Reiki and HIV Support

A large majority of people will tell you that their involvement with Reiki came not from having someone explain what it is, but rather from simply hearing or seeing the word (Reiki). Something deep inside themselves – knew that it needed to be experienced.

I personally believe, that this is because Reiki is a part of our inherited spiritual nature.

It is perhaps the most non-invasive, yet deeply profound holistic modality. It gently touches upon the body, to powerfully reach the soul – because it knows that this is where true healing manifests.

Reiki most definitely offers effective results to help support the body with HIV. However, where I have seen it excel in support…is within the spirit of an individual.

So often with HIV, the body becomes the main focus (and understandably so) – yet it is the spirit, that is sometimes most in need.

Because Reiki has a “Universal Intelligence” of it’s own, it knows exactly what is needed whenever it is received; therefore, it may be felt on a physical level, emotional level or spiritual level (and sometimes all three within a single session).

When receiving Reiki, the practitioner and client form a “sacred union.” And it is within this union – that Reiki flows. It is a “shared experience” in that both participants receive in a session.

One must only be willing…in order to receive.

The practitioner serves as a “thread” that connects the client to the Reiki Source. Each practitioner works differently – intuitively using a variety of gentle hand postions, touching on various parts of the clients clothed body (a session may also be conducted with the practitioners hands remaining a few inches away from the body). A full session commonly takes approximately 60 minutes, however they can be conformed to any time length.


Benefits to Reiki and HIV


~Pain-management tool~

~Boosts immune system function~

~Assists with side effects to medications~

~Helps with Neuropathy~

~Allows for better sleep~

~Supports the client in coping with life changes~

~Helps with depression~

~Allows for a deep spiritual connection~

~Helps with acceptance~




*Check for HIV support organizations in your area that offer Reiki and other holistic modalities as a “free of charge” service. I know that they exist.

*If you are already part of an HIV support organization, ask your case manager about these services. They should be able to guide you in a helpful direction.

*Please refer to the Find a Practitioner link on the sidebar of this blog to see if someone in your area offers Reiki.

*For more information on Reiki, please visit the Modalities Page on this blog.


Reiki can be a valuable, supportive and caregiving tool for HIV.

From working first-hand with those in the community, I can confidently and happily tell you – that Reiki brings a “quality of life”…to all those it touches!

Be well


For additional information on the benefits of Reiki and HIV-please visit: Ontario Reiki Programme Centre

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12 thoughts on “Reiki and HIV Support

  1. Good Sunday Morning Ron.:)

    I so agree with your statement

    “…large majority of people will tell you that their involvement with Reiki came not from having someone explain what it is, but rather from simply hearing or seeing the word (Reiki). Something deep inside themselves – knew that it needed to be experienced.

    I personally believe, that this is because Reiki is a part of our inherited spiritual nature.”

    Reiki finds us when the time is right!

  2. Nice post…I’ve been following these on HIV avidly. You’ve some lovely advice here and its an illness that scares people so much that it feels like a public service just to address it, my wise friend. Thank you for all the blessings you share with the world!

  3. Morning Akelamalu~

    I too believe that Reiki finds us when the time is right. This is the way in which my journey began.

    Reiki is one of those things that seems impossible to describe (at least that’s how it is for me)…because it keeps MOVING…and our perception of it keeps changing – as it adapts to our growth.

    But the one thing that has NEVER changed for me…is unconditional LOVE I feel..each time I receive.

    I am so grateful that it found me!

    And so grateful for your visits here at my blog.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences each time you stop by…it helps others to understand!

    Have a wonderful Sunday Akelamalu!

    Be well,

  4. Helloooo Greenwoman!

    It’s always so GREAT when I hear from you!

    Thank you for visting my posts..I so appreciate that!

    My involvement with the HIV community, has blessed my soul in such a POWERFUL way, that I am guided to share just how important it is to have a deep relationship with “spirit” – for support.

    I’ve witnessed how it deeply touches the many beautiful souls I’ve touched!

    I feel so honored and grateful that God has asked me to participate in this…it gives my life such joy!

