Sleep Like a Baby….Zzzzzz

Because we are all human and live on this planet, there is no escaping periods of stress and worry – which often leads to sleeplessness…’s the pitts!

However through Aromatherapy and Foot Reflexology we have at our fingertips, a natural and gentle means to greatly help ourselves.

Being someone who has always had a very high level of energy pumping through my body, this has always been a blessing when I need it to achieve long periods of focus and work. Yet at the same time, I can find it quite challenging to slow this energy down, when it’s time to go “beddy-bye”.

I would like to share with you a wonderful and enjoyable way in which you can help yourself to experience a deep nights sleep… la-la land!

                                                Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is the most widely used aromatherapy oil. It is obtained from the plant’s flowering tops, and grows wild throughout the Mediterranean region, although it is now cultivated worldwide. Lavender has a multitude of usages because of it’s adaptable nature. It has been used holistically in France for hundreds of years.

It aids insomnia, stress, tension headaches, and is good for calming nerves, lifting depression, relieving anger and soothing fear and guilt.


Foot Reflexology Points (foot map)

*Solar Plexus Reflex Point – for balancing the emotions

*Chest Reflex Point – for balancing the breath

*Head Reflex Point – for balancing the mind


Simple Supplies

One bottle of pure Lavender essential oil

One full measuring cup of Epsom salts

A bath and your bed

* Footnote: Do this right before bedtime, on an empty stomach.

(If a bathtub in not available, a foot-bath with the same ingredients, will work as well)


Here’s the Deal

While preparing a hot (comfortable) bath, pour a full measuring cup of Epsom salts. Place 6 drops of Lavender oil into the salts (this will allow for an even distribution of the essential oil throughout the bath water).

When the tub is filled about half way, begin to add the cup of Epsom salts/Lavender mixture to the running water.

When the tub is filled to your desired level, shut the bathroom door, allowing the aroma to permeate the space. Submerge yourself into the tub and soak for 10 minutes, while taking deep relaxing breaths (be careful not to fall asleep……just yet). Then allow the water to slowly drain, as you continue to soak.

After you get into your “jammies” (or not) – get into bed and prop yourself up with some bed pillows.


Fancy Foot Work

 *Begin a the Solar Plexus point and use the pad of your thumb to firmly, yet gently press in and then out. Do this 5 times on each foot (this will help calm the emotions).

*Next, use both thumbs on the ball of each foot (chest area), and rub the entire area. Do this for 1 minute (this will slow down your breathing).

*Finally, take your thumbs and press into the pads of both big toes (head area). Do this for 1 minute (this will slow down and clear the mind).

(Do this procedure as many times as you wish very slowly, while taking deep relaxing breaths. Remember, the slower your move your fingers, the deeper the relaxation response).

*Before turning out the lights, place a single drop of Lavender oil on the corner of your bed pillow. This will allow for a night……..of “sweet dreams”.

 NOW…….after this production……I DEFY you NOT to fall asleep!!!


No kidding folks……if you give this a try, I guarantee you’ll feel amazing results.

Aromatherapy and Foot Reflexology are such valuable tools…..just waiting to be “rediscovered”.

So, sleep like a baby……..and good-night!


Caution Care: Before falling asleep……please remove your Binky.

Be well!

*Alternative essential oils that help with insomnia and stress: Chamomile (Roman), Clary Sage, Bergamont, Frankincense.

*For quality essential oils: Hands On Aromatherapy





18 thoughts on “Sleep Like a Baby….Zzzzzz

  1. hey, i did that with the espon salt & lavender oil the other night in the tub before i even read this. i love lavendar. i had some growing in the kitchen but my cats are destroying my herbs…

    ummmmm…yeah, people with high energy sometimes do need some help winding down. i have found that self reiki does wonders to…i do it when i wake up in the middle of the night to put myself back to sleep.

    thanks for another entertaining and informative post, ron.
    happy thursday.

  2. Helloooo Meredith!

    Great to hear from you and thanks for coming by!

    Yeah, I know you enjoy and use essential oils….that is SO great!

    That’s funny you should mention your cats and herbs. My two use to eat them (actually, just chew them) and then leave the residue on the floor!?@>!?@>? They REALLY enjoyed the Lavender! Maybe they just KNEW? They use to roll around on the Catnip. I hear some cats like it…..and others are not fazed by it.

    This morning I did a little Reiki over my heart chakra before I got out of bed. It seems to place me in a nice space of sharing LOVE throughout the day when I’m a work.

    I’m going to stop by your blog right after I finish this.

    I hope you had a great day and I’m looking forward to reading you at Greenwoman!

    Be well,

  3. I followed a llink from Dave’s blog ENERGY HEALING. I love your site it’s so informative. I am a Reiki Practitioner, love Reflexology, though I don’t do it myself, and I see you’ve have been to Japan – My Dream! You will be on my list of daily sites because I want to read more!

