and Reiki (tee-hee).
    The discription you gave sounds awesome.

    Thanks for your weekend visit- you enjoy yours!

    Be well,

  11. ron, just checking in…so glad annie found her way here. i am looking forward to a nice quiet day at home today (which i desperately need!) hope you’re not too chilly in philly (yes another one of my talents…stupid poems & limerick writing!)

  12. Good Sunday Meredith!

    Yes…it is chilly in philly! And thank God too….I’m not reading for the cold to be over yet. Yesterday it was warm (52 degrees) and I think the people of Philly were thinking that summer was going to start today…HA!
    Faked them out! Actually we may get flurries within the next few days. My one big chance to make one last snow angel for the season. I actually get sad when winter is over (boo hoo). March and April can be unpredictable–I’ve seen it snow in April.

    Yes… Annie did stop by and what a delight! I actually found her on your blog and introduced myself. I told her she had the “Martha Sterwart Blog” of the blogworld. Oh my God….I wanted to just go into her blog and take a nap. Thanks for introducing us!

    Listen, keep me posted when you start posting on the other blog you mentioned. I can’t wait!

    Enjoy your relaxing Sunday! I’m getting ready to post something tonight. Stay tuned!

    Be well,

  13. Happy Sunday, Ron ! I like how you ‘talk’ to the people who post comments to you !
    Do you love your French Press for coffee ? I’ve heard that is an outstnding way to make coffee, if you are a true coffee lover.
    I’m a tea drinker myself, jasmine is my favorite !
    Bye for now !
    Blessings —

  14. Meredith,

    Your so welcome for the share! You do the same for others. And we THANK YOU!

    I hope you had your restful weekend. Have a great week ahead of you!

    Be well,

    Hello to you too Annie!

    Yes…I do love my French Press. I feel “very European” when I use it (maybe a past life thing). It’s a great way to take a little extra time to make a FABULOUS cup of coffee in the morning. I really enjoy a dark roast with a little half & half (to die for). I’ve had it for almost 5 years, and this last summer I broke the beaker, so I had to replace it. I’m amazed that it lasted THAT long (since I have butter fingers).

    I too love Jasmine Tea. When I spent some time in Japan (2 1/2 months)I drank it quite often. They also make a wonderful cup of Turkish coffee there. It looks like mud coming out of the decanter, but it tastes sooooo good. It also sells for $5.oo a cup (American dollars) and NO refills. We in America are very spoiled. I loved Japan, and could very easily live there for a couple of years. Beautifully balanced people, the Japanese.

    Hope you had a great weekend. We’ll talk soon.

    Be well,

  15. sorry your blogger’s down. i am beat. i am going to eat some greasy pizza, take a long hot tub & go to bed. enjoy your evening.

  16. Hi Meredith,

    Thanks for your concern. Guess what? It’s BACK!!!!!!!

    My God….4 days without a post. I went through withdraws.

    Let me get posting!!!!!

    Talk to you soon.

    Be well,

  17. Hi Again Meredith.

    I lied….it’s not back yet!

    This is such a bummer. I’m honestly thinking about starting a new blog with another provider.

    Wish me luck!

    Be well,

  18. sorry…try you can Import your existing blogger posts & comments there…email if you need help with it. 🙂 feeling better today…hope you are doing well.

  19. Hi Meredith,

    Thanks for your great suggestion. I may just do that.

    I FINALLY got someone (another blogger) to help me with this. I cleared my cache and it seemed to help….we’ll see.

    I’m going to try and post later this evening. Wish me Reiki!!!!!!!!

    This has been a valuable lession for me in patience, acceptance, and allowing (my theme song).

    Oh well, it’s not the end of the world. But I do appreciate your help and concern. Talk to you soon.

    Be Well,

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