The Solar Plexus….the “abdominal brain”

The solar plexus reflex point is one of the most powerful points in foot reflexology.

Within the physical body, the solar plexus is found right in the middle of the upper half of the trunk of the torso, where the rib cage comes together at the stomach level in front of the diaphragm.

On the feet, it can be found if you draw an imaginary line from the second toe down, below the ball of the foot, right within that hollow. It can also be found if you gently squeeze the top of the foot inward. You should find a “little dimple space”- that’s the solar plexus point.

The solar plexus is a great network (or ganglia) of nerves that sits directly behind the stomach. It goes out to all parts of the abdominal cavity and has been sometimes called the “abdominal brain”. It is highly affected by stress.

There is a very strong connection between the feet and the solar plexus. Notice that when your feet are cold, you can feel a tightening of the stomach. And if you eat something while your feeling like that, your digestion will be more difficult than usual.

You will find that if you soak your feet in hot water it will give you a delightful sensation of relaxation at the level of your solar plexus. This is why in previous posts I have talked about the importance of the “foot bath”. It’s a wonderful way to influence and strengthen the solar plexus.

Now that you know where your solar plexus reflex point is located, I will share with you how to stimulate it.

Let’s Go!

  • While seated, bring the foot of your choice up and over the opposite knee and allow it to comfortably rest there.

  • With the opposite side hand, use your thumb to press in and slightly upward on the point (hold for 20 seconds). As you slowly release pressure, don’t loose contact with the point; just relax the pressure. Repeat this 3 times and then move to the opposite foot.

  • You can also try inhaling as you press in and exhaling as you release out.

If you have been under a great deal of stress, this reflex point may be sensitive– so work gently and compassionately at first. As the sensitivity dissipates, you can gradually increase the pressure. You’ll be amazed at how you will immediately feel a “stirring” within the center of your body.

This reflex point is great for relieving insomnia, stress and anxiety. However if you are feeling a little “low in energy” this point will also help to increase energy levels. Reflexology will always work to balance the body from any extreme.

Personally, I use this technique right before I go to bed each night and upon awakening in the morning. It has always given me whatever I needed in that moment.

So now that you’ve been introduced to your solar plexus point…..enjoy it!

And I hope it brings to you as much balance and harmony as it does for me.

Press away……..and be well!


15 thoughts on “The Solar Plexus….the “abdominal brain”

  1. Happy Friday to you too Annie!

    Thanks for your visit. I hope you had a relaxing mini-vacation. I love those type of “get-aways”……short, yet effective. I enjoy taking a lot of shorter vacations, rather than one long one.

    Welcome back and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    Be well,

  2. ummmmm…i think you are going to have to dumb this down a bit for me…where is the point on your foot? in the arch? i am confused…i think the next time i go to the health store i will look at the reflexology chart they have there…it is hard for me to get a visual of where you mean.

    anyway…enjoy your weekend….i shall be with family & probably not online too much.


  3. Hi Ron ! Yeah, I went to a GF’s house, and her hubs is an architect — it was very cool seeing their new home in the framing stages !

    I love blogging, and sometimes I need a break ! I’m gonna start taking one or two days off a week soon, or I’m going to burn out !

    Hope you have a great weekend as well !

  4. Hi Meredith,

    Yes…..look at a chart……you may find it easier to locate.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your family…….a great lesson in surrendering……. for me (tee-hee).
    Be well,

  5. Hi Annie,

    You have a very popular blog…….your like a celebrity! I know it must take a great deal of time answering all those wonderful comments.

    Take that break for YOU…….cause you deserve it!

    Thanks for stopping by……

    Be well,

  6. Thanks Ron, and have a great weekend !

    No celebrity here — that just means there will be a hard copy expose at some point !!! (lol!)

    I’m just a newbie in the blogging world. It’s only been 4 months, I think…

    I’ve been lucky to have found such kind, interesting people to come visit my blog – and get to learn from them/enjoy what they say in return. They’ve been a gift at a very difficult time in my life.
    As things get better, I get even more joy out of it because now I am starting to have something to give again —

    But as in everything in life, pacing is important !!! Slow but steady, an ebb and flow, is good enough !

  7. Hello again Annie!

    You and I have been blogging for the same length of time! I started in December….so yeah…..that means 4 months?!?

    Is’nt it amazing how easy it is to become consumed with this? I read somewhere that if you plan on starting a blog……be prepared to give alot…and it’s so true. Like yourself, I try very hard to always return comments to others. And as the visitors grow….this means more time responding. It’s like a “Dear Abby” column. There is a “fine line” between being responsible…and consumed (I have to REALLY watch myself with that). I do everything with 100% energy and can at times be very demanding on myself. However, with age…..I’ve lightened up a bit……thank God!

    And as you stated……pacing is very important. Anytime I get “manic” I realize that it’s just ME….projecting to where I think I need to be. When I relax…..there IS a natural “ebb and flow.

    Thanks for the reminder Annie!

    Enjoy your Sunday….

    Be well,

  8. Although I have no reason to doubt that there is a connection between feet and areas within the body I must say that I am somewhat surprised that I did indeed seem to acutally feel a ‘Stirring’ with the centre body by pressing those points. Still not entirely sure if this pressing really had something to do with it or just shifting my attention to it caused it, or maybe a combination of both. Nevertheless thanks for the tip and I will keep on doing ‘experiments’ on my feet 🙂

  9. Hey HP!

    Long time…no talk. Thank’s for stopping by for a visit!

    How was your trip to the Islands? How was the weather? Beautiful I bet!

    Thanks for trying out the Solar Plexus point…good for you! And if you DID infact feel that stirring….your were “perfectly” on the right point…very good! You get an A+

    I use this point before and after I give a reflexology session to a client. It seems to put them at ease at the beginning of a session, and then it seems to “ground” them after the session (incase they have that “spacy” feeling).

    I just got a new computer (HP desktop) and the new software that’s installed in all the new computers (Vista) is a pain in the ass. It took me 5 hours to figure a way to get connected to the Internet. I really hated to buy one right now because I’ve been hearing peoples opinons….but my old one is getting ready to crash…..I can just feel it. Oh well, I enjoy learning new things….so it’s a good experience for me.

    Thanks again for trying the “point” and for your comment.

    Enjoy this wonderful Spiring weather…here it’s cool and sunny!!!!

    Be well,

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