Reflexology…Are You a Callus Person?


                                                          “Oy….such a callus life!”

Foot calluses are quite common as the skin on the feet is subject to a great deal of pressure, especially from ill-fitted shoes, walking barefoot and uneven weight distribution.

Repeated pressure and friction on the skin will cause it to thicken into a callus.

If this thickening is aggravated by consistent pressure, the build-up of skin will sometimes lead to pain and discomfort. Burning sensations in the callus or congestion and swelling under it, indicate that it is irritating nerve endings (this may be a time to visit your friendly Podiatrist).

Not only are calluses the result of the fore mentioned above, but the Art of Foot Reflexology shows us that callusing may also be the result of an imbalance within the body.

If a part of the body is repeatedly under stress, reflex points on the feet begin to form a callus over the point as a means of protection – giving us a “stress clue.”


~About 7 years ago, I treated a friend of mine (who is a heavy cigarette smoker) to a reflexology session. As I worked on the balls of his feet (which includes the lung reflex point), I noticed that the skin was extremely thick and cracked (like an Armadillo). I had to use quite a bit of pressure to move over the reflex point.

~Another time I worked on a client who had a very high stress job, who complained of constant neck pain. I noticed that on the cervical reflex point – callusing had formed.

~I have had countless clients who complained of shoulder issues – they too had callusing on the correlating reflex point.

~On myself, I have noticed callusing and dry skin forming on the heels of my own feet. I occasionally experience issues with my lower back. In reflexology, the heel represents the lower back, tip of the spine, hip and pelvic areas of the body. So it makes sense to me – that callusing will form over the associated reflex point.

As someone who works on feet, I’ve come to the conclusion that callusing can be the result of several reasons; whether they form from footwear, weight distribution or an imbalance within the body – the important thing is to keep them down.

So let’s talk about De-Callusing our peddle-pushers!


Foot Paddles

~ They are usually made of plastic or wood. They contain sandpaper on either side (one is fine, the other is rough). You can purchase them inexpensively in any drug store.

I leave mine in the shower, so that every few days I can do a little “sanding” while the skin is soft and supple.


Foot Scrubs

~ This is a thick paste that usually contains walnut shells or pumice (it comes in either a tube or jar). It can also be purchased inexpensively in a drug store.

I leave mine in the shower for the same reason mentioned above.


Foot Baths

~ When time permits – fill a large basin with warm water and a half a cup of Epsom salts (this helps to soften hard calluses) – soak for 20 minutes.

You can also had 3- 4 drops of your favorite pure essential oil (for even distribution – be sure to add the oil to the Epsom salts first – before adding to the water).

This is a great time to do a little “paddle sanding.”


~Caution Care~

~ Do not…I repeat…do not attempted to remove all callusing on the first try. You must do this over a gradual period of time – as to not “fry” your feet.

Any callus that has been “long standing” must be removed slowly.

Be kind to your calluses as you say good-bye!


Leonado Da Vinci called the foot…“A Masterpiece of Engineering and a Work of Art”

So take good care of your precious “artwork”…by keeping them healthy and callus-free.

Trend lightly…and be well!


Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “The Art of Reflexology” – Inge Dougans/Suzanne Ellis


6 thoughts on “Reflexology…Are You a Callus Person?

  1. Hi Ron!

    Very interesting that callouses seem to form in the area most bothersome on a person. I have callouses on my heels too and also have some issues with my low back from time to time. I just figured the back pain is because I’m on my feet many hours per day and I tend to be a bit of leaner (I lean against counters). Any theories about why one heel is more calloused than the other?

    I have been de-callousing myself for a very long time. I just can’t stand the way they look or feel. I use a micro-planer. Yes, I’m very, very careful with it. I only use it after a good soak and I never, ever keep planing until I hit new skin… that would be dumb X painful. I have one of those foot paddles too and will use it immediately after a shower to do a bit of maintenance.

    In addition to the Epsom Salts (why do I always think of Buddy Epson when I see that word?) I like to use a little vegetable glycerin and a few drops of tea-tree oil, just in case there’s something that needs to get zapped. It’s refreshing and my feet tell me thank you for caring. Then I make them purty and paint my toenails.

