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My own personal approach to learning anything new…is to devour it…and then spit it out.

Using my brain, I first pick it apart – by breaking things down to a “step by step” logical order. I study, analyze, and then question everything!

If something doesn’t feel right for me…I place it to the side.

Gradually, as I become comfortable with the “technical aspects”- I allow it to become “second nature”- so that my need to think about it…is void.

Eventually, it begins to fuse with my soul.

As the “training wheels” come off…I let go.

And this is when I truly begin to learn.

The years that I spent as an actor in the theater…taught me this.

When you perform live, having to repeat the same performance, night after night and matinee after matinee – learning to “let go” is very important. Otherwise it becomes contrived and false.

Once I thoroughly learned my lines, blocking, music and dance – and it had been embossed in my brain – I needed to forget it – and trust that it would be there when I needed it.

It was like being schizophrenic!@#?

I had to stay very aware of what was happening around me…and at the same time…lose my awareness to try and navigate the outcome. Allowing each moment to reveal itself to me – without anticipating. And living each performance new.

Letting go…is total freedom to trust.

And this is how I approach my work as  an “energy practitioner”.

After the initial visit with a client – where a basic health form disclaimer is filled out, and we discuss the reason for the visit – I do very little talking in the following visits.

I do this for one main reason.

I allow the energy to do the talking and the work.

I do not focus on the clients health concerns. I obviously know what they are there for…however I don’t dwell on that.

Anything that needs to be revealed and given to the client…will be.

My role in this…is to remain open and allowing to the energy.

After 10 years of continually allowing this energy to work me…I completely trust that whatever is there for the client…will come through.

As a practitioner who shares “energy work” – whether it be Reflexology, Reiki or Aromatherapy – the more “I” allow these modalities to touch me…the more they will touch the client.

I can only be as helpful…as I allow myself to be helped.

I do continue to educate myself with practical studies in these modalities (I never stop learning). However once it becomes a part of me…I let go of it…allowing it to become a part of the client.

This is how I learn, work and live.

They are all….one in the same!

Be well

14 thoughts on “My Work

  1. Good Monday morning Ron ! How are you ? How was your weekend ?

    The way you describe your approach is THE successful way to approach any and every undertaking – meticulously, thoroughly, with your entire soul, leaving no aspect undone or unlooked at.
    Wonderful work ethic, and says a lot positive about you as a person !

  2. Hello Akelamalu!

    Thanks for stopping by today!

    Good girl…THAT’S the way to GO!

    Bless you.

    Be well,

  3. Helloooo Angel Annie!

    Happy Monday to you and thank you for your visit today!

    To me… a persons work (vocation) is a BIG way for them to contribute something to the whole world. It’s all about SERVING others without any thought about GETTING anything in return.

    However the RETURN…usually ends up being MUCH MORE than I could have ever imagined!

    When I share this type of work with others…as THEY receive…so do I. And it works the other way too!

    It’s like a “shared experience”.

    Giving and receiving all at once!

    TRUSTING…has been my biggest lesson here.

    It’s STILL a challenge..but I LOVE it!

    Have a wonderful Monday Annie!

    Be well,

  4. Letting the Reiki be in charge makes for the best sessions for me and my clients. I know I’ve done that when the client starts falling asleep. 🙂

  5. Afternoon Beth!

    It’s ALWAYS good to hear from you my Reiki friend!

    You said it…Reiki is in charge.

    Thank you for sharing your GREAT energy here Beth!

    It’s well FELT!

    Hope you have a GREAT rest of the day!

    Be well,

  6. Good Tuesday afternoon, Ron ! How is today going for you ?

    I am sure that Sarge Charlie hugely appreciated your kind comments !

    You really put a smile on everyone’s face with your thoughtful and detailed comments !

  7. Evening Annie!

    Sarge seems to FEEL….like a sensitive, caring, and loving soul!

    What a “blessing” that you and he are friends!

    To me, sharing comments is so VERY important in the “blog world”.

    It’s the way to show appreciation for all the “soulwork” that people put into their blogs.

    I LOVE receiving them…so I LOVE giving them!

    It a JOY to me…an absolutely joy!

    Thank YOU Annie for always sharing your thoughts and feelings in this “space”…it’s well received!

    Be well,

  8. Hi Ron!

    “Immersion learning” is what I thought of when I read your post. Some of the things I’ve taught myself I’ve learned just as you have, I take in all I can until the knowledge becomes a part of who I am and how I function. The amazing thing about learning this way is that it changes the course of your life (at least it has for me).

    “When you perform live, having to repeat the same performance, night after night and matinee after matinee – learning to “let go” is very important. Otherwise it becomes contrived and false.”

    The interesting thing about contrivances is that the only person fooled is the person trying to do the fooling. It’s impossible to let go of anything when you’re busy working to manufacture its appearance. It takes a great deal of confidence and trust to just let go and let things occur. When that happens, the authenticity rushes in.

    Great post, Ron, I could feel your energy and your vitality throughout.

    ciao for now~

  9. Morning CeeCi!

    “Immersion learning”..I’ve never heard of that…but THAT’S what it certainly feels like…”an immersion”.

    I LIKE that CeeCi!

    It’s like jumping into the water…without “water wings”.

    And yet TRUSTING that the water wings (the Universe) are there!

    I’m so grateful for the time I spent in the theater…it’s been one of my greatest “life teachers”.

    It use to scare the crap out of me…and still does…but the feeling of letting go and just “flying”…was worth the fear!

    Thank you CeeCi…for “layering” your knowledge and experiences on this post…it is WELL felt and appreciated!

    Have a great day…Dancing with the Beads!

    Be well,

  10. Energy – Trust – Do. The key words in any therapy. That what happens does. That what does not happen does not. When you let the intention take hold and go with it then the energy goes to where it has to go. I agree in total with your post.

  11. As ALWAYS…welcome Dave!

    You said it all!

    Boy…I wish you and I lived closer…I’d love to “swap” sessions with you!

    It would be an honor to give and receive…to share!

    Thanks for your humble and powerful presence here my friend!

    Be well,

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