Sponge Feet

There’s an “old wives tale” that claims – by crushing several cloves of garlic and then smearing it on the soles of the feet – will cure all types of common ailments.

Potent….but very stinky!

One of the most effective ways to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, is through the feet.

Feet are like sponges.

They efficiently absorb the small molecules of essential oils – allowing them to be distributed throughout the body.

Depending on the particular oil – it takes anywhere from 20-90 minutes to be absorbed into the body. Once used, essentail oils are expelled from the body via sweating and the elimination process.

I can’t tell you just how many times essential oils have assisted me through a physical concern…..


3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil.

Massage into the feet, making sure to press on all the toes, reaching the sinus reflex points.

Pressing on the ball of the foot, affecting the lungs.

I do this 15 min. before bed and then put on a pair of gym socks.

Throughout the night, the benefits from the eucalyptus oil, has helped me to breathe easier and reduce sinus headache pain.



3 drops of lavender essential oil to 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil.

Deeply and slowly massage into the feet, pressing on the pads of the big toes, allowing the brain to slow down.

Press on the ball of the foot, to slow the breath down.

Using the thumbs, press in and up onto the solar plexus reflex point, found directly under the ball of the foot, right in the center. This will slow down any emotional disturbances.

With the heel of the hand, press and slide along the spinal reflex point, found from the base of the big toe to heel, along the inner arch bone. This will deeply relax the spine and back.

I do this 15 min. before bed and then put on a pair of gym socks.

Within a few minutes…I’m out like a light!



2 drops of peppermint essential oil to 3 drops of jojoba oil.

(peppermint is highly concentrated – use sparingly)

Briskly massage into the feet.

Before dressing, blot off any excess with a hand towel.

During the summer months, this allows me to feel refreshed and cool.

My feet tingle….putting a “spring into my step“.



3 drops of rosemary essential oil to 4 drops of jojoba oil.

Briskly massage into the feet.

Before dressing, blot off any excess with a hand towel.

During the winter months, this allows me to feel warm and comfortable.

This feels especially good when I’m out in the wet, damp snow all day.



Caution Care

* Be sure to use only pure essential oils.

* Using a carrier oil, helps to dilute and distribute essential oils evenly – when applying them to the skin.

* Wash hands immediately after using any essential oil – as to avoid rubbing into the eyes.

* Essential oils are highly flammable – so avoid using near any open flame.



These are just 4 ways in which to enjoy essential oils through the feet.

I encourage you to explore a plethora of additional suggestions, by taking some time to review the book recommendations on my book page.

After reading up on essential oils, feel free to experiment and be creative on your own. You’ll be amazed at how many useful and effective ways you actually come up with!

When essential oils are used safely and respectfully, they will share a multitude of natural health benefits.

So use your feet…..to absorb a special treat!

And be well.

* Pure essential oils: Penn Herb

* Please review the foot map… on my foot map page.



14 thoughts on “Sponge Feet

  1. thank you ron for the ideas…i have these oils at home and think to put them into the tub water, or sometimes elsewhere on my body, but duh, never thought about my feet. They only contain the most pores of any part of your body, right?

    I am not writing much…just to see if this comment makes it through!!!!


  2. Hi M!
    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Your comment got through!!!
    Yes…your right….the feet contain oodles and oodles of pores – which is why they’re so perfect for “drawing in” essential oils.
    It really makes one think about all the topical creams, sprays, etc. we put on our feet AND skin…that are just sucked into our bodies.
    I myself, have never been “extreme” in watching every single thing I put onto my skin….but that’s just me. And not ALL things placed on our skin CAN be absorbed.
    To be honest….I’m not extreme with my health at all. I enjoy sweets, coffee, a glass of red wine, breads, cheese…….
    I allow myself all of these things….but listen to my body when it says, “Ok…you’ve had enough!”
    I live my exsistence in moderation….NEVER denial!
    Much TOO human for that.
    That’s why I’m so gratedful to have Reiki, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. It brings a good balance to my life….body and soul!
    Anyway M…thanks so much for stopping by…it’s always fun!
    Be well,

  3. Hi Ron,
    Synchronicity, indeed! What an informative post! I want to try all these. I even have some aromatherapy oils but the bottles say not to put them on the skin, which makes me think the carrier oil you mention must be very important. You’ve probably talked about that somewhere–but what IS a carrier oil and what are the ratios needed?

    In reading your post, I started wondering why feet have so many pores. If our ancestors walked on bare feet, wouldn’t having porous feet actually be dangerous (e.g. wouldn’t all sorts of parasites and germs get absorbed?) Just curious!

