Reflexology…..and a rabbits foot ?!?

Because of the Easter holiday, my client (pictured) wanted to treat his pet bunny (Snuggle Puss) to a reflexology session.

I told him that I would have to charge 3 times the amount I normally do because of the size of Snuggle Puss’s feet!

He was totally okay with that.

However, after the session was over (during which Snuggle Puss fell asleep)……….I felt exceptionally…….LUCKY!

Humm…….I guess in MY case……it was most definitely better to RECEIVE……than to give!

Aren’t I bad?

This picture was taken right after the session. Snuggle Puss had to be carried out to the car……he was in such a DEEP state of relaxation! 

Hey Everyone…..thank you SO MUCH for visiting my blog and leaving your wonderful comments. They always warm my heart!

Who knew back in December, when I enter the “Blog World” that I would meet so many people who would be so open and honest in sharing their life experiences with me. It’s been my pleasure and honor to have met all of you.

I wish each and everyone of you a magical and special Easter, as this Springtime of renewal, rebirth and growth approaches. 

I look forward to sharing more and more – as we each experience all that life gives us!

Thank you and bless you……..

Be well,


P.S.  Can  you BELIEVE the size of that bunny?

22 thoughts on “Reflexology…..and a rabbits foot ?!?

  1. Happy Saturday Ron,
    How are you ?
    That bunny is adorable !!! Great picture !
    I think in blogland, we get what we put out… Our masthead, the colors and fonts we use, the pictures we decide to go with, what we post about… all of it creates a feeling…
    Maybe on top of that it is our choice of words, or the energy that is cyber-transmitted… Maybe it is who we choose to link with, or how we comment on their blogs… But it seems like a wonderfully accurate reflecting mirror, for the most part.
    Blessings to you and your appreciative, intelligent, useful/giving blog ! And snuggle puss, too, b.t.w. !

  2. Hello Ron!! You’re right…that was a post to make one grin. Especially since it brought back nice memories of when I used to raise New Zealand White Rabbits. They weren’t quite as huge as this breed, but close. They are a terrific rabbits. Gentle, and quiet natured…well…except when in a rut or when they have kits in the nesting box. Grumpy then…but then most parents are and most adults don’t like interruptions dn’t you know. *grins* Big hugs!

  3. Ron,

    Too funny with the bunny! Sheesh, look at the size of those feet, I’d say that rabbit is the Sasquatch of the bunny world, good grief!

    Thank you so much for adding my site to your BlogRoll.

    So let me tell you about last night. After too many days in the wrong shoes and on my feet, I had a wonderful, relaxing foot massage from my sweetie. It was wild out last night (a huge electrical storm flew into the valley from the south). As he rubbed my tootsies, we had my bedroom window open. It was warm and the sound of the rain falling against the leaves of the lilac bush outside my bedroom window made the world melt away. We both fell asleep. Ahhh, heaven.

    Oh and one more thing, with your warmth, kindness and wonderful sense of humor your circle of friends is going to grow wider and wider! Just like the smiles you bring with your words and comments.

    Happy Easter! I hope the snow threatening your area doesn’t come.

    ciao for now~

  4. Loving Annie!

    Thank you for your visit and kind words!

    You’re so right……what we put out…….we then receive.

    It’s been my pleasure sharing with you. Have a glorious day tomorrow.

    Be well,

    P.S. Did you MAKE that cherry pie yet? (tee-hee)

  5. Evening Greenwoman!

    Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m so glad you smiled…..I was hoping you would!

    Do you MEAN that you actually SAW rabbits THIS big??????

    I’m so jealous. I’d probably jump into the nest and snuggle right up to them.

    Today at work, we had an “Easter theme”. I went dress as a rabbit. I had big pink bunny ears attached to a baseball cap and a big white cotton tail scotch-tapped to my sport coat (lovely). Half way through the day I totally FORGOT that I had this on…….you should have SEEN the looks I got in the mens room! (tee-hee)

    Have a special day tomorrow Greenwoman…..and know that you are loved and supported!

    Be well,

  6. Dearest CeeCi,

    Benny grassy for visiting my blog!

    I know….the FEET just killed me. When I found the picture….I KNEW it was right!

    Your SO welcome… was a total joy adding you to my blog….I mean that.

    Your night with your sweetie sounded FABULOUS. It’s so much BETTER when someone else is doing the rubbing! The whole evening sounded like it was Universally choreographed…how SPECIAL. You deserved it. Next time you stop by, please visit my post ” A Foot Bath…..ahhhh” – you will find some added tips for your next special night! (rated x…..for xtra-special).

    Yes….the snow DID come this afternoon. I was so happy and excited! I was at Kinkos, and when I looked out the window….. it looked like confetti. I’m a definite snow bunny. LOVE the COLD, LOVE the WINTER, LOVE the SNOW. It’s been unusually COLD for us in Philly. Most people are acting grumpy because of it. I’m looking into moving to Vermont.

    I hear the BUNNYS are HUGE!!!!!!

    Have a snuggly Easter Day……..

    Be well, Ron


    Yikes, I think I am going to have nightmares about that bunny now. Hope you are enjoying your Easter!

  8. God Love Ya Woman!

    I had a feeling you’d be back either today or tomorrow. Welcome Back!!!!! You were missed by your adorning readers. My God….we all had to read Sear’s catalogues all week! Tee-hee….

