A Foot Bath…..ahhhh!

Nothing….I mean nothing feels better than a hot foot bath after a long hard day to relax and rejuvenate your “barking dogs”.

Being in retail, this is something I do for myself at least once a week. It’s a ritual that helps both body and soul. It’s my 30 minute escape that transports me to another world.



Spa list:

  • One large porcelain or stainless steel bowl

  • One small bag of river rock pebbles (dollar store)

  • One box of Epsom salts

  • Two hand towels

  • Your favorite body or foot moisturizing lotion

  • Pure essential oils of Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary (all of which are inexpensive and can be found at your local health food store)

  • Four or five tea lights w/holders (dollar store)

  • A relaxing music CD

  • Thirty minutes of uninterrupted freedom

The execution:

  • Begin by lighting your tea lights and placing them evenly around the room – then add the music CD. This creates that “spa ambiance”

  • Take the bag of river rock pebbles and place them in the foot bowl

  • Fill half a cup with Epsom salts and begin to add into the salts: 1 drop of peppermint oil, 2 drops of rosemary & 2 drops of lavender (peppermint is extremely concentrated, so use sparingly)

  • Lavender – relaxes

  • Rosemary – warms

  • Peppermint – rejuvenates

  • Fill the foot basin with hot (but comfortable) water. As the water is filling, begin to pour the Epsom salts mixture into the running wate (this will help evenly distribute the essential oils throughout).

  • Place the bowl at the feet of your favorite comfortable chair

  • Turn off all electrical room light and begin to slowly submerge your feet into your heavenly creation.

  • Gently rub your feet over the river rock pebbles and then squeeze and flex your toes (this will allow the Epsom salts to move into the muscles and joints, relieving all tension).

  • Lay your head back, take 5 slow deep relaxing breaths and allow your body, mind and spirit to totally let go.

  • After about 15 min, take each foot out and dry thoroughly

  • Apply a generous amount of body or foot lotion, and begin to rub all areas of the feet (tops, bottoms, sides, and around the ankles). Hold your legs out straight and gently rotate both ankles (this feels incredible)

  • To bring yourself back into the earthly realms, make a fist with both hands and gently pound the bottoms of your feet

  • Take three deep breaths…..and welcome back!

I promise, that if you give yourself this weekly ritual – you will be doing so much for yourself…..in so many ways. 

Our feet are an extremely powerful tool – that enable us to rejuvenate, rebalance and renew.

When we give them just a little TLC….. they return the favor threefold.

So enjoy your foot bath……ahhhhh!

Be well

10 thoughts on “A Foot Bath…..ahhhh!

  1. Good Sunday morning, Ron ! I’m blissed out just READING about it !!!
    Lovely suggestions for a truly wonderful experience ! Here’s to happy feet !

  2. wow. that does sound yummy. i have most of the supplies already. don’t know if I’ll be able to devote 30 minutes to my feet today though but definitely will do this later in the week.

    and i am Luvvvin the new template. very peaceful. Enjoy your sunday…did it snow there?

  3. Hey Annie,

    Thanks for your Sunday visit. It’s ALWAYS a joy to hear from you!

    I guess I’m the “Martha Stewart” of feet! I just know how much benefit I receive from giving them a little attention – I’d like to bring people’s awareness ….to the same thing.

    Being “gentle” with ourselves can be very powerful and healing. It reaches deeply within our sole-souls!

    Wishing you a blissful day!

    Be well,

  4. Helloooooo Meredith!

    God love ya woman!

    Yea…..I got creative last night and went searching for a new “theme”. WordPress is a little trickier than Blog Spot. Not all the themes fit your posts in the same way. But this one seems to work. Thank you for noticing!

    Try this little “piece of heaven” whenever you have the time. And because we share Reiki…..that’s another thing we can add to the experience. Sometimes I Reiki the water before I stick my tooties in. And other times I Reiki my Solar Plexus. It makes me melt!!!!!!!

    Saturday (all day long) Philly had freezing rain. It was like an “ice blizzard”. I almost slipped and fell twice on my way home from work. When I got home…I did THIS foot bath thing…..and it felt stupendous. I’m a sicko…..but I love Winter. I’ll be sorry to see it move on.

    The past two days have been glorious. Still cold….but sunny and bright!

    Enjoy your Sunday. I’m off to scout computers again.

