Sacred Feet

Reference to the sacredness of feet is clearly documented within Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. The Egyptian, Asian and Greek cultures also give great honor and reverence to the feet.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the feet were the “portals” through which a soul entered and exited it’s human experience. Traditionally when someone died, the soles of the individual were removed, allowing the soul to make a slow and gradual journey back to it’s original Source. The Egyptians were also strong advocates of the art of reflexology – believing that the deepest part of a persons soul could be reached and healed.

As a Reflexologist…..I find this to be very true.

About a year ago, a client was brought to me who was paralysed on the left-hand side of her body. Upon seeing her, I was totally confused. Her body was obviously paralysed and limited, but when I looked at her……I mean, REALLY looked at her…..she was the most radiant, beautiful, and UNLIMITED human being I had ever laid eyes on.

She was of Spanish descent and spoke virtually zero English. I was so relieved to see that her bilingual daughter, who was equally as beautiful, would be able to translate my instructions to her. After making some minor adjustments, by having her sit in a comfortable chair rather than lying down on a massage table, her daughter left us alone for an hour.

When I work, I usually do so with my eyes closed, allowing my hands to move intuitively. So I closed my eyes……and followed the Leader. At first I felt very self-concious. My mind started to race ahead wondering what the hell could I do to help this woman. I mean she was paralysed. What could I do?

I said a silent prayer, asking for quick assistance. Soon I began to hear my inner voice guide my hands to where they were needed. So I went with it, permitting them to move where I was told. After about 15 minutes, I looked up and saw that she had fallen asleep. I was so relieved!

And then the voice began to speak directly to the deepest part of my soul.

It said, “You and she are one….you are giving to each other….and with LOVE, there is no need for words….LOVE will communicate whatever is needed….TRUST and know that when you surrender to me….I will always give healing”.

As I sat on the floor at her feet, I could feel what I can only describe… the essence of the Christ energy. Simultaniously….I felt immensly small and humble, yet powerful beyond any power I have ever known.

As the session ended, I placed both my hands on the tops of her feet, bowed my head, and said a silent thank you.

When I raised my eyes up to look at her, she was smiling. And with the most perfect English I have ever heard, she said….”Beautiful”.

Be well!

12 thoughts on “Sacred Feet

  1. awesome post ron. thank you for sharing…i agree…when we get really quiet, only then can we listen and hear the really important stuff. what a cool experience. awesome!

  2. Hello Meredith!

    Thank you for your visit!

    It’s those “precious times” that we experience as energy practitioners….that makes all the challenging “inner deep house cleaning shit”- that we sometimes need to go through…..worth it!

    I feel very blessed with abundant Grace.

    Have a great day……talk to you soon!

    Be well,

  3. That is awesome Ron ! What a wonderful experience ! Feeling Christ energy like that/loving energy is something you will always remember, and are blessed to know…
    Happy Monday to you !

    I just wan to know how to keep my feet smelling good/clean all day ! I wash the bottoms of them and in-between my toes, and the tops of them, all around, but after an hour in my tennis shoes, forget it !!! (and yes, I wash my tennies once a month) So they (my feet) LOOK pretty, but what’s a girl to do ???
    I’ve tried deodorant soaps, non-scented soaps, baby powder in my socks when I put them on — and I’m at my wits end — help !

  4. Afternoon Annie!

    Thank you so much for visiting my post today!

    Sharing reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy with others has been such a wonderful way for me to learn….surrendering (something that is quite challenging for me). I am so grateful for all the magical “God Winks” that are given to me on my journey. I feel so loved.

    Here’s some easy tips for clean smelling piggies.

    Purchase a bottle of Pure Citronella Essential Oil (it is SO inexpensive and easy to find at your local healthfood store). It smells similar to Lemongrass…so it’s very fresh and lemony. It is VERY concentrated, so use sparingly.

    Three things you can do:

    Soak (10 min.) your feet in a bowl of Epsom salts, warm water and 2-3 drops of Citronella (BE SURE to place the Citronella in the salts FIRST, then add the salts to the water). Do this a many times in a week as you have time for (three times should be plenty- spacing your days apart).

    Citronella has strong anti-stinky qualities and will neutalize foot odor.

    You can also get a small plastic spray bottle (4oz). Fill it with water, then drop 10 drops of Citronella, shake and spray you feet before you put on your socks and shoes. It will neutralize odor all day long.

    Also, in the evening, place a few drops directly into your shoes and allow it to dry over night. It will keep your shoes smelling fresh and clean.

    Citronella is GREAT for neutralizing any strong air odor. It addresses, cooking odor, smoke odor, bathroom odor. I keep a bottle handy all the time to just clear the air in my apartment.

    So many people have this challenge (your not alone).

    DO NOT use powder of any kind on your feet. When your feet sweat, the powder can cause even more odor, by clogging your pores. It also ruins shoes.

    Try using insoles from the drug store and change them often. They absorb odor and keep your shoes from getting soggy.

    I hope this has helped you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to let me know, OK?

    Annie, thank you for your visit and for sharing you life’s journey….how great!

    Be well,

  5. Hello Annie!

    You are so very welcome!

    Let me know how it goes……..

    Thanks for your visit!

    Be well,

  6. How are you ? What’s new ? Hope you have a good Thursday, Ron !

    Me and my feet with the citronella will report back results to you this evening !

  7. Afternoon Angel Annie!

    Yeah!!!!! You got the Citronella….good for you!

    Yes….DO let me know how it works out for you. I find that it’s excellent for all kinds of odors (odor-eater)!

    I’ve been having a challenge these past four days with my new laptop computer installed with Windows Vista software. Today…..I am returning it. I was warned about this…..but didn’t listen. Until they can get the “kinks” worked out……it’s back to my desk top. It’s ashame, the software for Vista is BEAUTIFUL….but very tempermental.

    Oh well……it’s back to Staples….keep me posted…..we’ll talk soon….have a GRAND Thursday Annie!

    Be well,

  8. hey, the citronella sounds excellent. but, ummm…does it smell like Lysol?

    Anyway, next time you’re on my blog…click on the Celtic Reiki – roots that heal…Amanda writes about trees, etc. in Celtic Reiki…thought you might enjoy reading her stuff.

    have an awesome thursday….

  9. Helloooooo Meredith!

    No… smells like COMET!

    You see….this way if you have Frankincense AND Citronella….you can clean your whole house! Lysol and Comet do WONDERS for house cleaning (tee-hee).

    God love ya woman!

    Citronella smells like Lemongrass…fresh and citrusy.

    Thanks for the Blog suggestion. I will go take a look at it this evening after I share some Reiki with myself. I’ll get back to you……

    Happy House Cleaning…………!

    Be well,

  10. The citrtonella was a HUGE improvment ! Thank you so much ! I will spray my feet with it (in the water bottle) every morning before I put on my shoes !

  11. Hey Annie!

    Great…..glad to hear it!

    During the summer I sweat profusely. I’m like a maniac!?@?!??#
    So I do this little trick also…..and it helps allot.

    Thanks for trying it. There are so many useful ways to take advantage of it’s benefits.

    So enjoy!

    And have a wonderfu, fabulous weekend…..

    Be well,

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