    Reiki Blessings to you.

  4. I really like your site. I feel your energy pour out as I read your words. I just started to dabble in the aromatherapy world and would love to learn more about reflexology so I too can offer more to my clients when they come in for therapy. If you do not mind I wish to visit your site often to read and feed. You are very informative and helpful, especially in the areas that I am interested in. When you put out vibrations of thought the universe always supplies you with what you think of.

    Thank You

  5. Hello Akelamalu!

    And welcome! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my space – that makes me feel VERY happy.

    It’s so nice to talk with other Reiki practitioners.

    Reiki actually led me into Reflexology about 3 years after I started.

    It just kept saying….”USE THE FEET……USE THE FEET!”

    You don’t need to be a trained practitioner to use it on yourself and friends or family. It’s very safe and loving. I’ve NEVER seen it do ANY harm.

    I started by just reading books, then using it on myself (mainly), and then I decided to get professionally trained in it about 7 years ago. It’s funny, because it’s only been the last couple of years….I actually feel “proficient” at it.

    I SO enjoy it. I love to use all three modalities together. It seems to be effective and yet so gentle.

    That’s my whole thing……gentleness!

    Yes…Japan. Loved it with all of my heart. So if you ever get the chance to visit……please do. REIKI just permiates everything!
    The most gentle, loving people I ever met.

    Thank you again for your visit! And please stop by as often as you’d like. I usually post 2 or 3 times a week.

    Take care and have a great weekend Akelamalu!

    Be well,

    P.S. I will stop by your blog later this evening to take a happy look!

  6. Hi Dave!

    It’s so wonderful that you stopped by. I was hoping you would…and thank you.

    I noticed that you offer some things that I would like to learn more about too – so I will be stopping by your space often.

    I LOVE to smell things, so aromatherapy is just too wonderful NOT to do.

    My other job is in retail. I work for a European fragrance company that offers beautiful and different scents to both men and woman. It’s wonderful job.

    Somehow the Universe has guided me to use these three modalities together – to create a balance. And YOU know us Libra’s when it comes to BALANCE?!?!?!?!?

    I started with Reiki, then I gradually learned the other things.

    I LOVE to learn.

    I also teach reflexology to massage students at a school. It’s a very rewarding job. THEY teach ME!

    Thank you so very much for you visit, and I DO hope you’ll drop by whenever you feel like it.

    I’m new to the Blogworld. It’s been such a joy to meet so many WONDERFUL human beings who share their lives with me.

    I feel so blessed!

    Be well,

  7. Hi Ron

    Thank you for the warm welcome, I will try to reciprocate when you visit me! 🙂

    I too have a book on reflexology and do a little on myself. I do have a friend who is a trained Reflexologist, it’s much nicer having a treatment from her! She does not do Reiki but when she treats me we are both aware of her guides and mine coming together in the treatment. Wonderful as you can imagine.

  8. Good Morning Ron~

    Wow, what an information packed post this is, thank you so much for sharing your love and knowledge with all of us, such a blessing.

    I’m also one of those high energy people who can have problems turning it off at night. There are times I’m so full of ideas and creativity I have to keep a notepad and pen next to my bed for the things that wake me from a deep sleep.

    I have a question about the lavender. I’m allergic to lavender in it’s natural state. My reaction is nearly immediate whenever I’m anywhere near it…will essential oils cause the same reaction? Is there something else that will work as well for relaxation other than lavender? When I have a massage my massage therapist is careful to avoid this oil because of my allergy. Am I missing out on something splendid?

    And another question from Question Woman today. Have I missed a post here explaining what Reiki is? Everyone who visits you talk about how wonderful it is, but I’m clueless. Can you perhaps give me a clue or two?

    ciao adesso~

  9. Hi Akelamahu!

    What a beautiful name that is!…is it from India? Egypt?

    I love saying it…it just rolls off the lips….. AKELAMAHU!!!

    As you can tell, I can be very silly! So forgive me.

    That is so cool about seeing “your guides” during a session.

    Bodywork seems to bring them closer to us , doesn’t it? I actually was not aware of my guides until much later in my practice. I believe I had things to learn before they made themselves known. I feel such LOVE when I share my work…such intense LOVE. The love between the Universe, the client and myself. It’s like one BIG LOVE BALL!

    There’s nothing like it!

    Thank you again for your visit. I look forward to visiting your space this evening.

    Be well,

  10. Oh dear God in heaven and little baby Jesus!

    Your back!!!!! I am so freaking HAPPY to hear from you. Last night I stopped by the Garden 2 times to read your comments to see if you were back yet.

