The Agony of Da Feet !?*?#!

It seems like the only time we give notice to our feet – is when they HURT.

And can you blame them?

We throw a sock over them, stuff them into a dark tight shoe and then pound them over flat, unyielding surfaces for miles a day.

It’s no wonder they scream…….you would scream too!

Our feet contain 28 bones, 114 ligaments, 20 muscles and over 7,000 nerve endings. When you think of their size in relation to the body weight they support…’s a pretty amazing “feet”.

Feet are the great barometers of our physical and emotional states. Whatever they feel….so do we. Unfortunately feet are the most abused and ignored part of our anatomy.

The feet transport us through our entire lives. Through everyday use – they take a lot of wear and tear. If we can begin to think of our feet as “tires” on our car. We would realize the valuable importance of taking proper care of our “treads”.

If we take the time to put our feet up and give them a regular “rotation”…..they’ll give us many more happy miles.

When are feet cry out in pain, it’s a sure sign that they’re trying to get our attention, so that we will give them a little TLC.

As we begin to treat our feet with respect…..they in turn will respect us!

Please stay tuned for upcoming posts. Where I will share with you some easy, inexpensive and enjoyable tips on caring for your “peddle-pushers”.

Until then…..tread lightly!

Be well

8 thoughts on “The Agony of Da Feet !?*?#!

  1. Good Friday morning, Ron. How are you doing today ?

    Treating our feet well is as important as treating our hands well ! We can’t do without them ! We need them ! They do such amazing things for us !

    I’m a big believer in orthotics. It definitely helped stop my bunions from getting worse, and keeps my lower back from aching when I am on a long walk !

    Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Morning Annie!

    You said it! We NEED them to funcion in this world.

    And it’s amazing just how many people have such an “adversion” to their poor little feeties.

    I’ve ALWAYS been one of those people who just knew how powerful and useful feet are. Maybe that’s why I’m a reflexologist. I try and take very good care of mine. I stand a lot in my part-time retail job. So I make sure my shoes fit perfectly and have a “bouncy cushion” inside (like a little shoe mattress). Also I live in a city….so I walk a lot (which I love to do)-and foot care is very important. I’m into total comfort…not style (no Berkinstocks though)- God love em’

    Anyway, it’s freezing here in Philadelphia (which I happen to love with my gutts)- and we may even get some snow flurries this weekend. Yeapeeeeee! I am definately a Penguin at heart. I love single digits!

    Thank you so very, very much for stopping by. You made my morning Angel Annie! Have a wonderful weekend and keep spreading your loving message.

    Be well,

  3. hmmmm, I woulnd’t go so far as to say I am a Foot Lover, but I have always worn (as stylish as possible) sensible shoes…no stillettos here. I just have to have my clothing and shoes comfortable or it would really distract me all day long. I would like some Reflexology for Dummies posts…I love to learn new things.

    I do hope you are enjoying your Chilly Philly today, Ron.

  4. Morning Meredith,

    Good girl….sensible shoes. Just like the nuns in catholic school use to tell all the girls. God will love you for it!

    Yea, right!

    Anyway, I’m the same way. I go insane if something seems to be pinching me (clothing or shoes). I love the freedom of floating.

    I’m going to post some reflexology shares within the next week. So stop by when you can. Also, if you browse through my labels, you’ll see a few listed there. Check out the “hot stone reflexology” (tee-hee).

    Thank you for your visit and enjoy your weekend too!

    Be well,

  5. Some day’s ago I had a post on my Blog (‘HP’s Happy Blogspot’)to advertise the “Happy Feet” DVD, you probably have seen trailers about this funny animated movie. (with the dancing penguin as the main character). Just also read your post about “Reflexology for Health Maintanance”

    You give a whole new meaning to the idea of “Happy Feet”

    Thanks for the idea to remind me to keep my Feet Happy.


  6. Hi HP,

    Thank you very much for stopping by my blog!

    It’s so funny that you mentioned the movie “Happy Feet” because that was actually going to be the title of this post before I found the picture on Flickr – and then I thought of this one! So I was figuring that I’d use that in my next post. I haven’t seen the movie “Happy Feet” yet , but I need to rent it soon. I hear it’s great! Besides, I LOVE penguins (since “March of the Penguins).

    I haven’t stopped by YOUR blog yet, but I’m assuming that you are a reflexologist too? I actually used to be on Blogspot. I just recently changed over to WordPress because of the “added pages” they allow you, so I combined my web site and blog into one site and like Blogspot….they’re FREE!

    I’ve been blogging since December and I’m really enjoying it. I met some really nice people who share the same interest as myself.

    Please feel free to stop by anytime and share. Thanks again for your visit. I’ll go by and take a peek at yours.

    Be well,

  7. Thanks for visiting my site also,

    Have your blog bookmarked because it also has a certain ‘Happy & Healthy Vibe’ to it. With most definitely the most comprehensive Foot Bath description I have ever encountered! (infact to be honest I can’t remember ever having read something about it before to begin with.)

    Seems to be a great way to relax, BTW my first ‘Affiliate’ was
    “” (the banner placed above my daily: “Thought for the Day”)
    On their website they also have some Interesting Info and some Fun Stuff about Relaxing like for example: “The 5 Minute Vacation”.

    All the Best,

  8. HPvD,

    Hello again! Thanks for your recent visit. And thank you for the bookmark – I’m honored and grateful.

    My next few posts are going to be focused on Reflexology and foot care. I like to write about the different modalities that I practice so it keeps my blog fresh and interesting. I seem to get inspired by one thing for awhile and then the inspiration moves onto something else. That’s creativity I guess. It’s nice to know that people enjoy reading about the stuff I LOVE to do. I’m all about feeling passionate about things.

    Thanks for the info on that website. I’ll most definately go take a look.

    Hey listen, how did you ever get the idea for your blog? I’d be interested in knowing the “how”- it’s just too cool – and very original.

    Be well,

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