Sealed with LOVE

Yesterday while glancing over my wall calendar for May, I noticed that this week is “Be Kind to Animals Week“.

I LOVE all critters.

But for those of you who really know me…..know that CATS are my top banana!

However for today and the rest of the week, I would like to pay tribute – by honoring the Harp Seal.


 To look into their precious eyes… to look into a deep well of LOVE.

It is my own personal belief, that God has placed His animals on this earth, so that through them, He exemplifies His LOVE for us.

Animals LOVE us without any condition. They simply LOVE. With pure abandonment.

They ask for little in return…..other than we openly accept their LOVE.

They entrust us with their lives…..believing wholeheartedly…..that we are trustworthy.

        Be Well.

23 thoughts on “Sealed with LOVE

  1. A Good Morning to You Akelamalu!

    AS always….I thank you for coming WAY across the “sea” to visit me!

    Actually, you are my very first “European” blogger friend….how cool is that….I feel so honored.

    Yes…I found these photos online…and could not resist!

    For me…these animals…speak VOLUMES of LOVE.

    I am so grateful for their “presence” in this world!

    And thank you too…for noticing the new header. I thought I’d try it out for the summer months. It has a calming “Asian Feel” to it (and you know me and Japan)?!?

    Anyway…much thanks for dropping by this fine day. I do hope your knee is healing well!

    Have a great Wednesday.
    Be well,

  2. Did you design the banner yourself?

    Your url in on my favourite links so you never know you may get more European visitors! 🙂

  3. Howdy Akelamalu!

    No….I must confess…I found it on…under “blog headers”. It was much larger, so I cropped it a bit!

    Thanks again for enjoying it. When I saw it…something said….”Do it”…so I did!

    Thanks for placing me on your Favorites. Oh God….do you think the “Queen” will visit my blog?

    I’ve got to get out some “scones and lemon curd”!!!!!

    I’m so silly!

    Be well,

  4. ron, i just can’t stop laughing cuz you changed your header AGAIN. Good God, you really ARE possesed!

    the devil’s handmaiden

  5. Good Morning Ron!

    The new header is GORGEOUS! Very nice.

    How sweet, yet sad that we have to have a special week to be kind to animals. I think each and every moment we should be kind to animals. They are one of the greatest gifts we have on this little rock we all occupy.

    The seal pictures are priceless, I especially like the last one, made me smile and do an internal ‘aaawwwww.’ I’m with you, cats rule. Himself is on my lap right now, likely dreaming of lizards and other toys.

    Great idea looking at Flickr for some banners.

    Wow, if the Queen comes visiting, how are you going to bow?

    Have a tremendous, terrific and totally tubular (ok, I really had to search for the last one) day!

    ciao for now~

  6. Hi M!

    Yes…possession has taken hold. Bring out the cross and holy water!

    Thanks for your visit!!!!

    Be well,

  7. Hey CeeCi!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by…it ALWAYS makes me happy!

    Yea, I agree….WHY do we have to make a special day….to LOVE the critters of the world?

    I LOVE them everyday!

    Thank you for enjoying the new additions to my HOME.

    I SWARE…you and I must be the two most insane blog template changers!>!?!>!?!:

    Oh, I don’t care.

    My feeling is…creativity is energy….and energy MOVES… you’ve got to MOVE with it, as it inspires you! (even if it’s three times a week).

    Oh yes….I’ve been practicing my BOW “and” CURTSY….this way I can give her a Bi-greeting!(you know those Europeans).

    I wonder….Earl Grey or Chai….what do you think?

    Thank you my friend….your time here is always such JOY!

    Be well,

  8. Hey Mr. Brian,

    So good of you to drop by my friend!

    Yes….I did a little rearranging in my “home” this week. I enjoy giving my guests a “surprise” every once in a while. I LOVE change…always have….my creative energy just takes hold sometimes….and fills me with inspiration…til it MOVES me!

    So glad you enjoyed the seal photos. Me too. They are the sweetest little creatures!

    Always enjoy hearing from you Brian.

    Be well,

  9. Are you THE Queen Elizabeth??????

    Oh my God!!!….Welcome.

    Anyway, thank you VERY much for stopping by via Akelamalu.

    She’s a great gal!

    It’s always a pleasure to meet new visitors who come to my “blog home” – Hello!

    Please feel free to drop by any time. I usually post about 2-3 times a week, on Reflexology, Reiki, Aromatherapy and other ramblings.

    Thank you again for your ROYAL visit….it was an honor!

    Be well,

  10. Good Thursday morning Ron ! Thank you for your sweet comments ! I’m really looking forward to the trip, too ! It should be beautiful !
    Hope you have a good week –

  11. Greetings Annie!

    Your very welcome….. it’s my pleasure!

    You guys have a FUN experience!!!!

    Be well,

  12. Hello Renee!

    Welcome….and thank you so much for dropping by!

    It’s ALWAYS so wonderful to meet a new visitor!

    Thank you for enjoying the photos and post. I found them on Flickr and I had the hardest time making up my mind which ones to use….they were ALL so cute.

    I’m hoping, for all who read this, that it will allow their hearts to open, to the “special gift” – animals give to this planet.

    They’re the BEST!

    Thank you again for introducing yourself and please stop by anytime you wish….the door is ALWAYS open!

    Take care & Be well,

  13. Hi Ron,
    Thanks for your comment on my squirrel post. Because of you I’m just soooo happy that I started my blog. I just knew I would meet like-minded people like you who care deeply about our fellow animal travellers. I LOVE your blog, so will be visiting often!

    I also left a commment back at my place on the important matter of why squirrels flatten themselves 😉

    I wrote another post about another squirrel story, but I lost it to the software gods and wll have to try again tomorrow…

    Let’s stay in touch.


  14. Ron! *clink clink clink* RON!

    Honey, are you there?!

    OMG, you are not going to believe this! Oh My Gawd! I can barely believe it myself…OMG! *squee*

    The Garden has just been nominated for a Blogger’s Choice Award in the category of Best Blog Design! Oh…MY…God.

    I keep pinching myself!

    And one more thing….thank you, thank you and thank you again for being such a delight!

    Time to go sell a few things and then I have the next six days off.

    ciao for now~

  15. Welcome Vicki!

    And thank YOU so much for visiting my “space”.

    I too am VERY happy to have met you.

    I left YOU another comment on your “crow post”……LOVED it!!!!!

    Please come back and visit as much as you wish….I would be honored!

    Be well,

  16. Ok CeeCi!!!!

    You and I need to exchange phone numbers for “special freak out occasions” like this one! Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone…. phone to phone!

    Let me know….I do not pay for long distance. If you would rather not…I am totally ok with that too!

    I feel like “I” just received this award!!!!!

    (I’m screaming and jumping up and down- can you see me)?

    YOU so VERY MUCH deserve this my friend!!!!

    It would be MY CHOICE TOO!!!!!!!!!

    See…just when you seem to have a few rough days… are then showered with GRACE!

    Oh my God….what happens now? Do you fly somewhere to pick up your award??? Let me know, cause I’ll do your hair and makeup for the event. I have TONS of “Chanel” in my professional makeup case!!!!!!

    Enjoy this glorious moment today CeeCi.

    I share this joy with you!

    I’m off to sell now too…..I’ll talk to you later on tonight when I get home!


    Be well,

  17. Thank you for pointing out where to start with essential oils. Lavender has been at the top of my list for a long time, just because I love it so. I will have to make a note of your other recommendations so I can build a good oil shelf.

  18. Hello Beth!

    Left you a comment on above post!

    Thanks for your visit..

    Be well,

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