    I’ve missed your ebullient presence in the Garden. I hope all is well.

    ciao for now~

  2. Hello Miss CeeCi!

    Sorry I haven’t been around, but I had a major “freak-out” happen with 11 of my photo’s on this blog…they simply vanished into thin air!

    Of course it happened over the weekend, so the “great wordpress support team members” had to guide me through the whole ordeal via comments (they were all very helpful and kind).

    They were able to replace all but 4. I had to upload and reset the rest. I must say…I am learning some “good stuff” through suffering!!!!

    I was sniffing Clary Sage Essential Oil every 10 minutes as to not have a nervous breakdown!!!! Saturday night I got to bed at 3:00 A.M.!!!!!

    Last night I spent 3 hours getting this post together for today and re-vamping stuff. Oye Vey!!!!

    Thank God I have this whole month off from work!

    Anyway…I KNOW how conscious you are of taking care of your “feeties”.

    The calluses on your feet are most likely like mine…a combination of standing up at our jobs and ALSO lower back issues.

    I too have one heel (the right) more callused. That is from uneven weight distribution.

    The “micro-planer” that you speak of is a WONDERFUL calluse tool. My friend who does professional pedicures uses them (good girl you are)!

    Buddy Epson (tee-hee) is great to use, so if your using it….RIGHT ON! And the glycerin/tea tree oil is a fabulous choice! The only thing I leave out…is the polish!

    Your a natural foot care lady!!!!!

    Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by and for your concern.

    Having this time off is inspiring me so much to write. I have my next 2 posts..ready and waiting!

    I’ve also been accepted to write articles for a web site. They already published 2!!!

    I’ll be stopping by the Garden to say hello!

    Be well my dear friend,

  3. Oh Ron, you poor man! How truly aggravating that must have been for you. I think I’ve told you I opened a WordPress blog back when Blogger was going through the Beta period…talk about oy vey! I was nearly a ballistic basket case because I wrote and lost my very first post to WordPress no less than five times. I decided ‘forget that noise’ and went back to Blogger, warts, hiccups and all. I’ve never lost anything on Blogger, nary a post, an image or my site when template tweaking. Hmmm, I think Blogger would take you back. You can come back Ron. Join us all on the Darkside…hehehe, sorry couldn’t resist.

    Hey, I think you solved my “why is the callous on my left heel thicker than the one on the right.” Duh, I usually stand bearing my weight on my left leg…duh, duh, duh!

    So, how come you got the entire month of July off? Hunh? How come? *squee* you’ve had two articles published! Bravo! Let the happy dance for Ron commence! Un-hunh, un-hunh, doin’ the happy dance for Ron! WooT!

    Okay, it’s late and tomorrow is a work day for some of us. I only had the last four days off after working a grueling 8 hours last week!

    Oh, I had some excitement at my house tonight! I posted, complete with pictures.

    chowder for nowder~

  4. Hey CeeCi!

    Thanks for understanding my frustration!

    I have “feeling” that no matter where I blog…these sort of issues will arise.

    This has acutally taught me a GREAT deal of what goes on “Behind a Blog.”

    Maybe it’s time for me to learn these things..and unless there’s “freakness”…how will I learn?

    Besides….I’ve invested so much of my soul into this blog.

    And I’ve got to say…Wordpress has ALWAYS come to my rescue “immediately” when I’ve needed their support! God Love Them.

    I’ll stop by the Garden later tonight to check out your recent post….can’t wait!!!!

    Be well,

  5. As always, very informative and educating. I have some callouses that I am going to tend as soon as I get to the drug store. They are there and they are a bit irratating at times. That foot scrub and soak sound like heaven to me.
    Would you reccomend a little tea tree and lavander in the bath?

  6. Welcome Dave!

    I was JUST thinking about you today…so it’s so GOOD hearing from you!

    Yes my friend, tea tree and/or lavender would be very benefical in the bath. They would help not only to relax…but also to sanitize your footsies!

    Are you having a “heat wave” in your neck of the woods??? It’s been rather warm and humid here lately.

    Peppermint seems to be my BEST friend these days!!!

    I feel like one big York Peppermint Patty!

    Much thanks for your presence here today Dave…it’s ALWAYS a blessing!

    Be well,

    P.S. I SO enjoyed your last post!

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