Pheromones….. “The Smell of You”


You may have noticed this already: a fragrance changes depending upon who wears it. That’s why it’s a good idea to test a scent on your skin before you purchase it.

This is why many people tend to stick to the same fragrance when they find something that works.

This close relationship of your skin chemistry with scent occurs because you have your own unique personal odor that is yours alone. Your personal scent is as individual as your fingerprint.

Your sense of smell is one of the most “scents-ual” things about you.

It’s a way of attracting a partner….or at least flirting with them in a “primal” sort of way!

The tiny glands that release this personal scent are scattered all over your body – your face, nipples, anal and genital regions, armpits, ears, eyelids, and scalp.

What causes all the “sniffing excitement” are strongly aromatic hormonal substances that these glands release.

Called Pheromones (Greek for excitement) – which are activated by adrenaline, the hormone that rushes through your body whenever you get excited, to fuel your excitment and also make you hyper-alert.

Pheromones go into swing when you reach puberty.

Womens pheromones can actually affect the menstrual cycles of  other women with whom they live or work – so that eventually they menstruate together.

Thanks to pheromones, birth control may be only a sniff away. Scientists are currently working on an alternative birth control, by developing nasal sprays that regulates the menstrual cycle.

Because scent plays such an important role in the “mating game”- many elderly people (male and female) find that they’ve lost the appetite for sex – do to the fact that our ability to perceive smell decreases as we age.

After menopause or a hysterectomy, a woman’s ability to detect odors declines, unless she is taking hormones.


~My Own Observations~

~Being someone who works very closely with scent – I have discovered that many women enjoy wearing a man’s fragrance and several men (if not too floral) enjoy wearing a woman’s fragrance. Maybe it’s because the fragrance invokes “scents-ual” feelings of the opposite.

~I’ve also noticed that “couples” enjoy selecting fragrances for each other, claiming that they are the ones who are going to be reminded of it.

 ~On a subliminal level, maybe pheromones have something to do with whether we like or dislike someone.  

~Pheromones may also be the reason why animals sniff one another upon meeting!?!


All this research has led me to a very interesting understanding.

I guess there’s more to sex than meets the eye……

The nose!

Be well

Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “Aromatherapy for Dummies” – Kathi Keville


14 thoughts on “Pheromones….. “The Smell of You”

  1. Hi Ron, what an interesting post. 🙂

    “After menopause or a hysterectomy, a woman’s ability to detect odors declines, unless she is taking hormones.”

    I can vouch for this, having had an hysterectomy, my sense of smell has certainly declined.

    I always wondered why Eskimos rubbed noses! 😉

  2. Good Morning Akelamalu~
    Helloooo to you!
    Yes…I too found this topic interesting!!!
    Isn’t it FUN to discover new stuff???
    I actually came upon this information by complete “Universal Design”. I was looking for something else to add to another post, but THIS jumped out at me – so I decided to share IT instead.
    Years ago, I use to wear a fragrance called “Pheromone”. And I SWARE to you, that whenever I wore it… I got “notice looks” from both women AND men. It was a very odd scent…but I really liked it…and other people seemed to like it on me.
    SMELL has always been my most enjoyable human sense.
    I smell EVERYTHING… I’m like a dog!
    I believe there is “truth” to this pheromone stuff.
    MAYBE…this is where our “intuition” lies????
    Thank you so much for sharing the information about your hysterectomy…it adds to this discovery!
    And yes…maybe that’s WHY the Eskimos rub noses!
    However…can you imagine if you had a runny nose????
    As always, thank you for your visit’s GREAT hearing from you!
    Have a wonderful “smelly” week!
    Be well,

  3. Good Monday morning to you, Ron !

    The sense of smell is incredibly inmportant !

    I actually find that if I don’t like how someone smells, or the kind of scent they wear – that I do not like them/just don’t bond to them as people or want to get to know them.

    On the other hand, when someone smells good to me, I am drawn to them…

    Personally, I prefer the ‘kitchen/baking’ smells – lemon, almond, vanilla, orange, peppermint — rather than the floral notes…

    You and I talked about Paul Sebastian quite some time ago… Mhmmmmmm, incredibly erotic !

    We each have our own body odors anyway, our unique skin scent…
    Being clean is a MUST !

    I find that different ph balanced soaps work better on certain body parts than others — for instance in women, using a ph balanced product of 5.5 like SebaMed from Canada in the genital area keeps you smelling clean all day long.

    But basic chemistry makes me think some men are yummy… I could just devour them…

  4. An alternate title for you post::
    The Nose Knows

    Good Morning, Ron!