    Your pal,

  4. Morning Vicki!
    It’s so great to have you drop by! Welcome my “animal loving blogger friend”!
    Yes…the reason the bottles say NOT to use it on the skin…is because essential oils ALONE are highly concentrated and a carrier oil will safely dilute them, distribute them, AND allow them to penatrate the skin, so the essential oil can be absorbed throughout the body.
    You can also “think” of a carrier oil…as something that “holds” the essential oil in place…so that it doesn’t evaporate AS it’s being absorbed.
    Some oils CAN be used on the skin (neat) – without a carrier oil (e.g. lavender..for cuts and boo-boo’s)- however for safety purposes, ALL companies place “cautions” on their bottles.
    If you would like to learn more about carrier oils, please brouse through my aromatherapy posts (I believe the ONE before this…mentions carrier oils). I highly recommend purchasing a book, to begin educating yourself on this beautiful art. The books will give you wonderful “recipes” and SO MUCH additional information on aromatherapy.
    AS far as the feet having so many pores and the danger of absorbing hazardous “things”. The molecules have to be “SMALL” in order to actually “be absorbed” into the skin – not EVERYTHING can be. If everything WAS…we’d probably be very ill most of the time.
    As I mentioned, the essential oil molecule is very small…which makes it “perfect” for absorbtion.
    GRRRREAT questions Vicki….thank you!!
    Stop by anytime….it’s a pleasure!

    Be well,

  5. Morning Akelamalu!

    Good girl!!!!

    There are SO many ways to enjoy essential oils…it’s so much fun coming up with creative ideas!

    I use to have a foot spa too…I LOVED the way it bubbled and vibrated…it felt SOOO good!

    As always….it’s a joy to hear from you Akelamalu!

    Have a great Friday.

    Be well,

  6. Those slippers are a crack-up !

    Mhmmmm, you take such good care of yourself via your feet !!! What a nice way to nurture your health !

    I didn’t know our feet sucked things in ! Interesting…

    Hope you have a good Friday, Ron !

  7. I have used the oils on my feet just as you have described and I have enjoyed a wide range of benefits from restful sleep to comfort and healing of my soul. Never tried the garlic though. I love those sponge Bob Slippers.

  8. Hi Angel Annie!

    So good of you to drop by!

    Yeaaaaa….your back!! You were SOOOO missed by SOOOO many of us.

    Glad you liked the slippers. I saw them on Flickr’s web site and I thought….PERFECT!

    Silly….but so symbolic!

    I actually have a Sponge Bob toothbrush that I use EVERY single day…like a good little boy!

    Thanks for letting me know your home…safe and sound.

    Be well,

  9. Hi Dave!

    It’s ALWAYS a HAPPY MOMENT when I get a comment from YOU!

    How cool that you already do this for yourself….good for you!

    I’d be lost without my essential oils. I take them everywhere I go. They’re GREAT when I travel (especially by plane) to help keep me healthy in that “recycled air” they use.

    So glad the “slippers” gave you a giggle….me too!

    Thank you for your visit… and have a wonderful weekend Dave!

    Be well,

  10. Oh my God Brian!!!!
    YOUR comment made me laugh harder then ANY comment I’ve EVER received!!!!!!!!!!
    Such WIT!
    Thanks for dropping by….it’s always a pleasure Brian!
    Be well,

    P.S. Yes….you MUST wear the slippers for this to work!

  11. Hi Ron!

    As a connoisseur of many things Sponge Bob, I must say…those slippers ROCK! I want some.

    This was a wonderful post (as usual). I had no idea my feet are that porous and have the ability to absorb so many things. No wonder that wonderful lemon verbena/peppermint foot lotion I adore feels so marvelous when I use it on my hot little dogs. And fascinating stuff about the eucalyptus oil and clearing your sinuses…they’re like at opposite ends of the world. Guess it goes to show that everything is connected.

    ciao for now~

  12. Hey CeeCi!

    It’s so good to receive a comment from you on your return!!!!!

    I sware…those slippers were the highlight of this post for me. When I googled Flickr, I typed in “feet sponge”…and THIS is what came up. I knew it was BLOG KARMA….so I nabbed them!

    I use a Sponge Bob toothbrush everyday….I LOVE him!

    Yes….as long a the molecules of whatever you apply to your feed, are small enough….they CAN penatrate the skin and enter the body. That’s what’s so cool about essential oils…they can do that. They also assist on an “aroma level” too.

    Thanks for enjoy this post…it was SO fun to write. I have two new ones comming up soon!

    Be well,

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