Reflexology…and the “High Heel”



Nothing looks more aesthetically beautiful than a woman’s calf – as the result of a high-heeled shoe.

Most women feel about shoes…like some people feel about Lays potato chips…they can’t just have one.

I know this to be true, because most of my friends are female…it’s an obesession!

Most shoe companies would go out of business if it were not for the grace of women.

And me, Mr. Boring Man…has one pair of dress shoes, one pair of sneakers, a pair of boots for the winter, and a set of flip-flops for the summer….woo-woo!

However, because of this “shoe exceitment” – women seem to have the most foot problems.


~Foot Notes~

~ 8 out of 10 women develop foot problems from wearing high heels on a regular basis.

~ Wearing high heels can shorten the Achilles tendon overtime, causing heel pain and decrease range of motion. 75 percent of the 2 million Americans that suffer from heel pain are women.

~ High heels force the weight of the body forward, placing 90 percent of your body weight over the balls of the feet. This added pressure to the forefeet increases your risk of forefoot injury, and it throws off body alignment.

~ High-heeled shoes have narrow, pointed toe boxes that cramp the toes and forefeet, contributing to foot problems like corns, hammertoes, and bunions.



Not only do wearing  high-heeled shoes affect the feet and body alignment, but they also put excessive pressure on all the reflex points of the feet. Over time, this pressure begins to “over-stimulate” these points, causing more imbalance with not only the physical structure, but also the energetic structure of an individual.

It can throw the “whole being” out of whack.


Now, I’m not saying you should go from heels to flats for the rest of your life…however, moderation is the name of the game.



~ Save your “pumps” for special occasions.

~ If you enjoy wearing heels to work, try switching off in the middle of the day to something flatter.

~ Go barefoot when you’re at home.

~ Stretch and rotate your feet daily.

~ If you notice any changes in the structure of your feet – visit a Podiatrist.

~ Receive pedicures.

~ And try some professional foot reflexology once a month – to keep yourself balanced.


Remember, we only get one set of feet in this lifetime…so treat them with respect and care.

Your “entire being” will be so glad you did.

High heal, ladies…and be well!


Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “The Little Foot Care Book”- Erika Dillman

And the “American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society”


21 thoughts on “Reflexology…and the “High Heel”

  1. No kidding, I live in constant pain, and I only wear a 2″ heel! Who invented those awful things, anyways? I wish it was kosher to wear light sneakers to teach it!

  2. I got bunions from wearing New Balance walking shoes without orthopedic inserts ! Grrrrrrrr. No suppoert under my arches, I guess, and my flat feet decided to make the bone go awry…

    I haven’t worn high heels in YEARS. I miss how feminine it made me feel though.

  3. I don’t remember signing a model release for that picture, Ron…where did you find it!?! Kidding! But that sure could have been my foot.

    I’ve essentially given up on wearing high heels all the time. For a couple of years recently and back in the late 80’s they were my daily footwear choice. I’m probably very fortunate because I have none of the problems you’ve written about today.

    You’re right, women are shoe-a-holics, myself included. I have shoes in my closet that have never experienced the harsh reality of walking on concrete. I take them out of their boxes for the occasional visit, then set them back on their shelf, happier just knowing I own them and could wear them if I wanted to…un-hunh, I got it bad.

    I’m not certain this is at all related to the subject, but it is about high heels, so maybe it is. There is something about strappy high heeled sandals that just bugs me no end. Why do women wear them if their toes are going to hang over the sides? It looks gross, like Cinderella’s step sisters. I can’t help thinking the toes that are over the edge are getting dirty as they’re walking and they don’t look comfortable at all. They make me think of tight, beige pants with major pantie lines, buy something that fits!

    ….ok……..I’m done!

    I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend, Mr. Four Pair of Shoes, wearing your flip-flops as you cruise through the park visiting all your squirrel buddies!

    ciao for now~

  4. Hello Healthy Coffee Lady~

    Welcome…and thank you for stopping by for a visit… t’s always nice to meet new people!

    When I first stared studying reflexology, I discovered some research which said that one of Henry the 8th’s wives (Catherine) actually invention the first documented set of high heels. I saw a picture of them in a video – they looked like “stilts.” She actually had to walk with a cane – as NOT to fall over.

    She looked like a circus entertainer!!! It was so hysterical!

    Thank you again for introducing yourself and saying HI..stop back anytime!

    High Heal,

  5. Hey Miss Annie!

    Happy Sunday to you and thanks for stopping by!

    Bunions are such a difficult thing to pinpoint a reason. As you stated, you worn sneakers and still got them. I always read in reflexology books that MANY things can be the cause of them.

    My mother suffers with them. She eventually wants to get laser surgery. She claims that HER mother had them too – so genetics must have something to do with it also.

    At least you’re aware of them and taking good care of yourself.

    You’re a SMART cookie!

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday Annie!

    And as always…it’s pleasure to hear from you…thanks!

    High Heal,

  6. Helloooo CeeCi~

    Oh…you ALWAYS make me laugh!!!!

    Thank you.

    I found this photo on Flickr while I was looking for an image for another post. They were listed under ANATOMY.

    Sometimes I actually have no idea what I’m going to post about until I see a PHOTO. This one GAVE me the idea for this post!

    I LOVED it SO much that I just thought…”DAMN…HOW can I use this?”

    I’m so glad it spotted me!

    Yes my friend…the 80’s were definately part of the responsiblity for high heel maddness!! I remember them so well.

    And…those Nik-Nik shirts for the guys –
    (talk about sweating)!

    All the women…SPINNING on the dance floor to Donna Summers and ABBA!

    Toot-toot hey…beep-beep!

    And you’re right…those “strappy things” NEVER looked like the fit!

    Oh…the agony of da feet!

