Aromatherapy…Let’s Get Nosey!


Our sense of smell is approximately 10,000 times more sensitive than any other sensory organ we possess.

The olfactory system, our “nose-brain” association, is the most direct connection we have with the environment.


The Olfactory System


 How we Smell




Incoming aromatic molecules enter the body via the nose with every breath inhaled.

The nose is structured in such a way as to capture and hold aromatic molecules and keep the olfactory hairs (cilia) moist.

The olfactory hairs pick up the odor molecules and bind them to the receptors.

Messages are sent along neurons to the olfactory bulb and directly to the limbic brain.

This area of the brain is where moods, sexual urges and emotions are seated.

All of this takes place within thousandths of a second.

Nothing gets closer to the brain…than aroma!


We possess about 5 millon olfactory neuron cells. These cells are the same type of cells the brain is made of. But unlike brain cells, that last a lifetime, these important cells replace themselves every 1-2 months.

There are several variables involved with how keen one’s sense of smell is:

* Whether somone smokes or not will affect that person’s sense of smell.

Head injuries, or a stroke can cause dysfunction in this area as well.


Nosey Discoveries

~ The dominant nostril of a person correlates with the dominant hand.

~ Between the ages of 20-40 is when our ability to smell is at it’s peak.

~ Evening is when most people seem more sensitive to smell.

~ Women have the greatest acuity to scent during ovulation. Studies show that women who live together, experience synchronized menstrual cycles over a period of time.

~ Never select a new fragrance when you are not feeling well (physically, mentally or emotionally) – for you will always associate the fragrance with that feeling.


Aroma and Memory

Personally, I’ve always had a passionate interest in aroma and the effect it has on me.

Not only do I enjoy smelling things…but what really intrigues me, is the powerful ability in which it invokes such strong memories and emotions (both positive and negative).

The other day, I happened to walk by a sales counter containing a bottle of fragrance that I wore back in the mid to late 80’s. I brought the bottle up to my nose, closed my eyes and took a big whiff!

Like magic!…I was instantly transported to a specific time in my life when I first inhaled the aroma. A flood of visions and feelings filled my entire being with that moment, which then caused me to remember a whole time period in my life. People, places, music, and actual experiences. It was like I had hit the “rewind button” on my life, and was not only seeing it…but re-living it in the cells of my body!

Suddenly I grinned…remembering what a wonderful time in my life it was; recalling how “childlike” I was then…just starting out on my own inner spiritual path.

Then I began to feel where I am right now in my life – grateful for where the past has lead me.

I remembered something very important….

To never lose that “childlike quality” within myself…so that my heart and eyes always remain open.

And all of this took place within seconds…because of an aroma!

I encourage you to embrace Aromatherapy through essential oils. Allowing this ancient art to bring you balance, harmony, health and memories…for the rest of your life! 

Smell well…


Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “Aromatherapy – Soothing remedies to restore, rejuvenate, and heal” – Valerie Gennari Cooksley, RN

For pure essential oils and supplies: Hands-On Aromatherapy



12 thoughts on “Aromatherapy…Let’s Get Nosey!

  1. Hi Ron, it’s me! 🙂

    I so agree with you re aromas bringing back memories. The slightest hint of some things can transport me back to my childhood, my courting days etc., etc. Also I have noticed since I gave up smoking (10 years ago, didn’t I do well?) my sense of smell has returned to what it should be. Well apart from the decline because of my age! 😦

  2. Hi Akelamalu!

    Don’t cha’ just LOVE aroma…and the whole “flash-back” thing???

    For me, it’s more powerful than looking at pictures!

    It seems to deeply “touch” an area of memory…that only a “scent” can do!

    I’m a HUGE sniffer! I know of people, because of illness, who have LOST their sense of smell…and that would devistate me…because it affects so MANY things!

    Hey, congrats on not smoking for 10 years!!!


    Thank you my friend for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and experiences on aroma…I LOVE to talk “smell.”

    Have a great weekend Akelamalu…hope you smell some something special!