    How do you feel??? I sent you much Reiki energy the night before last….I do hope you felt it.

    I could tell by your comments EVERYONE missed you!


    Thank you for enjoying this post. I had the time of my life creating it. I love babies….I want to BITE them.

    You and I are very similar. Creative energy just takes hold at times and seems to come through at such a high, intense speed. And if we don’t GRAB it when it’s there….it goes!

    You are SOOOOO smart to keep a note pad with you to jot down thoughts as they come. It’s insane isn’t it?

    My mother bought me a mini tape-recorder to keep in my back pack thoroughout the day, so that if I am inspired…..I can just talk it out and then replay it when I get home. And do you think I use it? NO WAY…..I would rather freak out trying to look for a pen and small post it piece of paper in my bag….and then lose it!

    I must get a note pad…thank you for reminding me!

    Anyway, about the Lavender. I am SO GLAD you mentioned that about being sensitive. I ALMOST put in the post – a few alternative essential oils to use INCASE of that. I may just add that, now that you mentioned it. Thank you my friend.

    And yes…you can try: Chamomile (Roman), Clary Sage, Bergamont and Frankincense.

    All of which work beautifully to relax and calm. See which one FEELS good to you. When you smell them…you’ll know!

    I wrote a Reiki post, months ago. It’s in my Post Label List under “Reiki Essence” and if you feel like it, please check out “Reiki and Animals”. Something tells me that your soul will really enjoy it!

    I am SO happy to hear from you my friend…and know that you are well.

    We’ll talk soon…thanks for your visit CeeCi’

    Be well,

  11. You truly sparkle, Ron…but you know that don’t you!

    Thank you for the Reiki energy, between you and Dr. Rikki Kitty it’s no wonder I’m feeling better.

    I’ll go read those posts. Be ready for questions. Oh and I loved what you said about pen and paper. I live with 3×5 index cards, I have a box of them by my computer and I’m constantly writing color numbers on them. I imagine if anyone in my life had to clean out my house and found all those cards with hexadecimal codes on them they’re probably think I was some sort of mad scientist. Little would they know, I’m just an obsessed template tweaker.

    We’ve used Bergamot and Chamomile when I’ve had massages. I’ll find out if she has any Frankincense the next time I get rubbed the right way.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful evening.

    ciao adesso~

  12. CeeCi,

    You ALWAYS make me laugh!

    An obsessed template tweaker!!!!!

    Oh God…so am I!

    Will I EVER stop???? I feel like Joan Crawford!

    I have a friend who frequently visits, and she’s like, “Your a man on the move”!

    Last night I added 5 new things to this blog. I always read books on blogs and the “how-to’s”and then I try it. This blog gives me SUCH a creative outlet for my energy. I thank God for it every single day!

    I need to get together with you and ask some questions that I have. I can change alot with this blog, but I have to get to know CSS and PHP (whatever the hell that is????) It’s scary.

    I LOVE WordPress. It has REALLY taught me a great deal.

    Once again my friend…..thank you for your presence here…..YOU add the “sparkle”!

    Be well,

    P.S. Good for you….DO TRY Frankincense the next time… is my FAVORITE! It’s the most spiritual essential oil there is. I use it in all of my sessions with clients.

  13. Shama,

    Hey, thanks for coming by to visit!

    I was so impressed by your deep understanding of “The Secret”.

    What has always concerned me about the way it is presented to the public… that the “surrendering to “is missing.

    It was such a joy to visit your space and FEEL your wise wisdom.

    Thank YOU. And drop by anytime you wish!

    Be well,

  14. Zzzzzzzzzz….., Luckely I hardly ever have problems about not being able to sleep. (Now turning “Zzzzz” into “Bzzzzzzzzz….,” tell why later, hang on….,) Once in a while I use my MP3 player just before going to sleep, to get into a ‘Relaxed State’, meditation cd the sound
    of ocean waves etc. etc. Bzzzzzzzzz.

    O.K. what’s all this ‘Bzzzzz’ about?

    It’s just being like a Bumble Bee,

    Bzzzzzzzz…., Bzzzzz

    flying by just to say to frequently take time
    to Relax and Beeeeee Happy 🙂

    All the Best,

  15. Hey Hp!

    So great to hear from you…thanks for your visit!

    Your one of the lucky ones with sleep….I’ve always been challenged by it. To be honest with you…I hate to sleep.

    Thank God I only need 5 hours a night.

    Hey ….the meditation cd sounds great. You know, I use to use one YEARS ago…..maybe I should try it again. Thanks for the reminder!

    It’s a pleasure to hear from you. Have a great SLEEPY weekend!

    Be well,

  16. Brian!

    Welcome…and thanks for dropping in!

    Good for you!

    Here’s wishing you a great Monday night….full of Z’s.

    Be well,

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