    Be Well,

  5. hey, do ya think i can use fresh rosemary leaves instead of the oil…i think if i chop em up, they will emit enough aroma, no?

    i’m thinking i could use a footbath tonight.

    lemme guess, you like shopping at the dollar store? don’t you just die laughing when people ask the sales clerk how much stuff costs IN THE DOLLAR STORE??????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Hi Meredith,

    YES….absolutely…….fresh Rosemary would be ideal. Just be sure the water is nice and hot. Place the Rosemary inside the bowl, throw a bath towel over it to seal in the heat and let it steep for about 5 minutes (sounds like a cup of tea dosen’t it)? Then soak your tooties away and …enjoy!!!!!

    That is hysterical about the Dollor Store……I actually DID ask once (I think it was an umbrella) how much it was. The girl looked at me like I was insane. I laughed at myself so hard.

    And YES….I love the Dollar Store. It’s ideal for all the things I sometimes need to get for “events” that I do at work. Some of that stuff is too cool….and cheap. $20.00 makes me feel like a millionaire.

    How do you feel? Was it a one day thing? Your foot bath will feel fabulous tonight.

    Thanks for stopping by….let me know how it goes.

    Be well,

  7. Good Wednesday morning, Ron ! how are you doing ? I hope you and your feet are in great shape !

    Thank you for the nice comments you leae on my blog.. I really appreciate them. They pick me up, and encourage me, and I need that very much right now…

    I’ve been very depressed and blue, and trying to be as giving as possible on my blog, but I need love so much right now, and even in the form of cyber-comments, it helps me through the day, to think that I will be able to survive this…

    I was rejected 4 months ago by the man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with… And the ache is still intense… I’m not letting go like I should, my heart just mourns…
    I fall in love so seldom, and thought he was my twin…

    Anyway, going to take a shower and get on with the day. Hope you have a good one —

    Lovving Annie

  8. i’m sorry ron, but if I was with you at the dollar store, I would have laughed my ass off. So, how much was the Umbrella????

    Anyway, I skipped the rosemary, too tired, but the footbath was excellent.

    I am feeling good. The night I wrote that post, I can handle the fire/cold sensations, I was just so freakin dizzy…i really did feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when the house is spinning around inside the tornado…I was getting motion sickness from such a tremendous sensation of dizzying spinning…I know it was my body, all the way down to the cellular level releasing and reorganizing, so I knew it wouldn’t last forever, but it was sickening. I woke up the next morning just with almost like a wicked hangover…only I don’t recall getting drunk and dancing topless up on the bar the night before. Oh well. I’ll wait til the video hits the internet… 😉

    hope all is well…

  9. Hi Annie!

    You are SO welcome for the comments. It’s very easy on account of your wonderful blog and the manner in which you share yourself. So thank YOU too.

    Hey listen, if your feeling blue…..be blue. And don’t try to be anything else. Maybe now is the time to allow people to support YOU. Support can come in the form of energy. And maybe the many loving comments that your readers are giving you – are BIG bundles of Universal energetic loving support showing you that you are indeed – ALWAYS loved. Not just by one special person……but by the WHOLE Universe!

    I too have been rejected (several times). And it’s a frig’in”ball-buster” isn’t it? I don’t forgive and forget very easily, so it’s hard for me to move past the hurt…..very hard. But what each experience has shown me, was that I can’t allow anyones LOVE for me (which will always be transient)….to alter the way I experience the love of myself. Human love will ALWAYS be conditional. Universal love will not.

    So when these experiences come to me…..it’s always a reminder…..that no matter how many times human love comes and goes…..I am always, always, always LOVED. And this is what I try and surrender to.

    I will usually spend a lot of time alone in nature. Allowing myself to absorbe all of the healing love that nature Graces me with. It moves deep into my heart and allows me to reconnect to that unconditional love that is ALWAYS there…..never wavering.

    I have no control over how someone loves me, but I do have control over how I love myself.

    Touch your heart Annie…..and know that all the love you could ever imagine….is already there!

    Thank you for sharing your journey with me!

    Be well,

  10. Hey Meredith!

    I am sooooooooo glad your feeling better today! And I’m glad the foot bath helped.

    Still……I hate feeling “icky”. But it’s wonderful to know that you realized the “reason” and surrendered.

    God Love ya woman!

    Oh my God….what if you were abducted by aliens and were force fed alcoholic beverages until you were “beyond drunk” and you were video taped dancing topless?……. at some “frat alien party”

    It’ll be on the “new releases wall ” at Blockbuster tomorrow!

    Stay well,

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