Paw-flexology ?!?


                                      Does reflexology work for animals?? 

When my two cats were at that “twilight age” – and they were both experiencing cases of hyperthyroidism (common amongst older kitties) – I would apply some paw-flexology.

Not really knowing what I was doing, I would gently rub the pads of their paws…and they seemed to really like it!

That is…when they were in the mood (you know how cats can be).

I works for people…why not animals?

I would always try it when they were “napping” – seeming to be more open to it.

Their little paws would flex and contract as I used my thumb and index fingers – by making small slow circles on and between the pads.

Knowing how a cats paws are ultra-sensitive, and not wanting a case of “Cat Scratch Fever” – I went about this very carefully.

Jerry was much more accepting than Zoe – but she was always a Diva in the “touch department” (I will allow you to feed me…and look at me…but don’t you dare touch me…until I’m damn good and ready)

God love her!

It seemed to relax them. So, on and off for a year, I continued this.

Both of them passed away at home. And as they did…I rubbed their precious paws.

Lately, I’ve tried to find some actual research on animals and reflexology.

What’s so bazaar…is that all this time, I’ve had some information on this topic, in a book that I’ve had for 7 years…and didn’t even think to look at!

I would like to share a section from the book entitled, “Healing yourself with Foot Reflexology” by Mildred Carter and Tammy Weber

Which ironically – is who’s method of foot reflexology I trained under!


~Reflexology for Pets~

“My story of reflexology and it’s individual cases would be less than complete were I to omit the story of Inky, our 3 year old Pomeranian dog. This is a breed subject to asthma attacks. Inky had an alarming attack one Sunday when we had guests. I kept rubbing his throat, giving him something to inhale to aid him in his breathing.

His difficulties did not lesson after we retired; he was in such discomfort that the family was kept awake by his attempts to breathe. Finally, I brought him to my side of the bed, rolled him over on his back, and began to rub his feet.

Certainly I had not the slightest notion where to rub a dog’s foot to ease him of his asthma. But with great care I worked each pad of each toe, then the center large pad.

After five minutes his panic-stricken struggle to breathe eased. I discovered the small extra toe, high up on the foot, was the most tender spot.

All four feet thus treated, he relaxed and I fell asleep. I was awakened later in the night by his wheezing, but this time it was not as loud. When I called him to the bed from his own blanket in the room, he came readily, lying on his back, feet upturned for a second treatment!

Almost at once, his breathing became easier and when I drifted off to sleep the second time, my little dog patient was slumbering also.

For all the rest of the years our pet was with us, he had few asthma attacks; when he did, reflexology quickly relieved him”!


So apparently, when applied with “tender loving care”- reflexology can assist our pets!

It never ceases to amaze me,  just how powerfully helpful this modality can be.

So….try a little Paw-flexology….your pet will love you for it.

Be well…..pets!






16 thoughts on “Paw-flexology ?!?

  1. I have tried Reiki on animals and found that some love it some won’t tolerate it at all. The ones that love it let you know when they’ve had enough. There’s no reason why animals shouldn’t like any therapy – give it a go I say, and you have! 🙂

  2. That’s such a fantastic story Ron, my little calico kitties are very sensitive about their paws as are most kitties. They do tend to hop onto the Reiki table when I’m giving myself treatments however. I’ll tuck away the pad massage thing and give it a try next time they need a little TLC.

  3. Good Friday morning Ron ! good article ! My cat Flopsy loves the underside of her paws being rubbed gently…. When she’s in the mood of course — and for about 3 minutes, and then she gets bored… Until she’s back again another 10 minutes later for more !

  4. Ron,
    Never thought to give my cat (Pita) as little paw flexology. She is in for a treat tonight!! Thank You

  5. Afternoon Akelamalu!

    Yes…animals seem to be VERY intune to “what is needed”.

    I’ve learned so much from working with animals about how to “let go” and just allow it.

    And when they’ve had enough…they have enough!