    Be well,

  3. I love the sense of smell, Ron ! My favorites are vanilla and oranges and lemons and almonds and cinnamon….

    I will not date anyone who smokes, nor walk into their omes or cars – I almost immediately get sick.

    Same with heavy floral perfumes. I literally cannnot even stand to be near someone who wears them, and will not even want to strike up a conversation with someone when I don’t like the way they smell.

  4. Hey Annie!

    It’s so interesting to see what each individual finds alluring in the “scent department.”

    So you love food scents??

    About 4 years ago I managed a candle store, and they had THE MOST delicious scented food candles. The vanilla and lemon ones…seemed to be the favorites with the customers! So your not alone in your choices.

    My favorite scents are usually “very earthy” and rather heavy. Fig, Grass, and Wood scents. LOVE them!

    Scent is such a PERSONAL feeling…this is why I always empower a customer/client to choose for themselves.

    Much thanks Annie for dropping in and sharing some “scent talk”….this was fun!!

    Have a great “smelly” weekend!

    Be well,

  5. Hey Brian~

    Whaaaaatt’s this?????

    Ok…I’ll be over in a minute…see ya soon!

    Be well,

  6. The link between smell and memory is great. When ever I smell garlic and tomato sauce I am back in my mother’s kitchen and can feel the comfort and warm

  7. Hey Dave!
    aaaahhh…you said it…garlic and tomato sauce…isn’t it GREAT having a NOSE and being Italian???
    I use to remember those “once a month Sundays” at my grandparents. I use to go up to the wine decanter (when no one was looking)…take the lid off…stick my nose inside…and take a big whiff! Nothing like the smell of red italian wine!!!
    And the italian cigars…I would sit next to my grandfather while he smoked one…and just inhale!!!
    Your right Dave…comfort and warmth!
    See what our NOSE can do????
    As always my Libra Italian friend.. much thanks for sharing your light!
    Smell well,
    P.S. Pastavazole to you!

  8. Ron!

    This was really interesting reading! I had no idea I had a dominant nostril, just like I have a dominant hand.

    Isn’t it amazing how we associate certain people with certain smells. I like perfumes and such as much as the next girl, but it’s the other scents I seem to recall most. The smell of a person’s clothing, the fragrance of their shampoo, the way the inside of their car smelled…I think you get my meaning, just the activities that created their special blend.

    Cooking smells are great! Garlic, olive oil and fresh basil make my mouth water. The smell of chocolate chip cookies while they’re baking or pumpkin pie.

    Your post made me realize…the nose, knows!

    ciao for now~

  9. Ola CeeCi!

    Ci…the nose DOES know!

    It’s funny how we seem to forget – the many times in a day we’re using “scent association”!

    After writing this post, a few days later, I started actually “catching” myself doing it.

    I noticed that my mind and soul would go off into some other “memory world”, while I was walking down the street or just standing in line for something.

    I was WHERE I was…but at the same time…SOMEWHERE else!?!?!?

    Scent is so STRONG for me…I thank God for it all the time…because I SO enjoy it!

    Your right…someone “scent” is such a “potpourri blend”.

    Out of the food groups….GARLIC, BASIL and ROSEMARY are my favorites. I actually have Basil and Rosemary in an essential oil.

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing, my fellow “Blog Tweaking” friend. It’s so much fun sharing “Passions” with you!!!!

    Life would be so boring…without them!

    Have an aroma-orgasmic weekend…

    Be well,

  10. Really Interesting!!!
    Great job with the essential oils– this information is helping many!
    Thank You
    Taylore Vance
    Reiki Healing Master

  11. Hi Taylore!

    First off…GREAT name!

    Secondly…thank you so much for stopping by to introduce yourself and say hello!

    It’s ALWAYS a joy to have a new visitor!

    Yes…I love aromatherapy and as I’m sure you’ve already discovered…I practice Foot Reflexology and Reiki as well!

    Reiki is how I started out on this path…so it will always be my foundation and my compass.

    I think I’ll stop by your place to say hello too!

    Please feel free to visit anytime…the door is always open!

    Thanks again Taylore!!!

    Be well,

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