Reflexology: Gravity & “Crunchies”

Because most of us are on our feet throughout the day, heavy waste material in our body settle at the end of our nerve endings on the bottom of our feet, due to gravity.

While rubbing the soles of your feet, you may have at one time, found small areas that feel like there’s something under the skin.

These areas to a reflexologist are often referred to as deposits or what many of us call – “crunchies“.

It has always been suspected that these crunchies consist of uric acid crystals. It was thought that after these crystals were broken up, they would be carried away by the bloodstream and eliminated through the body’s natural elimination process.

Recently, I discovered some new and very interesting studies by Dr. Jesus Manranares of Spain, who performed biopsies on both crunchies and non-crunchies (or regular reflexes) – on the soles of volunteers feet. Compared to the regular reflexes, he found significantly more nerve fibers, in the crunchy reflex areas.

What this says, is that when the body needs stimulation to a certain organ (say the lungs), the body learns to send nerve fibers to actually congestthe particular corresponding reflex (the lung reflex) – to create a “tenderness crunchy“.

How cool is that???

When a reflex is worked, the hard texture breaks up and becomes soft, while the tenderness subsides; signaling that the energy (via nerve fibers) has been sent along the meridian line to the corresponding organ – to do it’s healing.

As these areas are worked, a client may experience a slight tenderness or subtle burning sensation as these crunchies are breaking up. Discomfort should subside almost as fast as it comes.

Breaking up these congested areas, allows the body to disperse them, helping to restore proper energy flow and also assists in the removal of excess waste in the body – that has settled in the feet via gravity.


Self Care Recommendations

~ When working these areas yourself, my advice, is to always work gently and respectfully.

~ It make take a few times of focusing on these areas, to totally break up the crunchies – so work them a few consecutive days…..and be patient.

~ Using your thumb, firmly yet gently press on the crunchy – making small circles (clockwise & counter clockwise). Do this for 5-10 minutes at a time.

~ Use the foot map on this blog to see which reflex point the “crunchy” corresponds to.



I encourage you to take some time and review the book page on this blog – where you will find a list of wonderful and easy reads on Foot Reflexology.

Reflexology is a valuable tool that can naturally assist us in coaxing the body to continually cleanse, recycle and balance.

Think of it as….internal house cleaning”

And remember, if you feel any “crunchies”…’s simply your body’s way of letting you know…..that it could use a little help.


Be well

Resource for this post gratefully supplied by: “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reflexology” – Frankie Avalon Wolfe, Ph.D.



10 thoughts on “Reflexology: Gravity & “Crunchies”

  1. That’s really interesting! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and understanding of HOW things work in reflexology. It’s really exciting to learn how different modalities really work.

  2. Hi Beth!

    Happy Memorial Day to you!!!

    Much thanks for stopping by.

    Yea…I LOVE reflexology. I’ve been practicing it for 7 years now…and it seems that I continue to learn “new things” every year. “IT” teaches me!

    I’ll tell you….it blows me away at how SOOO effective this modality is. It’s one of those things that “seems” like your not really doing anything “special”…and yet the “outcome” always suprises me!

    It’s exactly like Reiki!

    Infact, Reiki is what guided me to this (thank you Reiki)!

    If you ever get the chance to try it….please do…you’ll love it!

    I’m SO glad your having a wonderful journey through Reiki….isn’t it the best??????

    Hope you have a fabulous week Beth!

    Be well,

  3. Howdy Akelamalu!

    Your welcome….and let me know if you “find” any!


    Hope you’re finally getting some WARM summer weather.

    It’s already starting to get “irritatingly humid” here. Oh well….it’s only 3 months of HELL…I can take it!

    Have a fabulous day Akelamalu and thanks for your visit!

    And be well,

  4. Good Morning, Ron!

    What an informative and interesting article. So, if I read it correctly, the ‘crunchies’ are like little knots of nerves and tissues, kind of like those little knots I get in my neck when I’m stressed out? I’ve heard the uric acid crystal theory before and have always wondered about it. The results of Dr. Manranares study actually sounds more plausible. I’ll do a crunchie check, too.

    I hope you had a splendid weekend and that you don’t suffer too much with the onset of warmer summer weather.

    ciao for now~

    ps. I had a wonderful phone call from a new friend this weekend. We talked and talked and it felt like there wasn’t a continent between us! When the conversation was over I found myself uplifted and in a wonderful frame of mind!

  5. Good Tuesday morning to you, Ron !
    That is too cool ! i always wondered what those little ‘crunchies’ were ! I thought they were calcium deposits ! It will always make me happy now when my masseuse gently takes her time and crunches them out !!!

  6. Evening CeeCi!

    YES….you are exactly right….they are little knots of nerves and tissue. JUST LIKE the ones we get in our necks.

    And if you think about Dr. Manranares’ theory…it sounds so logical and practical.

    It amazes me how the human body has these “built-in awareness tools” that give us warnings and clues, before we actually manifest illness!!!

    This is WHY I love sharing this work. It continues to teach me more and more about how powerful these tools are… at working WITH the body!

    So Miss CeeCi…you get and A+ for this class in “crunchies”…very good!!!

    Oh and listen…how weird that you heard from a “new friend” this past week…..ME TOO!

    We MUST have “new friend karma”!?

    And like you…I found myself uplifted, inspired and very happy!

    Isn’t making a “new friend”…much too cool?

    Especially…when the friend is SO COOL!

    Thank you for your visit CeeCi…as always it’s SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

    Be well,

  7. Hey Angel Annie!!!!!!

    Good Tuesday afternoon to YOU!

    It’s funny, for as long as I’ve been practicing reflexology…I VERY seldom come across these “crunchies” on myself or others (if I do, it’s usually on the shoulder reflex point)

    I believe it’s tension and stress.

    It was wonderful coming across this article the other day. So I thought I’d write about it.

    As much as I learn….I KEEP learning more!

    I LOVE this journey!

    You sound wonderful Annie…so GLAD to hear it!

    I sent you some Reiki for the past few days…I hope you felt it.

    As always….it’s great hearing from you my friend!

    Be well,

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