    They’re “fully cooked”!

    They truly have been my BEST teachers.

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us…it’s much appreciated!

    Have a great rest of your day Akelamalu!

    Be well,

  6. Ron!

    This was wonderful!

    I have a lanky, big mouthed, tuxedo kitty who is the absolute center of my universe. A day without Rikki would be like a day without sunshine. There is no place on his beautiful kitty body that I can’t touch him, whenever I want to, including his paws. He’ll spread his toes and begin purring like mad whenever I rub his tootsies.

    Isn’t that something that you had material about reflexology for pets in your library all along. You must not have been ready to receive it until now!

    Oh Good Grief, I just realized something…change one letter in my cat boy’s name and you have Reiki! No wonder I find his energy so comforting, comfortable and necessary.

    I hope you’re having a splendid day. Thank you for another fabulous post.

    ciao for now~

  7. Hey Beth!

    So good of you to drop by!

    When I lived in New York City I had a calico cat too! Her name was “Mary-Ann” and she was the most affectionate, loving cat I’ve ever had.

    Later, when I moved to Florida and adopted Jerry and Zoe, they would practically sit on top of me when I shared Reiki with myself. And if I was sharing with a client…they would sit on my feet as I moved around the table…following me.

    Reiki is less invasive..that’s why I think cats “take to it” more easily.

    Before I tried reflexology on them, I would hold my hands about 3 inches from their feet, allowing Reiki first…then I would slowly move in to actually start touching them with reflexology. Sometimes they would allow it…and other times…NO WAY!

    I respected that…and would try again later.

    Cats are so beautifully intune to energy…they seem to “just know”!

    Beth, it’s ALWAYS a pleasure to share with you….thanks for your “presence” here…it’s always welcomed!

    Be well,

    P.S. Say Meow to your kitty for me!

  8. Afternoon Angel Annie!

    “Flopsy”…oh my God Annie…I LOVE that name!!!

    Is she part rabbit???? (tee-hee).

    SEE….animals DO love to have their little paws rubbed!

    (when they’re in the mood of course)!

    But what I think is hysterical…is that they ALWAYS come back for more.

    Something tells me that animals “take in” energy more quickly than us humans…and that’s the reason for such “short sessions”.

    They allow the energy to “process” a bit…and then return for more.

    It’s so cute…they intuitively know when to schedule their next “appointment”…they just show up!

    God love animals!!!

    Thank you for always depositing some Angel Annie Love here!

    Come back often!

    Be well,

  9. Helloooo Dave (my Libra friend)!

    “Pita”…I’m discovering such FABULOUS names with this post!

    I love pita bread and hummus!

    If you try a little Reiki FIRST…then move into her paws…it seems to prepare a cat for some “paw touching”.

    Dogs seem to be more “Oh I don’t care…do whatever the hell you want to me”.

    Please let me know how it goes with Pita…I’ll be curious to find out!

    MUCH thanks for your visit Dave…the door is ALWAYS open!

    Be well,

  10. Afternoon CeeCi!

    “Rikki”…the Reiki Cat!

    That sounds like a fabulous title for a new animated cartoon about a cat who goes around the neighborhood, healing all the sick little animals with Reiki!

    You just gave me a GREAT idea!

    Let me tell you…it is SO rare that a cat will just allow you to touch it any old place.

    He TRUSTS you very much…and that is so beautiful!!!!!

    I sware that cats put you through a series of “pop quizzes” to test your “trust level”.

    That’s why I LOVE them so!

    And YES…your right.

    I have a wonderful feeling that this post was to be NOW…and that’s why I found the book in my library.

    I actually was going to post about something else. And then I kept seeing animals everywhere in the city and they all were “smiling” at me (I sware).

    I could FEEL their “little energy bubbles” talking to me.

    And I heard, “Your insane Ron…your insane”!

    So I NEEDED to do this post NOW!

