Ok….Let’s Get Stoned!


Back in December I wrote my first post on hot stones after receiving a session using them in conjunction with Foot Reflexology.

Up to that point, I was totally uninterested in this modality and honestly thought it was silly, pointless and like….so “New Age”.

Until…… I actually experienced it!

A Little Histonery

The art of hot stone work has been in existence for thousands of years. Stones were used for healing work in Native America, South America, Africa, Europe, Egypt and India. These traditions included laying stones in patterns on the body, carrying or wearing stones for health and protection, using stones in the treatment of disease and ceremonial uses, such as in sweat lodges and medicine wheels. Native American folk healers used heated stones to diminish the discomforts of menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth. Ancient Greek and Roman cultures have a long recorded history of many forms of massage and bodywork. The Romans used stones in saunas and combined the effects of hot immersion baths with the cooling effects of marble stones and cold baths.

The Stones

Basalt stones make the ideal tool for this modality. These stones are formed from hot molten lava cooled. Their color range from dark gray to black. They have a high percentage of iron/magnesium content which makes them extremely dense and gives them an awesome ability to retain heat for long periods of time. Because they are taken from the earth, they have energetic grounding properties – which give added benefit to bodywork.

Heating the Stones

Basalt stones are heated in a water spa heating unit which reaches a temperature range of 110-120 degrees. Sounds extreme, doesn’t it? However as the stones are rhythmically moved, with a specific pressure applied, the effects are reduced to a wonderfully comfortable warmth….. it feels amazing!

*Cold stones (marble) can also be used with certain therapeutic treatments (I’ll save that for another post).


When using hot stones in conjunction with traditional foot reflexology – benefits include: a deeper relaxation response, increases circulation, clears toxins, reduces foot tension, and greatly assists in opening and stimulating the energy channels of the reflex points.

Caution Care

There are certain precautions that should to be observed before scheduling an appointment:


*Chronic high blood pressure/heart conditions


*Acute fever

*Skin conditions on feet (eg: fungus, rash)

*Varicose veins

*Cuts, fractures or bruises

*Be sure to discuss these things with your practitioner, so that you have a happy and healthy experience.

I’ve got to tell you folks…….. after my first session with hot stones……I was hooked!

I proceeded to find education in this modality, got my certification, and it has now become my favorite service to offer my clients.

Who would have thought that something I believed was so silly…..would end up being something that I truly enjoy to give and receive?????

I guess I’m just a silly man!

So find someone in your area that offers this modality….. and get STONED!

Be well…

14 thoughts on “Ok….Let’s Get Stoned!

  1. Hi Ron~

    I got stoned once, but I didn’t like it. Well, the reason I didn’t like it was probably my own fault. You see, I’d shaved my legs prior to the appointment and managed to give myself a bit of razor burn (no, I’m not making this up). When my massage therapist (who has been rubbing me the right way monthly for 6 years) started massaging my calves with those hot rocks, well let’s just say…I didn’t find it very therapeutic. I did like it when she placed them on my aching shoulders, so that was good.

    The stones she used she’d gathered on the coast. I don’t remember her saying anything about basalt, only that she had chosen them because they’d been rubbed smooth by the sand and surf and were just the right size/weight for her hands. I recall that they were smooth and hot, especially when she used them on my calves.

    So after we chase ghosts, crack bells, gawk at the zebras and eat cheese steaks, we’ll get stoned!

    There will be a little surprise waiting for you in the Garden Sunday morning.

    ciao adesso~

  2. Oh my God CeeCi!

    I JUST…I mean JUST finished this post when you commented.
    How did you know??????

    Your a witch doctor!

    I CANNOT believe you SHAVED your legs BEFORE the session??????Dear God…. it’s no wonder you didn’t like it!!!!! I don’t think I’d like that either. OUCH!
    to my PRECAUTION list!

    Thank you for that wonderful tip!

    Actually in reflexology, the stones mainly vocus on the ankles and feet.

    And the stones can come from MANY different areas of the world, so their color, size and shape vary. They are mainly black, but I’ve seen some that were very light. You can actually use any type of stones. It’s just that Basalt stays the hottest….longest. But, SHIT….they can get too hot too. The practitioner definitely needs to be concious of certain things.

    Anyway, CeeCi….thank you sooooooooooooooo much for stopping by….. it tickled me!

    Oh….and I can’t wait until Sunday morning!!!!

    Be well,

  3. It’s all in the ti-MING, Ron. I didn’t know, I just got lucky.

    Do add my bonehead move to your list of things not to do when dealing with hot rocks. It put me off from doing it again until I read your post. I’ll call Laura (the giver of great massages) and I’ll try it again. This time I’ll go hairy.

    It’s morning…and it came way too early…your surprise is waiting in the Garden. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you’re having a wonderful Funday. I’m off to take pictures, so I know it will be a fun Sunday for me. Bye-bye boredom!

    ciao adesso!

  4. Afternoon CeeCi Madness!

    Have a FABULOUS time taking FABULOUS pictures on a FABULOUS day.

    Good girl……your willing to give hot stones another go!!!!!! I’m sure your girl is wonderful and THIS time…..it’ll be a FABULOUS experience. Why the hell do I use FABULOUS so damn much? I FEEL fabulous, I guess.

    I’m going over RIGHT now to the Garden….can’t wait.

    Thanks for dropping by CeeCi….

