Is Reflexology…Diagnostic?

I’ve shared this information within previous posts, however, I would like to expand a little more by giving it a “highlight” of it’s own.

The longer I work with reflexology…the more in awe I become of it’s many benefits and effective results.

However, I must always remember that this modality is not a means of “diagnosis.”

And that’s challenging!

It is amazingly accurate in locating where an imbalance may be located…yet it can’t tell me exactly what that imbalance is.

Webster said:

Diagnosis: a critical analysis to determine the nature of a thing.

Reflexology has absolutely no concern with analyzing anything. It’s only concern is to support the body in functioning as it was naturally designed.

Here’s a good example:

Say, the lungs are going through a form of imbalance. Through a series of “tests” – it may be concluded (diagnosed) that the cause of this imbalance is Asthma.

This result came from analyzing something.

Reflexology works  by knowing how the lungs were designed to function in health – so therefore, it’s only concern is to continually support that function.

It also knows that each organ, gland, and system of the body is like an “orchestra” – interdependent on each other.

When all the instruments are “in tune” – the sound becomes whole.


As reflexology is applied, it “conducts” the entire body, as if it were a symphony of energetic vibration…recreating the most perfect music!

So, do yourself a big favor and try some Reflexology…because your feet just know.

Wishing you many years…of beautiful, healthy music! 

Be well


10 thoughts on “Is Reflexology…Diagnostic?

  1. Happy Saturday to you Angel Annie!

    Yes…I’ve had several people call, who were interested in setting up an appointment, and asked if reflexology could diagnose a particular concern of theirs.

    So I think it’s VERY important that the public understand this difference – to avoid any confusion.

    I have found that reflexology works WONDERS….however, a diagnostic tool…it ain’t!

    As alway Annie….thank you for stopping by to say…HI!

    Have a great weekend…you wild woman, you!

    Be well,

  2. Just back off holiday and trying to catch up on everyone’s news. Hope things are good with you Ron.

    I agree with what you say about Reflexology not being a diagnostic tool, but it can and does highlight problems before the receiver is sometimes aware of them. My reflexologist recommended I go to the doctor re a problem she’s detected, and I wish I had listened!

  3. Welcome Home Akelamalu!

    I stoppped by your blog the other day and found 72 comments awaiting you…I thought, “Dear God…does that woman have a “fan club” or what?”

    You we’re SOOOO missed my friend!

    Hope you had a GRAND time. I bet you have LOADS of photo’s to share!!! I’ll stop by later for a peek!

    Thank you Akelamalu, for being such a “wonderful” advocate of reflexology!

    Yes…reflexology CAN give us “clues” to a physical imbalance…however the “key” word in this post is “diagnostic”.

    This is something I leave for a totally different “profession.”

    Much thanks for stopping by and letting me know your back!

    Be well,

  4. It is very responsible of you to point out the distinction. I have the same issues in my profession. People who come to me for counseling want to substitute this for mental health professionals. While I am trained to do crisis counseling and spiritual counseling I can not diagnose a boarderline personality disorder (even if it seems that someone is displaying those tendencies).

  5. When all the instruments are “in tune” – the sound becomes whole.
    The analogy of the symphony and the body is wonderful.
    When Reflexology is INSTRUMENTAL in the continuance of energy flow to and among all the organs and tissues in the body then as a great conductor it makes the music of life sounds so sweet.
    Hold on to your baton my friend and continue to lead.

  6. Good Tuesday afternoon the 24th to you, Ron ! Just checking in to see how you are doing, and what is new with you !
    *cyber hugs and smiles*
    Loving Annie

  7. Hey Brian~

    Thanks for stopping by to say hi!

    You know…I NEVER thought about that for you.

    Much of the work I share is based on “spiritual energy” (more so than physical) – so my own “personal training” has been a process of faith, letting go and trusting. And yet, such as yourself…I know my “place”…when it comes to others.

    I bet your a very “conscious” counselor.

    As always…thanks for sharing Brian!

    Be well,

  8. Greetings Dave!

    It’s ALWAYS a “fine” day when you stop by.

    You always add such “good stuff” to this space…thank you for that!

    And thank you for embracing this!

    Have a “great one” Dave!

    Be well,

  9. Evening Miss Annie!

    Thanks for dropping in…just to say hello…hello to you too!

    This past weekend was wonderfully busy. I had a reflexology spa party to work in Ocean City, NJ. It was 8 ladies and myself. It was great getting out of the city to get a “big whiff” of fresh ocean air! The weather was flawless!!!!

    Today was my volunteer day, so I’ve been going since 7 AM (I am so NOT a morning person)- but I LOVE this work…so it’s worth it!

    Hope all is well for you…I’ll stop by later to say hi!

    Thanks again Annie!

    Be well,

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