    I can recall times in my life when I’ve met someone and been so put off by their ‘aroma’ that I had no interest in knowing anything else about them. I’m not talking B.O. like they hadn’t bathed or something, just an underlying scent that put me off. Conversely, I have met people (generally of the penised persuasion) that got me so excited I pursued them without hesitation. You’re right, pheromones and the sense of smell are powerful components in our lives.

    I’m a one perfumer. I’ve been wearing Bijan since the late 1980’s. It has always worked well for me. I like it because it is a bit more masculine than most women’s perfumes. I was one of those women who wore men’s cologne for a while, mostly because women’s fragrances are just not that wonderful on me.

    Since we’re talking about fragrance and attraction I have wondered about something for a long time. What is it with men and the amount of cologne/aftershave they put on? Really, some of them are so overpowering that their smell enters a room 3 minutes ahead of them. Do they think it’s sexy? Is their olfactory occluded? What’s the deal…any clue?

    Speaking of personal odor, I think I’ll go take a shower.

    ciao for now~

  5. Greetings Annie~

    You said it…CLEAN is in…B.O. is out!!

    Make LOVE…not WAR!

    I DO believe there is something to this…liking or disliking someone because of their scent. It’s a VIBE!!!!!

    My favorite scents are EARTHY.

    Which makes sense…being an AIR sign…it GROUNDS me…and makes me feel really NICE.

    I love peppermint too (wait til my NEXT post)!?!?? You’ll be in peppermint heaven.

    I NEED to check out that PH soap you mentioned…sounds VERY good!

    And I know MANY women who do not enjoy the floral scents. And JUST this Saturday at work…a gentleman asked if we had a floraly scent that WAS for a man??? Go figure????

    Anyway Annie…thank you SO MUCH for sharing your thoughts and feelings about this topic…you gave us alot of knowledge!

    And as ALWAYS…thank you for your VIST to Foot Notes!

    Have a “scent-filled” week~

    Be well,

  6. Helloooo CeeCi~

    Thank you for your alternate POST title…VERY GOOD!!!!!!

    After reading this research…I believe that Pheromones must be like a “smell antenna” that allows us to know, who IS and is NOT…meant to be around us.

    Your right…the nose knows!!!

    Your “penised persuasion” made me laugh my nose off! (pee-hee).

    And Bijan…it’s a beautiful classic…wise choice CeeCi!

    I use to wear the men’s version.

    Oh…and your comment about men “douching” in cologne is SO correct. My mother use to SCREAM at my father, “Damn it Frank…I can SMELL you on the telephone receiver”!!!!

    Males supposedly have a “keener” sense of smell. That’s why most of your fragrance creators (called a Nose) are MALE. So I don’t understand WHY this overload of cologne is so common amongst many men.

    Unless they LOVE it so much….they can’t stop.

    But so MANY women complain of this same thing.

    Coco Chanel had a saying. She believed that a persons fragrance should arrive FIRST…before entering a room (and if you ever took a whiff of Chanel #5…you’d understand why)!? It can enter a whole COUNTRY…before you arrive!!!

    But it’s the NUMBER ONE seller!

    I think fragrances should come with a “little meter” that tells you just how much to apply for each event!

    Anyway, my Bijan loving friend…it’s a fun and special moment when you comment.

    So..thank you!

    Smell well,

  7. Thank you for your insight. The scent we send out is a whole story of us. We attract people by our energy one of those being the smell we emitt.

  8. Howdy Dave!

    So glad you stopped by for a read!

    You are so right…EVERYTHING is ENERGY…so too…is our scent!

    I LOVE to learn new things. And researching this topic, brought me some very interesting discoveries that have opened my eyes (and nose)…to the MANY ways in which we connect and comunicate with one another.

    Isn’t the Universe so magnificent in it’s creation???

    It’s all just WAITING to be discovered!

    Much thanks Dave…for your open and receptive presence!

    Follow your nose…and be well,


  9. Hi Ron,

    You and I are really in sync! Noses are key players in both our latest posts!

    I enjoyed your thoughts on the functions of scent. Don’t you just know that dogs and cats get untold dimensions of information when they sniff around? Compared to them we are amateurs!

    Your grateful friend,


  10. Evening Vicki~

    Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by to say hello!

    Yes…I agree…animals are WAY more “dimensional” than we humanoids.

    Glad you enjoyed the post. I LOVE my nose and I LOVE to smell things. And believe that there is something to this.

    I think it’s a part of our intuition.

    Whatever!?!?!? I enjoy it.

    Hope your week is going well. Fathers Day aproaches…RETAIL HELL…for me!

    Have a great night and stop back soon.

    Smell the Roses,

  11. Aftenoon Annie!

    You are so very welcome!!!!

    I thought of you when I wrote this post, knowing our mutual love for peppermint.

    Hope you get this comment….you commented on the post below..oops!

    Stay Cool,

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