Reflexology & The Spine Reflex

Nature chose to protect the delicate structure of the brain, spinal cord, and spinal nerves, by placing them within “protective armour”.

The brain is housed within the skull, and the vertebrae (backbones) are home to the spinal cord.

The spinal cord runs through  little holes in the vertebrae, then branches out along the spine and connects with the tissues of the body, providing them with nerve control.

The greater part of an individuals “well-being” depends on the condition of the spine.

In reflexology, the spine reflex point powerfully affects the upper, middle and lower back, along with the central nervous system.

By looking at the foot map, you will discover that everything contained on the right side of the body, is reflected on the right foot. And everything that is on the left side, is reflected on the left foot.

The spinal column equally divides the physical body in half. Therefore the spine reflex point, is equally divided between both feet (one on the right foot, one on the left).

Isn’t nature amazing!

This point runs from the base of the big toe, all the way down along the arch bone, to the heel.

If you take a finger and trace this area, you will actually feel a bone that curves along the arch of the foot. This bone represents the spine.

The toe portion represents the neck, the arch section is the upper and mid back, followed by the heel section representing the lower back.

Last summer while lifting a low coffee table off the floor, I pulled the hell out of my lower back.


I was instantly an invalid – having to crawl on the floor to get anywhere.

Unable to get my fingers to my feet, I used one of my hot stone reflexology stones to help me reach the spine reflex.

As soon as I touched the lower back reflex area…I felt intense sensitivity…which gave me the sign that I had reached the correct reflex point.

Fortunately I had some time off from work, so I was able to focus on my own self healing.

At first I could barely touch the area – so I worked gently and consistently for about 15 minutes – every hour.

Reflexology often has a delayed reaction to it’s application. The energy used to help restore natural balance, must gradually move from the reflex point, to the area of concern – and this takes a little time.

Within a few hours, I was able to get enough relief to walk to the bathroom and soak in a tub of hot water and Epsom salts for 20 minutes. While soaking, I continued to work on the reflex.

The next day I felt tremendous relief but was still tender.  I continued to work every hour on the hour.

By the third day I could move about pretty normal, but continued to apply pressure.

~ It’s important to mention here – that as the body begins to mend, it will always start by relieving pain. However when working with natural healing modalities such as reflexology – it is imperative to follow through with additional work, until the reflex point looses all sensitivity. This is a sign that the work is complete.

By the fifth day I felt just like new.

However I was gentle with my body movements for the following week and continued to apply reflexology once a day…for good measure!

It continues to amaze me how effectively, powerfully and gently– reflexology supplies additional help to the body’s natural healing process.

So do yourself a favor…and begin to explore the many valuable gifts this modality offers you.

Start by making an appointment for a professional service – to get a good feel for it.

Please check out my book and foot map pages for additional education on this topic.

And remember, you do not have to have a physical concern for reflexology to be beneficial.

It works as a preventative tool too.

The hands can do wonderful things for the feet! well!

Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “Healing Yourself Through Foot Reflexology” – Mildred Carter/Tammy Weber



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  1. I’ll keep a note of this Ron as I do have trouble with my back occasionally so it could come in handy – thanks! 🙂

  2. Good Thursday morning, Ron ! How are you doing today ? Any plans for the weekend ?

    The body is INDEED an amazing thing ! That was pretty impressive how using reflexology helped your back to heal ! Isn’t it nice to know how to be your own fixer? All good, this knowledge !


  3. Very, very informative and well written. Perhaps you should write a text book on your talents. I find that you have a certain flair to get the point across, with out one getting mired in other things. I enjoy reading your words and learning from you. I can’t complain about the tuition either.

    Thank You

  4. Afternoon Akelamalu!

    Your very welcome!

    And thank you for being so open to Reflexology.

    I’m sure you know this reflex point, because of having already had treatments.

    Your a PRO!

    I find this point to be SOOOOOO helpful for those “emergency” situations that pop up in life.

    By the way…how’s the knee doing? GREAT I’m sure!

    You Bionic woman you!

    As always, thank your for stopping by and saying hello!

    Be well,

  5. Afternoon Annie!

    Good day to you too!

    It IS amazing how the body was designed to rewnew itself.

    And this is WHY I appreciate the modalities that I practice. They support the body in such a powerful and LOVING way!

    No special plans for this weekend. I work on Saturday for a few hours. Sunday is usually my day of “nothingness”…I just play the whole day by ear…and see where it takes me?!?!?

    Good hearing from you Annie….and have a fabulous weekend.

    It’s ALREADY getting SO humid here…LOVELY!

    Be well,

  6. Hey Dave!

    Oh my God…your comment made me laugh about the tuition!!!!!

    Thank you SO MUCH Dave for your kind and supportive words….I so gratefully appreciate them!

    It allows me to “feel good” about what is here.

    YOU and the many other FANTASTIC souls who visit this space…add so much positive and loving energy…so it’s a “group thing”.

    Like you…I so enjoy expressing myself through the written word…and isn’t it SO MUCH FUN???

    Thank you Dave for ALWAYS depositing such “good stuff” when you visit!

    We all feel it!