    And oh my God…I’ve had some techinical issues with WordPress yesterday when I posted this. It took me 2 1/2 hours to write this post last night. The “tool bar” was feaking out! I couldn’t insert photos, and the font kept changing size right infront of my face! I had to figure out another way to post photos (boy…that was fun). I actually was intending on 2 photos, but when I finally got this one on….I didn’t want to chance it.

    I kept doing Reiki on WordPress!

    Boy…the things we do for …LOVE!?

    Thank you my wonderful friend for always bringing your “light” and “love” to this space!

    Dove sono il libri!

    Be well,

  11. Hello there Greenwoman!

    You know…when I saw this photo on Flickr…I fell in love with this little mut!

    I want to BITE him!

    Mucho thanks for stopping by my friend!

    Be well,

  12. Good Morning Ron~

    I came back to read your response to my comment and what a response it is!

    You’re so right, they (cats) do give us pop quizzes. They’re very wise creatures, curious and cautious at the same time. They certainly know their boundaries and are not afraid to let you know when you’ve crossed one! I believe the reason I have such a deep bond with my fuzz-lump is because he chose me the first time we met. He was barely 5 weeks old at the time. We’ve been tight ever since. MoJo says he’s never seen a closer relationship than the one Rikki the Reiki Boy and I have.

    How aggravated you must have been with WordPress the other night. When I start having strange issues like that, I do a restart on my computer. If that doesn’t work, I clear my cache, delete recent history and cookies. Sometimes it’s not them, it’s me. Computers get stupid, especially if you spend a lot of time on them.

    May I have a translation, per favore? “Dove sono il libri” means?????? I got “Where I am the book” but that made no sense.

    I hope you’re having a terrific day!

    ciao for now~

  13. Afternoon CeeCi!

    Dove sono il libri means: “Where are the books”? in Italian. Of course it makes no sense…that’s ME!?!?

    Can you believe after taking 2 years of Italian in high school, that THAT is the only thing I remember?

    It’s very helpful IF I’m ever in Italy and in a library!

    I also know a few disgusting curse words that I will not repeat online…however their fabulous!!! I’ll share them with you when we talk on the phone!

    Thank you for sharing your “meeting” with fuzz-lump! Don’t you love the affectionate names we all come up with…for our pets?
    I use to call Jerry…my little fuzzy-wuzz, binky boy, and love muffin!

    Zoe…Miss Diva Kitty! (and that’s all).

    Also…thanks much for the tips for my computer. I just need to figure out HOW to do those things. We’ll talk soon!

    As always… my west coast friend…it’s so wonderful to get a comment from you!

    I just got home from work…now it’s…grocery shopping time…Yummmy!

    Be well,

  14. Ron,
    buongiorno!! 🙂

    last wensday I had the of of the most touching experience… I had my first horse reflexology session!!. Ron, I don’t have the words to tell you how I felt, I just tell you that at one point I felt “fused” with the horse and I kind of “woke up” from where I was, don’t know well where…
    The horse is a trotter, he will be racing this wensday. I will have the chance to treat him again next week, and hopefully to work also with other horses, always trotters for now…

    The paws ont the top of the blog are MERAVIGLIOSE!!!!! (WONDERFUL!!!!!)

    Hug you my friend, so nice to have met you!

  15. Morning Francesca~

    That’s WONDERFUL!!! WOW!!!!

    Horses are VERY special animals…and it sounds to me like you have a beautiful connection to their spirit!

    “Fuse” is the magical word. When we let go and fuse with the person (or animal) we are working with…I think we leave ourselves open to “receive” healing…as well as give.

    I’m so happy that you experienced this Francesca…keep me posted on future sessions with your “horsie friends”

    Thanks for enjoying the BIG paws on the blog…I found them a few weeks ago…and fell in love with them!

    Next time I will try and find some CAT paws…I LOVE cats!

    Have a beautiful day, Francesca..and thank you for stopping by this morning!


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