Just like a fingerprint – footprints are as unique and varied.

As a foot reflexologist, I am continually amazed at how the size, shape and structure of the feet – quite often reflect the body and personality type of the individual they are attached to.

This is not to say that I always find this to be the rule.

On special occasions, I do find people who are small in stature – owning a  pair of “flipper size” feet.

And others, who are larger in stature – having a set of feet like “Tiny Tim“.

Body alignment and foot wear also play a factor here.

But as an overall observation, most people’s feet do fit the person.

And this goes for the hands as well.

Let’s take me for example:

I am a little guy (5′ 7″) – weighing 137lbs. with a slight, naturally muscled frame. However my bones and skin are dense and thick. Overall – my body type appears slightly heavier than it actually is.

My personality type is “hyper-active” (much like the EverReady Bunny) – causing me to sweat profusely (unless I’m in sub-zero weather).

My feet are size 7 1/2 – in good condition, small, wide, dense, thick-skinned and easily perspire.

So….my feet look and feel like a reflection of me.

Also, the feet hold a certain degree of tension (as does the body). And what I find ironic, is that the reflex points, which are sensitive on my feet, do in fact correlate to the same areas in my total physical anatomy.

I hold tension in my neck, shoulders and back. My foot reflex points, are the same.

So the next time your barefoot, take note to their size, shape and structure – and see if they reflect you.

Use the foot map that I have included in my pages and massage your feet. Take notice to any areas that are sensitive. See if they correlate to the areas in your total body where you hold tension.

I bet they will!

Our feet are one of the most ingenious and powerful parts of our anatomy. They truly reflect the “totality” of our being – Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.

They are as unique and individual….. as a fingerprint.

They carry us through our entire lifetime. 

So take notice.

And be well!

21 thoughts on “Footprints

  1. Interesting post Ron. I am always amazed when I see huge people with tiny feet or vice versa. I actually like feet, I know some people do not – MWM for one – although he does massage my feet if I ask him, he must love me!

  2. Morning Akelamalu!

    Thanks for stopping by! Hope your having a great weekend in the UK.

    I LOVE the “clock” on your blog that gives the correct time for where you are. Sometimes when I’m visitig you, it reminds me of the differences. 5 hours!!!! Very cool!

    Yes….I know several people who do not like feet also. I don’t understand it, but then, how could I?

    To me, feet are like hands…. such an “expression” of who we are. Actually, when I meet someone for the first time, it’s the “hands” that I notice first. How a person moves them, and uses them.

    Hands and feet for me…..are “works of art”!

    They’re the BEST!

    Stop by anytime…’s a pleasure!

    Be well,

  3. Hi Ron

    You would have to like feet to work with them everyday wouldn’t you!

    I purposely chose the clock to show am and pm because a lot of blogs just have an anolog clock and you don’t know whether it’s morning or afternoon. Most confusing!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Hello again Akelamalu!

    Your right…I guess I would!

    YOU have a great weekend too….and Be well,


  5. awesome post. hmmmm my feet are super dirty right now…i guess that says that i like to walk around outside in my bare feet? i was just stopping by to make a comment…what a lovely surprise to see a new post!

    ummm…i am sure this is a bit too much information, but i went outside this afternoon and laid down on a hammock in the sun…is there any better feeling than that???? I was Floating!!! Anyway, it started out cool, but got hot while I was lying there so i took off myclothes and laid them across me (just in case my neighbors popped in for a visit…didn’t want them to see all my nudee parts…well, i was out there for God knows how long…in some other realm.

    I now have a diagonal sunburn across my chest…it looks like i am wearing a permanent Toga. I can’t stop laughing. Duh. 😛

    wanna go to a Toga party tonight?

  6. Happy Saturday, Ron!

    I hope your weekend has been filled with lots of fun stuff to investigate and pursue. I’ve been busy tweaking a template on an old blog I started and abandoned.