    Be well,

  7. Thanks for the great post,
    You alway’s manage to amaze me with your posts and your use of great ‘visuals’!
    The body is indeed an amazing perfectly and ‘clever’ build ‘Machine’. Reminds me of the Quote from Albert Einstein I have printed at ‘the back’ of my Business Card. (with a tekst: “For more ‘Inspiring Quotes’ like this just visit…, etc. etc.) The Quote goes like this:
    “There are only two ways to live your life, One is as though nothing is a Miracle, The other is as though everything is a Miracle”
    This particularly seems to apply on how the body is designed.
    All the Best,
    P.S. I recently installed a lot of new things on my blog, to name a few: a ‘Joy-shout-box’, a ‘Life Chat’, a ‘Guestbook’, and not to forget a new Daily Item; ‘Today’s:
    ‘Joke of the Day’.

  8. Hey HP!

    It’s so good hearing from you…hope all is well!

    Thanks for enjoying the post.

    Sounds like “good things” are going on for you….GREAT!!!

    I will definately check out the “add-ons” at your blog!

    Enjoyed your quote!

    Be well,

  9. Hi Ron,
    I just love how you find the perfect images that really echo your subjects! You have such a gift, and I suspect, a lot of patience!

    I’m learning so much here, and I also think you’ve gathered some exceptional friends here, too.

    Keep it up!


  10. Morning Vicki!

    It’s so NICE to have you drop by…happy Saturday to you!

    This blog has been a “gift” from the Universe to me – and I am SO grateful for that!

    It has been a FABULOUS “creative outlet” for me since December (when I first started it).

    The time and energy that I put into this, never feels like an effort – because I LOVE it so.

    It’s a great way to share and express myself through writing, knowledge, beauty, passion and HUMOR…all in ONE place.

    PLUS…I’ve met some very “special” people here.

    That’s been the “coolest” part!

    Up until last December….I actually HATED the Internet…and SWORE I would NEVER make the “connection” …EVER.

    It’s so funny…because everything I said I would NEVER do in my life…I ended up DOING…and LOVING!

    NEVER say NEVER…I guess?

    My ONLY wish with this blog…was to have it be a “space” where anyone who stopped by…would be “touched” by Grace.

    I have been so “blessed” in my life…and I am SOOOOOOOOO appreciative of that!

    So it’s a way…to “pay it forward”!

    Thank you SO much for sharing your “great energy” here…cause YOU’RE a part of this too!

    I’m SO glad we’ve met…my “fine feathered-fur friend!

    Hope you have a “magical critter” weekend!

    Be well,

  11. Evening Annie!

    Thanks for your Saturday hello!

    Hello to YOU!

    Hope your having one of those FABULOUS “burgers” this weekend….yummy, yummy!

    I LOVE them!!!

    Godiva too!!!

    Be well,

  12. Happy Sunday to Ron and his Squirrel Buddies!

    How frightened you must have been when you hurt your back! I’m grateful you were able to correct the injury and suffered no long term problems.

    This was a wonderful article! I’m going to study the foot map and then see if I can do anything with my little hands on MoJo’s big feet to help alleviate some of his chronic back pain. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    Speaking of going…where did this week go? I haven’t been around much. I like your new avatar, when did you start using it? It matches so well! Sometimes, the littlest change can be so gratifying.

    ciao for now~

  13. Afternoon CeeCi!


    Thanks for stoppping by.

    YES…I KNOW…where the hell DID this week go to???

    Work has been getting busier for the Father’s Day holiday. I created a “cool little event” at my counter this week to make things fun!

    The theme was…the “SEA”. I had pebbles and beachy things all around. Little fishs and seahorse toys. Goggles. And old disco music playing in the backround.

    We all had so much fun dancing in the isles!

    AHHHHHH Freak out..le freak..says Chic!

    Hey, how did your thing go with designing those web sites? I bet SUPER well!!!

    The summer weather is getting VERY humid here (so I’ve brought out my peppermint essential oil). It’s so great for keeping me cool! Suppose to get a little cooler the next couple of days (thank God and Baby Jesus)!

    Went to some friends house last night for a great dinner and conversation. We sat out on their 9th floor balcony and just watched the city lights…so nice and relaxing!

    Anyway my friend…thanks again for your hello. Tonight I think I’ll post.

    Thanks for noticing the new avatar (I actually forgot about it)…it’s cool isn’t it? Your right…just a little change…can feel so refreshing!

    Oh well….the SQUIRRELS await me!

    Enjoy tht rest of you day CeeCi…

    Be well,

    P.S. And GOOD for you..trying the “spinal reflex point” on MoJo…let me know how it goes…I bet it will REALLY help him…you GO GIRL!

  14. Good morning Ron…! Your learning process reminds me of my own. Nice post. I think that it helps others not so far down the road to understand that spiritual growth and development is a process, not an event. Bless you and thanks for stopping by to say hello at Defining. YOur visits are most welcome. Big hugs!!

  15. Hellooo Greenwoman!

    It’s ALWAYS a delight and joy to hear from you my friend!

    You said it…it’s a PROCESS…not an EVENT!

    When I started this journey, to be honest with you…I believe I DID think it was going to be an event.

    What’s amazing to me now…(like I’m sure with you)…is that the process is where all the “richness” lies…all the “true wealth”.

    Whenever it “moves you”…feel free to always drop by…it’s a pleasure Greenwoman!

    Be well,

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