PMS and the Moody Blues !?@#*


                                     No, I feel great…now get out of my sight.”

One of the most widely studied uses of reflexology has been for relieving symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

Reflexology seems to lessen severe symptoms through relaxation and stimulation of endorphins. Reflexology can also help with the pain associated with cramping before and during menstruation.


Symptoms Include:

~ Mood Swings

~ Tension


~ Bloating

~ Headaches


Usually hormones are on the rampage, which can make a woman feel like she’s out of control.

Listed are suggested reflex points that have been shown to effectively support a woman’s body during this challenging time.

Please review the Foot Map Page to familiarize yourself with where these reflex points are located before beginning.


Reflex Points to Work

~ Pituitary Gland (to help with water retention and regulating hormones)

~Brain/Head (calms nerves and improves circulation)

~ Spine (calms the nerves and brings out Serotonin)

~ Ovaries (regulates hormones)

~ Uterus (to ease contractions)

~ Fallopian Tubes (relieves pain in pelvic area)

~ Chest/Breast (for tender breasts and to help lymphatic system)


*By using your thumb or index finger – gently press, rotate, then release on these reflex points.

*Work each point for approximately 2 minutes. Wait 30 minutes, then work the reflex points again.

*Continue this process until relief is felt.

* Be sure to work both feet.

*Reflexology is cumulative – therefore it takes a little time for the influence to manifest.

*Start using reflexology before you feel PMS coming on – to help assist your body at the onset.


Caution Care

~ When working the ovary and uterus points – always work for a shorter period of time (1 minute each). These two points can be very sensitive during PMS – so apply a gentle touch.


Aromatherapy for PMS

Clary Sage

The essential oil of Clary Sage is highly effective for relieving the symptoms associated with PMS. It regulates the nervous system and is most beneficial in assisting with anxiety, depression and stress.

It has a warm, nutty, herbaceous aroma.


Feet Treat

~ Use 3 drops of Clary Sage mixed with 1 teaspoonful of Jojoba or Grape Seed carrier oil.

~ Massage on both feet – concentrating on the reflex points associated with PMS.

~ Elevate feet for 10 minutes while deeply breathing in it’s aroma.

~ If doing so before bedtime, you can put on a pair of gym socks – as to not soil bed linens.

~ You can also carry the essential oil in your purse, so that periodically throughout the day, you can inhale it’s aroma directly from the bottle.


Caution Care

~ Clary Sage is higly potent – so it should be used sparingly.

~ Do not use while driving an automobile.

~ Do not use while drinking alcohol.

~ For external use only.

~ Prolonged inhalation may cause drowsiness.

~ Always use essential oils wisely and with respect.


Reflexology and Aromatherapy are such valuable natural tools – that can greatly assist with the symptoms that occur from PMS.

If you’ve never experienced these modalities, I strongly encourage you to investigate professional services offered in your area. Please visit the sidebar of this blog to Find a Practioner near you. And take some time to browse the various Pages for easy to read information on these modalities.

So if your feeling a little…Moody Blues…try some Reflexology and Aromatherapy.

Your PMS will LOVE you for it!

Be well


For pure essential oils and supplies: Hands-On Aromatherapy

Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reflexology – Frankie Avalon Wolfe, Ph.D.

Suggested reading: “My Beauty & My Beast – Mind, body and PMS”- Pauline Houle  

Please visit: PMS and Women




13 thoughts on “PMS and the Moody Blues !?@#*

  1. Good Morning Ron 🙂
    Thankfully I don’t suffer with PMS anymore, there is an up side to age! 😉
    However what to do about the hot flushes? 😦

  2. Morning Akelamalu~

    Yeaaaaaa….no more PMS!!!!Congradulations!

    That’s exactly what a friend of mine said after she reached the age. She unfortunately had it BAD…I mean BAD!

    All she ever wanted to do is eat chocolate and then kill her boyfriend!?#@?

    Glad to hear your through with this too!

    Hot flushes….. well, I know that peppermint and cypress essential oils have been listed in several books that I’ve read concerning this. Also, through foot reflexology, working on the endocrine gland reflexes may assist you too.

    When you have some time and can get to a bookstore…just look through a few books on the topic and see what they say. You may find some very helpful knowledge there.

    I feel like one big HOT FLUSH in the summertime…so I can empathize with you Akelamalu…believe me!

    Much thanks for stopping by and sharing your comments on this post…it’s always appreciated!

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend…talk to you soon!

    Be well,

  3. Good Morning Ron~

    Do you make house calls? Yes, I know there’s a continent between us, but I could really use some of this when that lovely week arrives.

    You made me think of my former husband. No, nothing unpleasant. He was quite the tease and he would call my PMS “pre-mental syndrome” or he’d ask me “are you mental, yet?” Whadda guy! No, that’s not why the marriage ended.

