Reflexology…. for Babies

To me, there is nothing more precious, than to witness a pair of Baby Feet.

They are so pure and unchartered!

In principle, sharing foot reflexology with a baby, is the same as sharing with an adult.

In practice however, there are several differences.

Amazingly, babies respond more quickly to the effects of foot reflexology, because their energy flow is more easily unblocked and proper balance is restored. Also, their feet, being more sensitive – respond beautifully. Babies more readily accept support, because they don’t analyze.

Because babies feet are much smaller than an adults, all of the reflex points are much closer together, so finger movement is very minimal. Also, babies feet are not fully formed, so the pressure used – should be very gentle and nurturing. Time worked, is much shorter.

A good sign that the baby has had enough….is when they withdraw their feet. They intuitively know when they’ve had enough. – so please respect this.

~ A good time to start applying some foot reflexology, is before a nap or after the baby’s evening bath, before bedtime. They will be most relaxed and ready.

~ You can use a small dab of baby lotion to add some “cushion” between your fingers and the feet, or you can choose to use nothing at all. By simply rubbing the baby’s feet and then gently pressing on the various reflex points of concern, you will be giving tremendous support in the bodies natural ability to move into balance.

Before beginning, please take some time to review the foot map that I have included on the foot map page of this blog.

Baby Benefeets

* Teething

* Anxiety

* Colds





* A wonderful “bonding” tool for parent and child.


Caution Care Reminders

* Keep your touch light (more pressure does not mean more results)

* Work in smaller areas.

* Warm your hands before touching the baby’s feet.

* Work briefly.

*Take the sign that the baby has had enough.

* During the winter months, keep the baby’s feet warm and comfortable, by socking.


You do not have to be a certified foot reflexologist to help your little ones.

By reaching out in a loving and caring way, you’ll be amazed at how “simple human touch” can bring about natural healing.

So take those little feeties in your hands….and LOVE them…..your baby will be so happy you did!

 be well…..Baby!



“Baby Touch: Massage & Reflexology for Babies  & Children” – Wendy Kavagh


16 thoughts on “Reflexology…. for Babies

  1. I love babies feet! Without ever hearing of Reflexology I have always stroked babies feet automatically. Love this post Ron. 🙂

  2. Good Morning Akelamalu!

    Me too!!!

    They are the cutest little “things” in the world! I want to “bite” them!!!

    I think it’s amazing how “mothers” seem to have a natural “know” on what to do to help their little babies.

    Like you said…just “reaching out” automatically to help!

    I guess that’s WHY your MOM’S!!!!!

    Thank you for your Thursday visit…it’s always a welcome!

    Enjoy your day…in the U.K.!

    Be well,

  3. My goodness those are the sweetest little toes!!! I almost couldn’t focus on the very excellent post because I wanted to tickle them. I think one of the most touching things on earth is to see tiny babies and baby parts in the large hands of a man.

    I hope you’re doing well Ron. Big and bright blessings!!!

  4. No babies in my life, Ron, yet I was fascinated to read this post. The pictures ares stunning.

    Just think, there was a time when we all had delicate little feet like those. No ugly callouses, bunions, corns or aching arches, only soft tiny tootsies that were getting ready to take us out into the world one day. So sweet.

    I never would have thought of Reflexology for babies, but it makes sense. They may not be subjected to the stresses we confront as adults, but they do have lots going on. They’re growing…rapidly. Their little bones are getting harder, their teeth are coming in and they’re exposed to environmental stressors as well. They don’t have the words to say what is going on with them. I would think that a few minutes before bedtime would go a long way in bring parent and child closer.

    You give good foot, Ron!

    ciao adesso~

  5. Hey CeeCi!

    So GLAD you enjoyed the pictures!!!!

    It took me a whole week to go through the BILLION photo’s at Flickr…THEN I had to make up my mind (do I use all B&W…or do I use color…or a mixture)????

    I decided to go B&W. Which to me…is ALWAYS more dramatic and effective!

    LOVE Black & White!!!!!

    Thank you for appreciating them… you professional photographer, YOU!

    WordPress is adding more and more options to posting lately. I saw last night that they added “font colors”. I was so happy – (so I played). Also, if you noticed, the font is different than my previous posts. That could be because I pasted from WORD on this one – I’m not quite sure????

    They haven’t added font styles yet (hopefully soon). I actually like a larger font. The font that came with this template, seems a little small to me (or it could be that I need binoculars)????? I think my eyes have just dropped down a level in the past few months. I need to “upgrade” my reading glasses!!!!!!

    Whenever I see a little pair of baby feet…I get all MUSHY…..SO SWEET they are!

    I LOVE babies so much!

    Anyway CeeCi…it’s ALWAYS a joy to get a comment from you…thank you my friend!

    I’ll stop by your place this evening to continue my journey…can’t wait!!!

    Be well,
    Mr.Good Foot

  6. Hi Greenwoman!!

    It’s SO wonderful to hear from you…
    thanks for dropping in!!!!

    I’m with YOU…there is something so “touchingly beautiful” to see a man with a baby.

    I think it’s the “polarity in energies” that I FEEL so much!

    Strength and tenderness!

    Whenever I see a father with his baby…it brings tears to my eyes.

    I shows me that men have the ability to be soft and sensitive….and it makes me happy to be a man.

    It’s ALWAYS a pleasure having you share in this space…thank you for your presence!

    Be well,
    Feetie Man

  7. Greetings Akelamalu!

    YES….ALWAYS in the nicest and LOVING way!

    It makes me GOO GOO!

    Enjoy your evening.

    Be well,

  8. Good Friday morning Ron ! How are you doing today ?

    It sound slike you are having a lot of fun with the new options on wordpress. Being creative is enjoyable, isn’t it ?!?

    The Chateau du Sureau was lovely (saw your comments on CeeCi’s blog) indeed. I consider it a privledge to be able to stay in such special places occasionally !

    Service like that is memorable. Being catered to with such thoughtfulness brings a smile to my face whenever I think about it, and a real appreciation for the people who worked there.

    Hope that you have a good upcoming weekend.
    What do you have plannned ?

  9. Cute adorable baby feet. My earliest memory is of when I was a baby and I would be playing with my feet, or those of my twin sister! Ah the good old days when I could put my foot in my mouth without having to say something awkward.

  10. Afternoon Annie!

    Happy Friday to you!

    I’m so happy you guys had this wonderful “experience”….and were able to shared it with one another!

    Yes…creativity is so much fun…it’s “energy in motion”.

    Nothing plannned for this weekend AT ALL…and I’m so thrilled with that.

    The city gets VERY quiet on this holiday because everyone is at the beach… it’s “my time” to enjoy some peace. I also have off work for the next four days…yeepeeee!!!!

    I use this time to “rejuice” and enjoy solitude.

    Hope whatEVER YOU do….you’ll be having a glorious time!!!!

    Thanks for your visit Annie….it’s a pleasure!

    Be well,

  11. Hey Beth!

    Oh my God…your comment made me laugh so sweetly.

    It’s so cute to watch a baby DO THAT with their little feet!

    I can imagine having a “twin”…was TWICE the mouthful!?!

    I wonder why we do that as babies??? CHEW, CHEW, CHEW!

    Maybe it’s how we start out discovering things?!?!?

    For whatever reason….I LOVE IT!

    Thank you for enjoying the photos and for your Friday visit Beth…it’s great to share with you!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    Be well,

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