    Hands and feet definitely reflect the person they’re attached to don’t they? I’m 5’9″ with a size 8 foot. I have long fingers and long toes, with nicely shaped nails on both that grow quickly. My arches are high. I’m nearly as dexterous with my feet as I am with my hands. My hands and feet rarely perspire, generally they’re on the rather cool/cold side of life.

    Like you I carry all my tension in my neck, shoulders and upper back. Is that why I have so much trouble with my arches cramping? I’ll go investigate the chart. My fourth toes like to go cock-eyed on occasion, usually when I’m getting my feet rubbed. Hmmm, now I really have to go check out that chart.

    What fun! I got to talk about my feet. Okay, off to check the chart. Have a splendid evening.

    ciao adesso~

  7. I’m back, Ron.

    So, looking at the chart, I can see that my arches have nothing to do with my back and shoulders, but what I did spot was the area that they’re in is always (as MoJo tells me) filled with little rocks. Should I have him concentrate on those areas when he kindly offers to rub my feet?


  8. Evening M!

    How funny is that????

    Toga! Toga ! Toga! hu, hu, hu!

    Wasn’t that in the movie “Animal Farm”?

    Do you have a fence around your yard?????

    Your giving FREE paid-per-view!!!!!!

    So glad you had a HAPPY and enjoyable day outside.

    God Love ya woman!

    Thanks for stopping by and giving us a “Peek a Boo”

    Be well,

  9. Hellooooooo CeeCi! (I’m leaving you a novel)

    It was SO wonderful hearing from you!

    I can’t WAIT to see your latest “tweak” for the week!

    Which site was it? I’d love to look!

    You have inspired me so…….

    I am dying to try a new template with mine, but I can’t seem to find one I like. I love my header….I just want to change the stuff around it.

    WordPress is somewhat limited in changes, unless I want to download and host my own blog.

    If I knew CSS, I could do more creative things within this one. I need to get a book or take a course.

    Like you….I LOVE to change things every two weeks. Blogger offered more options, however I had MAJOR technical issues with them.

    Anyway, I am SO glad you looked at the foot chart and investigated.

    Listen…….the arch of the foot DOES have much to do with upper, middle and lower back .

    You see…. within the arch of the foot is the SPINE reflex. And the spine is responsible for taking care of the BACK. So if you have tenderness in the arch….that makes perfect sense!

    Take your finger and run it along the bone of the arch (on the side of the foot). You’ll find that the bone goes from the BASE of the BIG toe, all the way down to the heel area (forming an arch)…. THAT bone, represents your entire spinal column.

    The next time Mojo is giving you a massage – ask him to take the HEEL of his hand and FIRMLY but GENTLY, run his hand up and down (along the UNDERSIDE of that bone). The heel of his hand should fit perfectly in the arch. Have him work SLOWLY.

    You’ll be amazed at how you will ACTUALLY feel that within your spine. The sensation will then move out to your entire back area.

    Have him do this for about 10 minutes (both feet) and then stop.

    Reflexology has a slight delayed response. So don’t be surprised if within the hour, you feel relief!

    And as far as the “rocks” goes…..YES…..have Mojo, press into those (firmly, but gently) with his thumb making little circles. They are calcium and uric acid deposits. They should be worked out daily, and eventually you will break them up.

    Drink lots of water afterwards, because this will assist in flushing all that stuff out of your body!

    I am SO proud of you for being SO aware of this stuff!

    Your VERY intune with your body…that’s wonderful.

    I guess us “tweakers” hold the SAME tension!?!?!?!?!

    Try this my friend and let me know how it goes.

    It was FABULOUS hearing from you…….have a wonderful evening!

    Be well,

  10. Helloooo Annie!!!

    Yeaaaaaa….welcome back!

    I was thinking about you today while was sitting in the park enjoying this wonderful Spring weather we’re having and I FELT you had returned!

    You were missed by MANY dear girl!

