My Path Through Reiki

Reiki is how I began this path, therefore Reiki is the foundation of each modality that I practice. It is my compass which allows me to remain on this path.

Back in 1997, when I first began my journey into energetic bodywork, my sole intention was to use what I was learning, for the purpose of genuinely helping others.

I clearly remember about 6 months after my first Reiki attunement. I had high aspirations of opening up a little bodywork studio someplace where I would have the “picture perfect space” in which people would flock to me because I had this fabulous tool that could really help them. I began actively seeking out possible work places.

I visualized the space. With my teal green treatment table, pictures on the walls, music playing, incense burning, the perfect rent. I affirmed this everyday through repeated vocal affirmations, picture drawings and meditations. I was intending and manifesting with joy, love and passion!


A year later, I went on to receive my Reiki 2 attunement. A year an half after that, I went on to become a certified Reflexologist, and just this past year, began studying Aromatherapy.

If I knew back in 1997…..just how many twists and turns, stops and starts, detours, and inner lessons that I was going to have to experience on this journey…I can honestly tell you….I would have chosen some other path for myself.

However, once I took that first step, there was no turning back.

You see, this path chose me…..I didn’t choose it.

What I didn’t realize then, is that first, I was going to have to allow Reiki to show me… it would support my own fragile existence.

And this took many, many years.

There was a point in my life, when I simply decided to end my relationship to Reiki and Reflexology, because no matter what I did, to try and actively share this kind of work, by looking for employment and even volunteering my services, every single door slammed shut on me.

I remember that exact day.

I was absolutely furious…. a fury like I’ve never felt before.

I grabbed my certifications off the wall, slammed them under my bed, and took my middle finger, on both hands, pointed them up to God and said….. YOU GO TO HELL….HOW DARE YOU GIVE ME SOMETHING TO DO….AND THEN NOT LET ME DO IT!

I screamed and shouted every fowl obscenity that I could think of until my throat was raw. I threw things, kicked things, hit walls and banged the floor with my fists. I sobbed with a sadness that came from the depths of my soul.

I felt betrayed and lied to.

This “break-down” was the start of my own personal process, of being “broken-apart”……in order to become a witness…. to the power of Reiki.

I was to completely surrender myself – physically, spiritually, and materially – until I was completely emptied.

Everything of “human security” left me.

I was powerless.

And I was dying.

In total desperation and paralyzing fear, I had no other choice, than to grab hold of Reiki – and beg it to save me.

During this time, I was clearly shown how to differentiate between my own self….and voice of Reiki.

And yet, if I was to try and explain this “difference” to someone else…I couldn’t.

I was placed in a position, where I could only live each second , of each moment, as it was presented to me. I was totally blinded to anything that might be in the future.

I was shown just how utterly powerless and out of control I am to human conditions.

I was literally brought to my knees in humbleness.

I had nothing of human power anymore…..and yet I never felt more powerful.

THIS … is Reiki for me.

Total abandonment and surrender… each time I lay my hands down.

To a power far greater than me…..and yet me.

Thank you Reiki…..for saving me!

17 thoughts on “My Path Through Reiki

  1. This made me laugh. Only because it reminded me so much of how I felt when I was first attuned to Reiki – I had such plans! Now Reiki tells me if, when and how. 🙂

  2. Good Monday Morning Akelamalu!

    Yes….and it ALWAYS seems to KNOW better doesn’t it?

    Damn it!@#!#!@

    Thank you for your visit Akelamalu…have a GRRRRREAT week!

    Be well,

  3. Afternoon Akelamalu!

    Oh…I’ve been around….however, I don’t always leave comments. Sometimes I enjoy visiting someones blog and just quietly read it.

    Thank you again for dropping by on this FABULOUS Spring day here in the Northeast. It is SO unusually cool for this time of year (not complaining)…It’s gorgeous!!

    Be well,

  4. I’ve gone through the exact same thing with my art career already, so I can totally relate. My artistic breakdown is what led me to Reiki in the first place. The one thing I’m learning now is to go with the flow, and trust my gut instincts. I have no idea where I’ll be in six months, but I believe it will be a wonderful place.

  5. Hey Beth!
    It’s GREAT to hear from you…thanks for your visit!
    It’s funny that you should mention your “artistic breakdown”. I was an actor many years ago, and like YOU shared …I went through that same experience.
    I’ve always felt that “artistic energy” is SO spiritual (so connected to the Universe) – and whenever we “create” a piece of art….it’s a “total surrendering process”, much like with Reiki.
    When I look back on my life….I see that EVERYTHING I was given…was leading me towards this work I am doing now.
    If it wasn’t for REIKI….I’d be lost!
    Thank you for sharing Beth…I appreciate it!
    Be well,
    P.S. And good for you….going with your “gut instincts”!

  6. It was beautiful here in the Northwest yesterday, certainly warmer than last week. I prefer the warmer weather, when we get some! 😉

    Hope your day is wonderful.

  7. Good Tuesday morning Ron ! I am baffled… If you didn’t get the studio you freamed of creating — and you are now doing reflexology and aromatherapy, how was it that Reiki kept you from being lost ?
    I never undrestand why our dreams don’t come true exactly like we dream them – unless it is just a modification that ends up being created….. And that the modificiation is what was meant to be from the beginning… we just didn’t know it then…
    Hugs !