    I LOVE this bunny…… however I wouldn’t want him to hop on me!?!>:^$%@

    Anyway…can’t wait to HEAR all about your journey. When you get all settled in….keep us POSTED (ha- ha)…..

    Got a new computer…..and I really am enjoying it. I decided on a desk top. I’m really not the laptop person. Maybe later when I travel the globe and I need mobility. Also, I KNOW ME…..if it’s portable……it will go everywhere with me…..and that’s not balance.
    I got a 17 inch flat screen and I can’t believe all the shit I’ve been missing WOW…’s like a football field. LOVING IT! I also got a great deal on it….Hp (again)… I feel that it was Destiny (Destiny’s Child)…..

    Anyway, I’m off to spend the day in nature with the bunnies!’

    Glad your back…..we’ll talk later this evening!

    Be well,

  9. Good Sunday/Easter morning to you, Ron !

    Yep, I made the pie… And MC didn’t come get it — so I ate half of it myself over the next 2 days, and gave the other half to my housekeeper.

    It was scrumptious with the vanilla ice cream, let me tell you ! Excuse my modesty, but mmmmhmmmm, Matha Stewart step aside, this woman can BAKE !!!

    MC called 3 days later to ask if he could pick it up…..
    Too late, hon !

  10. Happy Bunny Day Annie!

    Good girl! To bad you didn’t have at least one little piece left to smash into his friend’s face!!!!!

    Revenge it MINE!!!!!!!!

    You should seriously consider a “Loving Annie Bake Book” – I’d come to Barnes and Noble for the signing!

    Thanks for visiting me on this Happy Holiday. It’s FREEZING here (love it) so I’m out to the park to feed the squirrels some jelly beans.

    Be well,

  11. Hey Brian,

    Thank you so much for your visit!

    Yea……someone left me comment saying that they ACTUALLY HAVE SEEN rabbits that big…..Wow!

    It’s like some horror movie about a man-eating rabbit!

    Stop by anytime Brian…’ll be a pleasure.

    Be well,

  12. Happy Monday Ron ! How are you ?

    I’m trying to correct a bunion without surgery… I’m hoping a good orthopedic insert may get my foot bones back into alignment !
    It worked for my right foot several years ago, but now my left is acting up — and you can see the bone drifting to the left on an x-ray… sigh…
    I’ve got to believe there is a way to manipulate it back into being straight – it’s only calcium deposits, rigt ???

  13. The luckiest Rabbit foot is on that is still attached to the Rabbit! Very fun posting, and I hope that your luck continues long into the future. 🙂

  14. i posted some new pics for ya. excuse me, i must adjust to my new energy now…

    hope you are enjoying chilly philly today!

  15. Hello Meredith,

    Yeaaaaaaaaaa! Can’t wait to see them….. I’ll stop by later this evening when I finish my running around I need to do and laundry
    (hate it)!

    Thanks for stopping by…..see you soon!

    Be well,

  16. Beth!!!!!

    It was so good hearing from you! Thanks for your visit. Hope you had a GREAT Easter and ate lots of jelly beans.

    Can you believe that RABBIT??? I saw the picture on Flickr and JUST knew it was the one. I love rabbits so much, however this big guy is a bit SCARY. Thumper Maddness!

    Hey, how is your new Reiki table? Did you break it in? Let me know how it went.

    Have a great week Beth….and I’ll be stopping by your place later this evening for a visit.

    Be well,

  17. Angel Annie!

    I’m not medical in any sense of the word….totally holistic. So the only advice I can give you is this.

    Where a bunion usuallly forms on a persons foot is where the NECK/cervical area reflex point is located on the foot. Meaning that holistically there is something in a persons neck and cervical area that is out of balance. Try using your thumb and gently press on the entire area around the base of the toe. (note if there is tenderness). If there is….work this area gently OFTEN in the day. Once every couple of hours is good. The sensitivity should disapate. You may even FEEL MORE tenderness in your ACTUAL neck area too…this is totally natural and a great sign that reflexology is working.

    *Also foot baths in epsom salts and hot (but comfortable) water is GREAT for this. If you can get some pure essential Rosemary oil (inexpensive) and place about 5 drops into the epsom salts before adding it to the water….it’s a wonderful way to reduce any physical discomfort and swelling.

    I am getting ready to do a post on the “reflexology foot map” and essential oils for home use… look for that as a guide in locating areas on the feet that correspond to areas on the body…’s amazing!

    I hope this helps….be well Annie,

  18. Evening Annie!

    Yeah, I change the avatar to be more like “footpath”. I’m actually trying to change the header too (having alittle trouble)!?@>#>$?
    Oh well, I love to experiement with new things.

    Good…..try what I suggested and see what kind of help you get. I actually looked up some addition information for you while I was at the bookstore today….but found nothing. I’ll keep checking though!

    Take care and have a great night.!

    Be well,

  19. Oh Akelamala,

    You are too cute………

    I like to be silly sometimes….so this was just a silly post I did on Easter.

    However I have done reflexology on my cats whenever they got sick. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing…..I just rubbed their paws.

    So I guess we CAN use it on animals.

    And yes…..Reiki is FABULOUS with animals.

    Sometimes BETTER than with humans!!!!!

    Thanks for your visit…you are very sweet!

    Be well,

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