    Hope you had a fabulous time. Can’t wait to hear all about it on your blog.

    Yes……feet DO grow larger as we progress in age.

    Mine have gotten much wider. I guess it’s because we’ve been using them for awhile (tee-hee).

    Thanks for stopping by and letting me know that you returned!

    Be well,

  11. This post was very, very interesting. I agree with your research. It seems everytime I need an answer to some area in your field I wander over to your site and 99% of the time I can find what I am looking for. You have become my school and text book.

  12. Hi Dave!!!

    Great to hear from you! Thank you for your visit.

    Hey listen….just wanted to let you know….if EVER you should desire a post with something in “particular” that you’ve wanted to know or just would like me talk about…PLEASE feel free to leave me a post on my CONTACT page.

    If it is within my knowledge….I would like to offer my reader friends the opportunity to dig deeeper into any one of these modalities and enjoy them.

    If I don’t have the answer immediately….I would be glad to investigate it for you or for anyone.

    I’ve noticed on my blog stats, that people are finding this blog while investigating specific essential oils and their properties. So if you shoud ever want to know about ANY specifics…just let me know.

    Aromatherapy and Reflexology are the things that the readers seem to inquire about when searching the web.

    So please shout out if you would like more info.

    It’s always a pleasure to hear from you Dave…..And congratulations on your Thinking Blogger Award….you deserve it!

    Be well,

  13. Good Wednesday morning Ron ! How are you doing today ?

    Thank you for your sweet comment — you touch me when you write to me like that. You put such genuineness into it. I’ve noticed that you do that with everyone, and I hope you realize how thoughtful you are with all of us. It is much appreciated !

    It IS about balance, isn’t it ??? Very good point. And faith. And allowing…

    May you be blessed with an effective combination of all 3, Ron —

    Later, alligator !
    Cyber-hugs to you —

  14. like the new header…are those old books, or fabric…books, right? i Luuuuuuuuuv books…and the library…nerdy, i know. who cares? oh, i also like that you moved the comments up top on the post…see, nothin slips past this guuuuurl. hope you are having a fabulous day, ron. 😉

  15. Hello Annie!

    You are so very welcome!

    And yes…it IS about balance. Being Libra, that is a wonderful challenge. Balance those scales RON!!!!!!

    Thank you for your blessing Annie…we can all use “extra blessings”…so I accept them!

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Be well,

  16. Hello Miss M.

    And thank you for noticing!

    Actually I changed the whole template. It’s kind of like Blogger…you just click…and it does it on it’s own.

    The header I added. And YES…me too…I LOVE books and bookstores and libraries.
    I love the SMELL of books. OLD and NEW!

    I’m at Borders at least 4 times a week. So I guess we’re BOTH nerds!

    Thank you for your suprise visit M…it’s always a pleasure.

    Tonight…..a NEW post….so stay tuned!

    Be well,

  17. Ron,
    You are, as always, very informative. You explanation was concise and easy to read and understand. You have a very calming effect on all of us.
    You wrote on my site that you are going to post a segment on baby seals. It does not suprise me that I posted a picture of a baby seal on my site. The energy does flow and when the receptor are up then the whole universe is in tune.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  18. Morning Dave!

    Thank you so much for stopping by this on this gorgeous May day! It’s always a joy to read your thoughts and words.

    Thank you for your kind and sincere words. It means alot to me that you said my blog has a “calming effect”. It’s what I TRUELY wish for…so thank you for FEELING that!

    Yes, I am devastated about the baby seals….I want to express that. However, I want to speak my truth in a positive way. My natural nature is to be BLUNT (and sometimes that’s purposeful)- but something tells me….to FEEL this for awhile….it will come.

    Your a fine man Dave. I’m grateful that our paths have crossed!

    Be well,

  19. Got it, Ron ! Thanks for letting me know !
    Hope you have a wonderful supportive week, from your feet to your heart, to your third eye !

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