Feet…and the 4 Elements


Air, Water, Earth, and Fire make up all four basic elements on our planet.

Nothing could exist without all four present, and we need a balance of each element in our lives for health.


*The air to breathe

*The water to drink

*The earth to give us a place to stand, provide structure, and supply an element which to grow food.

*The sun (fire) to provide light and heat


By using the characteristics of the four elements in relationship to the feet, a reflexologist can get a general overview of the present condition of the foot owner.

During the normal course of one’s life, the elements go in and out of balance in a continuously changing state of health.

Listed, are the four elements and the conditions caused by an overabundance body quality and personality traits of each element are also included.



Foot conditions:

*flaccid feet

*crackling, popping toe joints

*athlete’s foot with dry, itchy scaling skin


*swollen feet/edema

*high arches

Moving qualities of the body:

*respiratory system


*motion of limbs and joints

Personality traits:





Foot conditions:

*sweaty feet

*flaccid feet

*swollen feet/edema

*athlete’s foot with blisters

*foot odor

Liquid qualities of the body:




Personality traits:


*easily influenced



Foot conditions:

*bones spurs

*stiff, inflexible feet

*mole, freckles on feet

*hammer toes

*cold feet

*corns, warts

*flat feet

*foot odor

Solid qualities of the body:




Personality traits:


*slow to change



Foot conditions:

*arthritic feet

*broken blood vessels

*bright red feet

*hot feet

*painful feet

Warm/Hot qualities of the body:

*body temperature

*circulatory system


Personality traits:





As I pursue my studies of Reflexology, I am continually amazed at how accurate the feet do reflect so much of who we are…Body, Mind & Spirit.

So take a look into the mirrors of your feet….and see your four elements!

Be well


For some special reading on the four elements please visit: “The 4 Elements Within & Without”

Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reflexology” – Frankie Avalon Wolfe, Ph.D.

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12 thoughts on “Feet…and the 4 Elements

  1. Ron,
    Good Day. I love your post and I too cand relate to all traits in your explanation. Water, seems to be the most dominate trait. That ties in with all the other traits in other modalities. It is a very nice tool to work with.
    I was in Mercer, PA this past holiday weekend with friends and had a wonderful time in your state. The weather was perfect. Had some Amish food and lots of relaxing times. How far is Mercer from you? Mercer is near Ohio. It took me eight hours to drive there but it was a great drive.
    Ron, have a great week my friend.

  2. Afternoon Akelamalu~

    If you look at each element as a WHOLE…you may be able to see yourself.

    Example: notice the “qualities” of the body parts that most “react” for you when the element is in EXCESS. Also, notice the personality traits and see if any pertain to you.

    It may be that you are very balanced in one or several of these elements.

    If so…bravo!

    I myself, am predominately Fire, with some Water.

    Be well,

  3. Hey Mr . Dave!

    Oh my God…you were HERE in PA???? Damn…I need to e-mail you my phone number for future trips!

    Is’nt this horrible…I’ve heard of Mercer, but have no idea how close it is to the city. Something tells me that it’s NOT too far.

    Next time you decide to visit, let me know, and maybe you could come to the city for dinner and conversation. That would be so COOL!

    Don’t you just LOVE the Amish food??? I eat their “baked-goods” all the time. Their food is prepared with such “good energy”…you can FEEL it!

    Yes….the weather this past weekend was glorious! I am so anxious for Fall and Winter (my favorite times of the year). And it’s ALSO both our birthdays!

    Thanks so much for stopping by to visit Dave…it’s ALWAYS a good treat to read your words!

    I am FIRE…with Water, however I can see a bit of me in all four elements. You know US Libra’s…balance!

    Be well my friend,

  4. Hey Annie!


    That’s totally cool…it means that you have no EXCESS of these elements…and that you’re balanced!

    We all contain the four elements, however, it’s only when there is an “overabundance” that we see the conditions.

    Hope you had a wonderful Labor day and enjoyed your time with the family!

    Mucho grassy for stopping by Annie!

    Be well,

  5. Hi Ron,
    Pulling up the rear down here. Thank you for stopping by my place to wish me a good holiday. It was 110 degrees so I managed to get in a pool with only my head sticking out!

    I’m with you: Bring on the Fall!

    I’m also still trying to get that award into my sidebar. It’s kind of comical. The last attempt ended with a bunch of code sitting there for all the world to see. I’ll keep playing around. Maybe I’ll get a Clumsy Blogger Award next!


  6. Howdy Vicki~

    Oh my God….110 degrees?????? It was only in the 80’s here.

    I sware….Philly got away EASY this summer. Normally, we swelter, but for some reason (which I am so grateful for) we only had a few days of BAD heat.

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

    So sorry to hear about the award. This one was challenging for me too! Let me review the information that I left you on my post to see if I gave you the proper URL. I’ll get back to you if I discover any solutions!

    Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by to say HI…it’s always a happy moment Vicki!

    Stay cool,

  7. Afternoon Akelamalu~

    Me too…and I can definately be firey…that’s why it’s a good balance for me to have some water in there!

    I’m glad you came back and took another look!

    Hope all went well on your first day back to work.

    Be well,

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