My Secret to the Secret

Manifestation, intention, creating your own reality, and mind over matter is not new.

Back in the early 80’s when Shirley Maclaine was “Out on a Limb” sharing her spiritual journey and J.Z. Knight was channeling the mystical teacher “Ramtha”- I discovered this ancient philosophy and used it. It most definitely works. It’s called “free will”.

However since then, I have discovered some added inspiration…that is sometimes left out when sharing the Secret.

I must be “in-sync” with the Universe first and foremost….. because if I’m constantly creating only what I think I want – then it may be conflicting with what is needed- and this is when struggle and control come into play. You see – Universal Intelligence knows what I need to grow. And amazingly enough….it’s not always what I thought I needed. Creation is not always a “cut and dry” process.

This is not about ordering something from a store catalog and having it delivered UPS in 5 business days.

There are certain experiences that will and will not happened to me no matter how much I intend and manifest.

And other than acceptance…there’s not a thing I will be able to do about that.



I must also realize that if “I” have the free will to create….so does everyone else. And how do I react when my creation conflicts with someone else???

Creating is very much like dancing. Sometimes I will lead and other times I must follow. And in the following….I allow myself to be supported…. to what I cannot change.

So now – whenever I get the desire to manifest, I spend some quiet time checking in with the Universe and talk about these desires. Some of them I continue to pursue and others I realize were not all that important or needed.

Honestly – I still have many times when I argue and demand what I want (it’s a never ending struggle). But I have always learned – that in the “surrendering”…..a valuable lesson is revealed.

And that’s why I’m on this planet… learn.

Being so in harmony with the Universe…..that we dance and manifest together!

Be Well

9 thoughts on “My Secret to the Secret

  1. Happy Friday afternoon, Ron ! Thank you for giving me the new address ! I updated it on my links.

    Surrendering when I prayed for it/believed in it so much/visualized it as happenning for years — and then didn’t get it, is still an incredibly hard thing for me to understand right now…
    I still wannt to pout/throw a temper tantrum like a 2 year old and cry broken-heartedly/scream to the Universe and ask why I couldn’t have had my way — learned the lesson THAT way, instead of not getting what I wanted at all…

    I admire your being able to accept. I suspect life is easier that way…

  2. Hello Annie,

    Thank you sooooo much for being my FIRST comment on my new blog host! And thank you for switching the links. I’ve been switching links, directories, web sites and pinging service for 2 days now. I still have a bit more left to do, but it’s almost complete. Thank you also for the “help comment” you left on Reiki4Ever- it was appreciated.

    Hey listen, don’t admire me too much, cause like I said in my post…..I STILL struggle, fight and scream when I don’t get my manifestation. And it’s ironic, because the things I really, really wanted…A LOT…..were the things I didn’t end up getting. So I totally understand your feelings. I’m not a pretty sight when I get upset, angry and dissappointed (ask my friends). However, what I’ve discovered through time, is that what I REALLY wanted….was not the best for me.

    That’s the point of this post. Developing such a strong and intimate relationship to the Universe, so that I can distinguish between what’s inside my head and Universal Design. I’ve had (and will STILL have) dissappointments- I’ve no doubt. But this way of looking at things has just helped me so much- to see the Truth in the experiences.

    This is were Reiki has assisted me in such a beautiful way- “letting go”. So each time a dissappointment comes my way, the healing process (which includes the screaming, ranting and raving)- makes way for the “reason”.

    Personally, I live with the philosophy of “allowing life to give to me”. It may sound very passive and uneventful. However the gifts that have been given to me, through this belief, have in the long run, been a gift of Grace.

    I’m so glad that our paths have crossed (and see….that’s a bit of Grace right there)! Like I said before….your one of God’s angels.

    Be well,

  3. ron, i am liking the new site. i am so glad you made the move work for you. yes, i, too have struggled in the past with Wanting what i Want…and then being supremely disappointed when i didn’t get it. but i now do know that i was simply given the things that i needed in that moment (and every moment) and sometimes I just didn’t see that right away. i spend a lot of time working with kids, and if you spend enough time with a bunch of 2 years, you will see exactly how silly a tantrum looks and begin to question it when you have one yourself. i do think children and animals can be our greatest teachers sometimes because they are so pure, you know?

    enjoy your sunday.


  4. Meredith,

    Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my new home!

    Last night I actually discovered that I could add additional pages. So this can be a – WEB SITE BLOG! So thank you VERY MUCH for your suggestion- I would have NEVER found this place had it not been for you! Mucho thankso!

    And many thanks for your comment. It’s so funny that you mention children and “hissy fits”. When I have a tantrum- I do look like a child (the bad seed). About 8 years ago I taught drama to a large group of children during a summer camp program. Dear God….did I have fun! It’s amazing what you can do with some Bubbles and a Fan! It was also the most exhausting job I ever had. Yes…I agree. Children and animals ARE our greatest teachers. I love them both!

    Have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. I’m going to the hospital later this afternoon to share some Reiki with a friend’s mom who just had double hip surgery. Glad to hear your Reiki day went so well!

    Be well,

  5. besos…no thanks necessary. your friend is very lucky to have you offer reiki. i am sure it will do wonders! i am actually working on my own reiki website (not blog)…eeek…i don’t enjoy html crap but i am learning, and i do love to learn. i bet you’d be an awesome drama teacher…drama classes were my fave in college…being asked to Cry on demand, and get an A+?! What could be better.

    happy sunday.

  6. my email is down. i can see that you emailed me but not access the message…i chnged your link on my blog…

    i think i need to go back outside for a bit!

  7. Hi Meredith,

    Sorry to hear about your e-mail (I know that feeling- trust me).

    Anyway I’ll leave you an e-mail and you can read it when you get to it. I’ll go to your web site now.

    Have a great evening.

    Be well,

  8. There’s been so much talk about The Secret lately that I had to check out your post when I found your blog. I’ve been reading The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer, and it’s go the how-to-do-it part of the Secret in connecting to the Universal Source or Spirit.

    Throughout my life I’ve had periods where everything seemed to go my way, and some where just the opposite was true. The common thread is how well I listened, or listened at all to my highest guidance. It’s there for everyone, and I’m much more consious of it in my life now.

  9. Hello Beth!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

    I totally agree with you. The IMPORTANT key to manifestation is in the LISTENING.

    The whole point of this post is in having a strong personal connection with the Universe FIRST….and then manifestation is in harmony. That’s the BIG part that many people leave out. And like you stated….sometimes life “goes the other way”… how do we react to this?

    This too has happened to me. And I’ve learned many valuable lessons in that.

    It sounds like your a very “concious manifester”……that’s so great!

    I noticed that you practice Reiki. Me too. It’s it a wonderful friend and tool. I could’nt be without it!

    Thank you again for your visit and comment. Please feel free to stop by anytime to share your thoughts.

    I’m going to go take a peek at your blog now.

    Be well,

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