    Hope all is well with you, and that you are receiving continued inspiration from your recent “transformation.”

    Thank you for sharing your journey Greenwoman!

    Be well,

  5. Hi Ron,

    I’ve been following your discussions of HIV support with a deep respect for your work and for your sharing about it.

    We’ve come a long way from the early days, thank goodness. One of my closest friends was in the first wave of HIV, and widespread ignorance about the disease was almost worse than the illness itself. Even hospital workers would sometimes refuse to go into his room. And others would only touch him through latex gloves. So you can imagine how important it was to him just to be touched.

    My good friend, keep up your beautiful work by touching us here, and by your explorations of how souls can help one another through your gentle art.


  6. Greetings Vicki~

    It’s always a wonderful “tickle” when you stop by!

    Thank you for appreciating these posts…I’ve SO enjoyed putting them together.

    YES..we have come a long way haven’t we?? My best friend lost her husband many, many years ago (1980’s)- and that was NOT a good time for this. He struggled tremendously with feeling “ashamed” – however, he found a “graceful peace” before he passed – bless him!

    Thank you Vicki…for sharing your wonderful energy here…it adds such LOVE!

    Be well,

  7. Thanks for this post. One the best things any reiki master can do is volunteer within the HIV community. Most people are very interested in non-invasive self care and will use reiki for themselves and others with just a Reiki I attunement. When we give free attunements we spread the energy around in greater and greater ways. I encourage all reiki masters to share reiki this way!


  8. Hello Lynn~

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your knowledge here!

    I’ve learned the MOST about Reiki energy through THIS work…and I am soooooo grateful!

    Please visit anytime Lynn…the door is always open!

    Be well,

  9. hi ron, thank you for posting “reiki and hiv support”. it was peacefully written. it moved me to share the following link with those who are interested in volunteering their time, talents and skills as a reiki artist in a hospital setting.

    if any one is interested in putting together a program proposal to submit to their local hospital, i am more than willing to volunteer some time.

    while working at johns hopkins i have had many opportunities working with the department of volunteer services- as well as acquiring certification in hospital volunteer management… i wish i was into reiki then…

    therefore, if there is a reader living in baltimore county, feel free to contact me and i will provide the contacts for the volunteer manager and coordinator for the johns hopkins hospital as well as the departments that might be interested in having a reiki practitioner stop by… (note: there are nurses who voluntarily offer reiki at johns hopkins… so there is a certainty that a volunteer program for reiki artists would be well received there and at other hospitals that dedicated to meeting the johns hopkins hospital standard).


  10. Greetings Ajen~

    So GOOD of you to drop by… it’s always a pleasure!

    I LOVE the term you use “Reiki Artist”….it’s such a beautiful way to describe Reiki…and you are SO right…it IS an art! I may start using that phrase myself…thank you!

    Wow…you and I are practically neighbors…I live in Philadelphia. I’ve actually visited MD and really enjoyed it. I took a course in “corrective make-up techniques” to help burn survivors camouflage scars. We had a few doctors from John Hopkins give talks during the class.

    Here in Philly…I volunteer with the HIV community and share Reiki, Reflexology and Aromatherapy…it’s pure JOY!

    I will be more than happy to leave your information here for future readers!

    Please drop by anytime Ajen!

    Be well,

  11. hi ron, i wish i could stop by anytime! perhaps when i visit family and friends in new york and for the holidays.

    i should have mentioned that not only do i no longer work at hopkins, i no longer live in baltimore. nevertheless, i still have some connections to hopkins.

    i currently reside in northern california in a small hamlet called happy valley. feel free to visit us if you are traveling through norcal.

  12. Ajen~

    Happy Valley???? How cool is that?

    Sounds like a “happy place.”

    If when you visit your family for the holidays, and have any free time, please do contact me here, and maybe we can at least chat on the phone (long distance calls are included in my phone deal). Trust me…I KNOW how busy one can get, when visting the family!

    God…can you believe this summer is almost over??? I so look forward to Fall and Winter…I think in a pastlife I was a penquin…I LOVE to be cold!

    Have a GREAT evening!


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