    God love ya woman…I hope your having a splendid time wherever you are, enjoying your Sunday.

    Your presence here is ALWAYS a joy!

    High Heal,
    Flip-Flop Man

    P.S. The squirrels await me!

  7. Hi Ron,

    Ever since I saw what high heel, pointed shoes did to my aunt–her feet were ugly, distorted triangles!–I decided that I would never wear anything but comfortable shoes.

    To me it just seems primitive that some women place a higher value on a fashion convention than the health of their feet! You wouldn’t catch men doing that, would you? I predict that in the future, people will look back on high heels they way we do about corsets.

    Thanks for urging moderation, Ron! I’m glad you found that image and got inspired!


  8. Okay. That’s it.

    I wear heels every day, because I like them and my toes cramp up in flat shoes. But it looks like they’re cramping because of the high heels.

    So, I’ll give them up. I’ve never had a pedicure, but I think I’ll take your advice on that one too!


  9. Hey Vicki~

    It’s SO GOOD to hear from you!!!!!

    So glad your back in the States. I bet it feels great to be back in your own home and sleeping in your own bed!

    I bet you missed BOO BOO KITTTY too!

    Hey you know…I FORGOT about the corset…your right…that use to be an instrument of torture too!

    However…Madonna brought them back in the 90’s.

    Why is it that so many things that are uncomfortable to wear…look good????

    Your right about MEN not doing things like that…considering that most of your designers ARE men!!!

    Being a man is all about comfort.

    My mother use to wear my fathers pj’s because she said they were more comfortable than womens sleepwear.

    I always felt like my parents were Lucy and Ricky Ricardo…matching pj’s!

    Anyway Vicki….thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello…it’s always a treat hearing from you.

    I LOVED your last post my friend…LOVED it!

    High Heal,

  10. Hello Mrs. Brian~

    Oh my…I am so honored and VERY happy that you stopped by!

    I want you to know that I HAVE stopped by your blog (love it) but have never left you a comment (shame on me)!

    Next time I drop in I will!

    I enjoy the way you write. Brian and you make a great team.

    I SO respect what your both SAYING with your blogs.

    As you can tell…I get very HYPER when I feel passionately about making a point!

    Oh well…I guess the DEVIL made me do it!


    Anyway…I don’t blame you for loving your HEELS and wanting to wear them. Like I said…they do beautiful things to a womans calves…woo-woo!

    I think the reason that your feet may cramp in flats…is because, if your wearing heels most of the time…your feet react differently when they get inside something flatter.

    Like I suggested, if you can maybe switch off during the day…you can gradually get your feet use to wear both.

    Much thanks for taking the time to drop by and saying hello…I appreciate that!

    You’re always welcomed.

    High Heal,

    P.S. And congratulations on your book!

  11. Tee hee hee! I’ve never been called Mrs Brian before!

    Although, we’ve BOTH been called “the pastor’s wife!”

    Thanks again for the advice!

  12. Ron.
    I printed five copies of your post and put one in each pair of my wife’s high heel shoes. I did not have enough paper to do them all. :-).
    Ron, this is great advice. Thanks for the post, my friend.
    Hopefully my wife will become well heeled.

  13. Darn it! Getting dressed this morning, I remembered another reason why I wear them. I’m so short that even petite pantsuits drag way below my heels. I guess I’ll need to make a few trips to the tailor before I go all flats…

  14. Ah, Ron,

    For me the days of the high heel are over, unless it’s a reaaally special occassion. My feet aren’t the problem. I’ve always been terribly accident prone. With my luck and at my age, I’d fall down and break a hip. LOL Thanks for the “stroll” down memory lane.

    All the best,

  15. Tribal Church~

    Oh my God…that is too cute!

    I too am short (5’7″) and in the 70’s I worn men’s platform shoes (burnt orange) putrid!

    When running for a subway in New York City…I looked like a new born fawn…trying to get my legs about me.

    So between the platform shoes and the bell bottom pants…I looked like one of the Bee Gees.

    Good luck with the tailor…it might just be easier to keep the heels and pray for Grace!

    Thanks for dropping by again!

    Be Well,

  16. Hey Dave!!!

    Oh…you made me “belly-laugh”…thank you for that!

    Did she SEE the copies yet???

    Let me know how she reacts…I’m dying to know!

    It’s always a wonderful day when you drop by and sprinkle some of that magical “energy” you share!

    Be well my Libra friend!

  17. Welcome Dee~

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit…so glad you did!

    Good girl…no high heels…you KICKED the habit!!!!

    In the 70’s I DID try platforms for men…and I’m right there with you…I tripped and fell so many times!!!$#%@

    Plus…my ears “popped” from the high altitude!

    Great talking to you Dee…drop in anytime!

    High Heel,

  18. And to You too Annie!

    Thanks for stopping by…I can’t wait to check out your new blog!

    Go Girl!

    Be well,

  19. thanks for sharing this post….. i admit im one those who wears hisgh heels everyday.Through your post ive learn the bad effect may cause of wearing heels constantly….Your blog is truly informative…..

  20. Morning Rhosie!

    Welcome to Foot Notes and thank you for leaving a comment!

    The thing I think to remember…is just moderation – by switching off during the day to a flatter shoe. This way your feet can get use to walking in BOTH.

    Hey…I know how difficult this can be, with all the AWESOME looking shoes out there. I work with a few women who collect shoes….like stamps!

    And I’ve got to admitt….the shoes they select are dynamite….and if I were female….I’d be tempted to do the same.

    The question being….WHY can’t they make something LOOK good…and be GOOD for your feet?

    When I discover the answer…I’ll do a post on it!


    Have a wonderful day…and please feel free to stop by here anytime!

    Godbless and Be Well,

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