Reflexology and Constipation!@#?

At one time or another, we’ve all experienced…backed-up bowels…don’t you just love that feeling?!

Constipation, which is the sluggish action of the bowels, responds exceptionally well to reflexology.

Many factors can adversely affect the elimination process including; diet, lack of water, certain medications, and injury to the lower back.

*more women than men seem to experience this issue.

Reflexology has been found to improve peristaltic action (the “wavelike” contractions of the small intestine and colon – which propels food along).

Improper function of the digestive system can rob the body of important nutrients and lead to a variety of issues.

I myself, rarely contend with constipation (damn us men) however, being a “road runner eater” I sometimes have issues with indigestion. From my own personal experience, reflexology has helped tremendously with this.

When working with clients who have received reflexology for constipation, I’ve quite often been told that it DID start things “moving” again!

Listed below are the reflex points that a professional reflexologist uses as a guideline to help with this issue.


*Solar Plexus


*Gall bladder

*Ileo-caecal valve

*Large intestine

*Small intestine

 *Each of these reflex points are within the abdominal cavity and are associated with digestion and elimination.

*Please review the Foot Map Page on this blog to familiarize yourself with where these reflex points are located.


Self-Help Guide

~When working on yourself, rather than trying to reach specific reflex points, my advice is to focus on the area from the base of the ball of the foot, to where the heel starts (each of these reflex points are located within this large area).

~With a firm, yet gentle pressure, use both thumbs to press and rotate, making small little circles over this entire area (be sure to reach every inch).

~Work each foot for approximately 2 minutes – then wait a few hours to see if a result is achieved (do this no more than twice a day).

~Remember – reflexology may have a slight delayed response – therefore, be patient.

~The abdominal area is very sensitive to reflexology…so be gentle!



~To help support the digestive and elimination systems – use reflexology 1 hour before or after eating.

~Receive a professional reflexology session once or twice a month to keep everything regular.


If you have some time, please visit the Book Page on this blog, where you’ll find some easy and very informative reads on Reflexology.

And the next time your bowels feel a little sluggish…try rubbing your feet…they may just get things “going.”

Wishing you many years…of sooth moves!

Be well


Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reflexology” – Frankie Avalon Wolfe, Ph.D.



5 thoughts on “Reflexology and Constipation!@#?

  1. Morning Ron.

    Without going into ‘too much information mode’ I can confirm that reflexology can, most definitely, help with the relief of constipation. 🙂

  2. Morning Akelamalu~

    Oh…how funny…you made me chuckle!@!@^&#

    Constipation…let’s bring it OUT in the OPEN!

    SEE…just as you said…reflexology DOES help….yeaaaa!!!!!!

    Thank you Akelamalu…for giving “confirmation”…it definately helps people to realize that there are other “options”…than over-the-counter “laxative stuff”.

    It’s nature’s way…of “moving” things along!

    MUCH thanks for dropping by…it’s always appreciated!

    Hope your weekend just “MOVES”!

    Be well,

  3. Okay, not to be obnoxious (and I’m not trying to tell you that occasionally I’m not full of s**t or anything – snicker) but I HAVE NEVER ONCE BEEN CONSTIPATED !

    Thank good genetics and lots of roughage and water !

    Hope that you are having a very good Sunday sweet Ron, and THANK YOU for the wonderful comments that you have been leaving on my blog !

    You are such a nice, consistent cyber-friend !
    Thank you for your time and thoughtfulness and good wishes, Ron !

  4. Good Sunday Evening Annie~

    Oh God…your comment was hysterical!@&#

    What is it about talking about POO?

    Good girl…NEVER had constipation????? Congrats…you’d hate it!

    I’m a pretty “regular” guy myself..however I LOVE banana’s…and they seem to SLOW things down if I eat too many.

    And you’re so welcome about my comments Annie. You’re very consistent too…and I appreciate that!

    I’ll be stopping by your place later, to find out about the “date”…can’t wait!

    Stay smooth,

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