    I’m going to print this post and the foot map so I can do this. Thank you for yet another wonderful post.

    ciao for now~

  4. Oh CeeCi~

    You ALWAYS make me LAUGH!

    Being around women most of the time, and loving them, I can almost FEEL what it’s like to go through this stuff.

    I DO believe that us guys ALSO go through this…there’s just never been a name for it.

    So I call it…MAN-APAUSE.

    I know for a fact that times during the month I feel INSANE too! Something just feels “out-of-wack.” And it definately feels like a hormone thing.

    Oh…and I have a silly joke…ready?

    How do you make a hormone?

    Answer: Make love to her!

    I heard that in some movie.

    Anyway…my next post is for men…so get ready for revenge!

    Yes my friend…good idea…print this up so you have it handy for next time.

    And trust me…if we lived closer…I would definately be honored to treat you to a session. I think you would enjoy it!

    Much thanks for stopping by to say hello and depositing some of your wonderful energy. And if we don’t talk before then…have a GREAT weekend.

    Be well,

    P.S. I got an e-mail this morning from a woman who lives in Canada who’s interested in using this blog as a reference for her business. Yepeeee!

  5. Hello Ron, wow thanks for this helpful post. I’m going to book mark it and come back to it in a couple weeks, when I begin to have a need for it…I’ll even let you know how its going. I’ve so long had trouble in this area…but I didn’t know enough about reflexology to try anything with it to self treat. Blessings!!!

  6. Good Evening Greenwoman~

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday…and did something “special” for yourself!

    I LOVE having a birthday. I love getting older. There something so wonderful about age. I think it’s “sexy.”

    Glad you enjoyed this post. I had so much fun researching it and making it available for everyone.

    Each year I grow more and more in awe of how this gentle yet powerful modality helps my own life…in so many ways. I use it a lot and find that I discover a lot to pass on to others. I believe that it truly keeps me well in body, mind and spirit. It’s a wonderful gift for everyone!

    Yes…do let me know how it goes after you try it…I would love to hear about your results.

    Much thanks for your visit today…it always makes me happy!

    Be well,

  7. Ron – you do know how to talk dirty, don’t you ! You’re going to have every woman in America beggging for you once a month ! Ahhhhh, will you rub my feet — and I can PRETEND I’m still having pms even though I’m actually beginning menopause ???
    Happy Saturday to you, darlin’ !

  8. Afternoon Annie~

    Mucho tanks for stopping by on this Saturday!

    Yes…I have an idea…I’ll fly to the west coast, midway between you and CeeCi…and we can have PMS/Menopausal party!

    And all you guys have to do…is give me room and board!

    Anyway Annie….this STUFF is GREAT for menopause too!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of “good stuff.”

    It was good talking with you!

    Be well,

  9. Hi Ron,

    Oh, I soooo needed this post RIGHT NOW…my poor husband has had to put up with me while I was channeling my inner bitch the past couple of days. Anyway, I checked the essential oil shelf at Eye of Horus and there it was, Clary Sage. Now I have it set aside for me. I thank you, and my husband will thank you as well. 😉


  10. Hi Ron,

    Came by to ask how your squirrel fishing went today. Did you “catch” any prey? Will your stomach be sore tomorrow from laughing too much? Tell us what happened!

    Yup. I guess I’m “fishing” for a story!


  11. Evening Beth~

    Oh my God…you made me laugh so hard…your “inner bitch.”

    I sware…if men had to go through this stuff…it would be called…”Tramatic Suffering.”

    I am SO GLAD you found some Clary Sage!!!! You won’t believe how well it will help you. Not just with PMS…but with SO MANY things. I actually use it during my Reiki sessions with clients (female and male), who are experiencing depression, anxiety and severe stress. It’s VERY powerful…yet very gentle on the SOUL.

    (I place a “single” drop in my palms, then rub them together before the session.)

    Share some with your husband during your time of the month…it will help him too!

    Thank you Beth for stopping by for a visit…it’s ALWAYS great hearing from you!

    Let me know how it goes!

    Be well,

    P.S. My next post is for the MEN…so have your husband stop by for a read (tee-hee).

  12. Helloooo Vicki~

    Your not going to believe this…but I got so distracted this week…and while I was walking to the park today…I thought, “Damn…I forgot the fishing rod!”

    But what was odd about today…hardly any squirrels were out and about. I had my peanuts all ready…and I think I fed ONE the entire day! So I had to give them to the “pig pigeons.” (drats)

    Starting in July…I have the whole month off from work…so I’ll be trying the “squirrel fishing” everyday!

    So GLAD you stopped by to say hi Vicki…it’s always a happy time when I see your name on my comment e-mail…thanks my friend!

    Be well,

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