Reflexology…Let’s Play Golf!



I bet your thinking… “What the heck does golf have to do with Foot Reflexology??”

Actually nothing…however golf balls do!

If you’re a part of the human race, you can totally understand the challenge of finding a small corner of your day to slown down and do something really good for yourself.

Some months, trying to find the time to schedule a professional appointment for an hour of foot reflexology seems impossible!?#@?!

And even if you are someone who schedules monthly appointments (good for you!) – you may also wish to do some “fancy footwork” in between.

This is where “golf balls” come into play!

Nothing replaces the effectiveness of what a pair of hands can do for the feet; however in a pinch, golf balls are ideal because of their appropriate size and shape.

They are also ideal for those who find using their fingers for reflexology cumbersome; or for those individuals who are challenged with arthritic hands.

They can easily be purchased in a sporting goods store and conveniently carried in a pocket, purse, backpack, glove box or briefcase.

At work, they can be stored in a desk drawer, locker or any place that is personally yours.

* Please review the Foot Map Page on this blog to a get a good look at your reflex points.


Let’s Play Some Golf!

~ Have anywhere from 2-4 golf balls handy.

~ Place one in the palm your hand. Firmly, yet gently roll it over the soles of both feet (you’ll find that it fits perfectly in the palm and can easily be controlled).

~ Pay attention to the instep of the feet (spinal reflex point – which is situated directly under the arch bone). Roll it from the neck of the big toes to the heels and back. Do this several times.

~ For minor headaches or sinus congestion – gently press or roll the ball on all the toe pads.

~ For relaxation or an energy boost – gently press the ball on the solar plexus reflex point.

~ At work, if you sit at a desk – keep 2 golf balls on the floor by your feet. Anytime you want a treat, simply kick off your shoes and gently roll your dogs over them.

~ If you should find a spot on the feet that’s tender – it may be your body’s way of letting you know that it needs some extra help. Using the golf ball – gently press on and off until sensitivity is dissipated.


Caution Care

~ Always work gently.

~ Do not use on the tops of the feet or on any boney areas (a golf ball is too firm for these areas).

~ Apply only once or twice a day.


By using this simple technique, you will be stimulating all the vital reflex points on the soles of the feet – helping to rejuvenate and balance within your day.

So whether or not you’re even a fan of golf – I guarantee you’ll score a low handicap…if you play on the course of your feet.

Now tee off…and be well!


Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “Hand & Foot Reflexology (A Self-Help Guide)” – Kevin/Barbara Kunz



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