    Be well,

  5. I got stoned once, but I didn’t inhale. 😉

    Hmmmm…that does sound nice. I absolutely believe in the healing power of stones, crystals, etc. It’s just there are so many of them, it’s hard to know which does what. My Reiki master from my Master training is offering a Healing stones/crystals class…but I think I am being drawn more to Sound HEaling. I found a certification course in Sound healing that I think I am going to sign up for…you know me, always the student, never the teacher.

    Stay safe! I was under a tornado watch and offline & hiding in my bathroom much of the day yesterday. Yikes. My internet kept blowing out, too…that’s the trouble with living out in the Boonies, if mine blows offline, I can’t catch any other stray signals. It was good, though. I played with my cats. They were kinda scared from all the wind, hail, storms, etc.

    In any case, stay dry…and be well.

  6. Now I know what to ask for for my birthday, the hot rocks sound absolutely wonderful. I’ll have to give it a try sometime.

  7. Afternoon Miss M!

    Glad you stopped by for a visit….God love ya woman!!!!

    It’s funny, I too was never drawn to stones and crystals, however this hot stone thing sucked me in like a vacum. I heard you mention before that you are drawn to sound. In fact you wrote a post! My friend Beth in Arizona LOVES sound too. She makes a living teaching it. It’s so cool. That’s “wunderbar” that your thinking of taking a course. I love being student too, however I love to teach reflexology. It’s nice to learn something and then past on the information.

    Oh my God….YOU had storms too???? Tornado????? WOW…..
    The rain here still hasn’t stopped. And now the freezing temps. are back. BRRRR!!!!! I’m going to the laudry room later to do two loads…..I bet it’s nice and warm down there. I lost electricity yesterday for 3 hours. NO NOTHING! I thought I was going to have cold soup for dinner- I was lucky that it came back on beforehand. It’s horrible, some people got stuck in the elevator….how creepy!

    Anyway you Tornado Woman you…..thank you so very, very much for the Monday visit….I’ll stop by your home later this evening.

    Bye from Freaky Weather Philly!

    Be well,

  8. Hello Beth!

    So glad you came by! I know that you have been busy with your sale. How is it going??? I hope your selling TONS of stuff. Is it Spring there….or Winter like here? This is insanity. Hot, cold, hot ,cold. SNOW today!!! I actually LOVE cold wearther, so this really doesn’t bother me. I don’t enjoy being hot.

    Yes, if you get a chance, PLEASE try the hot stones. It is the most relaxing thing I do for myself. When I share it…..it actually relaxes me too. I still can’t believe I love it like I do. You can NEVER say never…I’ve learned that.

    Anyway, I stop by your place and check your posts often…I enjoy your writing, so thank you!

    Have a great evening and stop by anytime!

    Be well,

  9. I too have enjoyed getting stoned. My wife and I enjoy surprising each other with appointments for a massage. A few months back I showed up to find out that I had been signed up for a hot stone treatment. It felt alien at first having these stone on my body. Soon I was more relaxed than I have been in months. I think that I will make another appointment today.

  10. Hey POD,

    Good to hear from you and thanks for dropping by!

    Yeah…I know what you mean. It felt alien to me too, at first – but BOY, once I let go…….. like you said, relaxation big time!

    It’s so cool that you and your wife do that for one another. Relaxation is one of the greatest gifts that you can give AND receive!

    Have a great day….enjoy your hot stoning….and thanks for the visit!

    Be well,

  11. i musta been too stoned to notice your Cool Commentor of the Week award…yay! Hooray. how super duper x-citing. and your comments are cool….perhaps i should put commenting back up on my site.

    Somehow it’s just not as much fun playing with yourself in the sandbox…. 😉

    have a great night!

  12. Hello Meredith!!!!

    That is soooo funny, Playing with yourself!

    Thank you SO VERY much for your comment. You know, I actually forgot….is’nt that awful?

    I love you anyway….CeeCi!!!!!

    Anyway, that was so wonderful of her to do that. It’s been fun getting to know her. Very Cool Lady!

    Anyway, how are YOU? I sent you some Reiki last night, I hope you felt it!

    I LOVE to take time in quiet. I’m very selfish that way. My free time is MY free time. And sometimes I NEED quiet. So F k it! oops…

    Glad to hear your thinking about commenting again. As I’m sure MANY others feel the same.

    Loved your post last night about the candle. I ACTUALLY lit a candle for those people. SO thanks for reminding me to remember!

    I’ve been writing all night for my next post. I can’t wait for you to see it. I think I’ll post it tomorrow early evening.

    Anyway, thanks for the peek-a-boo!

    Speaking of……I hope she’s having fun on her trip! Go ANNIE!

    Be well,

  13. Hi Ron!

    I’m dropping in to wish you a good morning and wonderful day! Be well and hurry up with that next post…sounds like you worked really hard on it, I can’t wait to read it.

    ciao adesso~

  14. Chow Bella CeeCi!?!?!

    Good to hear from you……you were missed by many. Hope your feeling well and happy.

    I left you some comments (which I’m sure you read)…..GREAT last post!!!!! And the pix’s…. Da-voon!

    Tonight I will post my next one. I need to go grocery shopping and grab a few things. I am totally out of food. The weather has been insanely rainy the past 3 days….so I waited til the last minute.

    Take care and we shall talk soon…..thank you for stopping by to say hello!!!!!

    Be well,

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