  8. Ron,
    You described every one of us in the energy therapy professions. The visions are clear and the desire is clearer. The efforts seem huge and the outcome small. The ego makes our frustation seem unsermountable. Then the power of spirit enters to soothe. We lay our hands on another and see, hear, feel the energy work. See the discomfort leave the body. We feel the surge of a higher sense inside our soul and we know we are home and we are doing what we have set ourselves out for. Ron you are 100% correct in describing your feelings because they have been and yes, at times, are still mine. Thank you my friend.

  9. Hi Dave!

    Thank you for understanding…and for sharing your compassionate voice on this blog!

    I don’t ALWAYS know where I’m going to end up….yet the journey is ALWAYS….the BEST part!

    Thank YOU my friend!

    Be well,

  10. Evening Angel Annie!

    It’s always a joy to get a comment from you…thank you!

    You JUST answered your OWN question to me…in your final two sentences.

    That’s it!

    I can only explain MY path…not anyone elses.

    I may THINK I know what’s best for me. And I may DO everything I THINK I need to do to get it. However, CREATION is not a “one-man operation” (at least for me it isn’t).

    Creation is something that I must do WITH the Universe. If not…I’m simply creating what I WANT…from a “human” standpoint.

    Therefore my RELATIONSHIP with the Universe, was something that I needed to develope FIRST…to learn how to HEAR it.

    As I shared in this post. My “break-down” was the process that I needed…in order to get to the POINT…of hearing it.

    My original “dream” and “creation” has YET to manifest as I wanted. And yet what I am given NOW….is exactly what I am suppose to have.

    I never THOUGHT to include “teaching reflexology” in my dreams (back in 1997). And yet this is what the Universe has given me. And now teaching has become a “passion” of mine…which ironically, continues to teach ME!

    THIS is how Reiki kept me from being lost –
    by showing me a “different way” of manifesting……ALLOWING.

    Yes Annie, I AM doing this “work” now…but not anywhere NEAR the way I thought I would.

    For as much as I’ve grown in spirit…there will ALWAYS be the “human aspect” of my being too. This is the part of me that will always remain ignorant.

    And this why I need the Universe to guide me… what’s best.

    And PLEASE don’t think for one single moment that I don’t struggle, scream, fight and kick, even NOW.

    The Universe just sits quietly and waits for me to finish my rage….and then says,
    “Ok…so….are READY now…ready to listen”?

    Yes…damn it!

    It’s a journey Annie…which will never end.

    And it’s a journey…I LOVE taking.

    Thank you again for your visit and for your questions….this is how I learn.

    Be well,

  11. The sun is beginning its descent at the end of yet another splendid and blessed day. Good Evening, Dearest Ron.

    When I read your post this morning, I had no idea what to say to you in a comment. This is such a deeply personal and powerful piece you’ve shared with everyone today. Instead, I opted to read quietly and wait until later to comment…I’m glad I did. I’m 12 hours wiser than I was this morning and reading the questions and comments of others has helped me gain a perspective and understanding I did not have earlier today.

    In my endeavors to support myself I have had one simple truth to be very consistent. The more I try to control any outcome, the less likely I am to achieve it. The moment I impose my expectations on the gifts the universe is imparting to me, they are no longer gifts. More than once I have stated that things work out better for me when I just get out of the way. It is what it is. Or in the immortal words of Miss Day…sing it with me Ron, “Whatever will be, will be.” How spectacular to just let it all unfold.

    Surrendering is not quitting, it is not giving up. Nope, to me surrendering is saying you’re open to a wisdom much higher and stronger than yourself.

    And as for teaching, you’re a natural…I’ve known you only a short time and I’ve learned so much from you! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey.

    ciao adesso~

  12. Morning Miss Day!
    Thank you for “listening” with your HEART.
    That’s WHY you understand this!
    Your SO right….surrendering is NOT quitting….no way.
    Surrendering is the most POWERFUL way….to be INVOLVED with my creation.
    The Universe wants the BEST for me….so get the HELL out of the way Ron…
    Cause here it comes!
    Creation is a dance.
    Sometimes I lead….sometimes I follow.
    But it’s ALWAYS a dance!
    kay…sera’ sera’!!!! (I THINK that’s how you spell it)?
    CeeCi…your presence on this blog…adds so much wisdom, joy, humor and most importantly….LOVE!
    Thank you for GIVING!
    Have a glorious day at the shop…talk to you later!
    Be well,
    Rock Hudson

  13. I have had a similar experience with being a minister. Spending 3 1/2 years unemployed and probably unemployable. It is funny how those periods of supposed weakness can be our greatest source of strength.

    It was wonderful learning more about you in this post. The minister that was before me at The Palisades Community Church practiced Reiki.

  14. Evening Brian!

    It’s always a happy moment when I receive a comment from you!

    I can tell by the WAY you express yourself in your writings….that YES… you would TOTALLY understand this.

    To really FEEL God….is to be hanging over an abyss….and NOT knowing.

    Thank you my friend for always sharing such wonderful energy on this blog with us!

    Be well,

  15. Reiki is completely about surrender. We cannot control the energy or where it goes (it goes where it’s needed, yes?). We are just the channels going with the flow…


  16. Hello and Welcome Lynda!

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing here!

    YES…you are ABSOLUTELY, POSTIVELY right about that.

    Surrender is the beauty of Reiki.

    This is why I love it so!

    I’ll be stopping by your “space” later on so say hello to you too!

    Please drop in anytime you wish…it’ll be my pleasure!

    Be well,

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