Reflexology and Gemstones

I’m always exceited when I discover unique ways that practitoners are using the Art of Reflexology.

Just recently, I came across a book that explained how reflexology in conjunction with gemstones, can actually magnify the experience.

Gemstone Reflexology uses 8 gemstones that allows the user to direct the healing energy of crystals to activate designated reflex pressure points. The energy has different intensities and varying effects – depending on the type of stone used.

When crafted into “sticks” gemstones can bundle and intensify energy through the pointed end and distribute energy broadly through the blunt end.


~Gemstones & Properties~


~Calming and pain-relieving attribute.

~Helps to balance and focus.


~Detoxifies the body.

~Improves circulation.

Rock Crystal

~Stimulates immunity and helps balance body functions.

~Generates mental clarity and cleanses both body and spirit.

*(one of the most powerful gemstones and is a good choice to start with)

Rose Quartz

~Supports cardiovascular system.

~Assists with menstruation.

Rutile Quartz

~Helpful for depression and anxiety.

~Good for the lungs.


~Helps with insomnia.

~Good for the throat and digestive tract.


~Balances blood pressure.

~Good for sinuses, skin and headaches.


~Encourages interaction between the 2 halves of the brain.

~Arthritis pain as well as nerve related pain.


*Gemstone Reflexology can be performed on the feet, hands and ears.

(when used on the feet it is advised to always use the blunt end of the stick)


I myself have not yet experienced this method of reflexology, however, I am always open to any holistic approach that will support the body’s self-healing energies.

So, I guess my next step will be to purchase a gemstone or two and try it out. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my results!

In the meantime, please feel free to check out the book through which I shared this information with you…I have a feeling you’ll find it as fascinating as I did.

It’s a real…GEM!

Be well


This post share with you through:“Gemstone Reflexology” – Nora Kircher

Gemstone supplies: Heaven and Earth


6 thoughts on “Reflexology and Gemstones

  1. Ron,

    You are correct. The use of crystals enhances the healings. I use Crystals in my Reiki sessions and do crystal healing sessions. The different crystals or gems affect the healing that are needed on a spiritual, mental and physical level.
    I carry my bloodstones with me at all times to help my circulation. When I do a lie down meditation I place the rose quartz on my heart chakra and feel the energy flow.
    I have used the crystals on cancer patients and on people with depression issues and have seen relief almost immediatley. Look into their eyes after a session that’s where the message is.

    Thanks, Ron. The more I learn about you and your practices the more I admire.
    Have a great day

  2. Morning Akelamalu~


    I’m so glad this book and I found one another…I find the whole thing “fascinating.”

    Can’t wait to try it!

    Mucho thanks for always stopping by to visit and say hi!

    May the FORCE be with you!

    Have a Gem of a day,

  3. Hey Dave~

    SO good to see ya!

    When I first starting practicing Reiki, my Reiki teacher gave me 7 chakra stones to use in session. At the time, I had no interest in using them (I think I actually gave them away!?)oops!

    However now, I feel very drawn to start incorporating “stone energy”. I use Basalt stones in my hot stone reflexology work (I just love the FEEL of them in my hands)- very “grounding.”

    That’s very interesting about Bloodstones and Rose Quartz – someone else I met also mentioned the “loving energy” within Rose Quartz…the stone actually LOOKS loving…doesn’t it?

    Thank you SO MUCH Dave for always stopping by and sharing your knowledge and sensitive energy…it’s well received and appreciated!

    Have a Gem of a day,

  4. Hi Neel~

    Welcome..and thanks for stopping by to say hi!

    Feel free to come back anytime!

    Have a Gem of a day,

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