Reiki…as Blood Type


Every so often, I get inspired with a new view of Reiki.

Just the other day, someone asked me what Reiki was. And it was strange, because I actually had to stop and think of what to say. I found myself pulling descriptions from my memory bank, and repeating them as if by rote. I felt like I was back in grammar school reciting my ABC’s.

Later that week, I decided to ask Reiki in meditation, to give me a new lesson.



We each have the common ingredient of blood within our body, however our “blood types” may vary. Some of us have similar types…and others have different.

Blood is constantly moving through us – cleansing, nourishing, supporting, recycling and healing us. 

It is a life essence.



We each have the common energy ingredient within our body. It is the same energy, however our experience with it may vary. Some of us experience it in similar ways…and others experience it differently.

Reiki is constantly moving through us – cleansing, nourishing, supporting, recycling and healing us.

It is a life essence.

Reiki and Blood

Commonly Universal…yet uniquely different!

Be well

10 thoughts on “Reiki…as Blood Type

  1. Good Morning to YOU Akelamalu~

    It was the REIKI that inspired me!

    You know how it is. After a while, Reiki sort of becomes “second nature” (which is a good thing). However for me, it also becomes more challenging to explain it in words…to someone else.

    I think I said this before in a past post – just HEARING the word Reiki…causes a “knowing.”

    Don’t cha’ love it?

    As always my friend, your visits here are so welcomed and enjoyed!

    Have a FAB weekend. It’s getting cooler here and VERY rainy. I’m in heaven!

    Sending you Reiki,

  2. I thank you Ron for your beeing here and to have met you and your thoughts. In your posts I find written in answers many of my endless doubts. I too feel reiki flowing inside of me, I stayed blind and deaf to it for many years because, I must say, not really knowing what was the deep meaning of the “feeling” I experienced it did scared me. Now that I have years added on and a good package of strong experiences, and a long and tough way out of mental anorexia in which I fell at the “early” age of 40, I recognize the “feeling” as “reiki” and accept it, starting to get closer and looking at it, letting it flow parallel to my life and holding on to the feeling of peace that arises… I now think this strong perceiving it’s a gift I received from someone who did love me in the past, and it seems to me as if I have e duty to take to an end, but not really know what and what to do…
    Thanks for reading and forgive my english if it isn’t so fine, though I’m sure you do understand what I’m trying to say…
    Have a nice we in Phil and… do you REALLY like winter and cold??????????????????? :-((

    Feet well! 🙂

  3. Good Morning Francesca~

    It’s so nice hearing from you again. Thank you for stoping by!

    You have no idea how much your comment touched me, in so many ways!

    Lately, I’ve been contemplating taking a break from posting here for awhile. It’s been almost a year now, and I sometimes wonder if what I’m sharing with others…is of any interest. You have allowed me to see that it is. Thank you so much for that!

    Thank you for your honesty about feeling doubtful at times. Me too! Being human, I believe we all feel this now and then.

    My personal opinion, is that Reiki is already a part of each one of us – because it IS us. However, some of us are drawn to work closely with Reiki, within our own lives, and to also work as “facilitators” for others. This is why I think some of us feel so connected to the energy…long before we ever go through the “attunement process.”

    I know that for me, Reiki got my attention YEARS before I ever actually started practiting it (and yet, in a way, I WAS practiting it). Like you…I just “felt” something. And also like you…I had endless doubts and confusion. I still do.

    For my path, Reiki is a journey of constantly letting go and surrendering to where it wants to take me. It will only show me what is in the “present moment” – not to where it’s taking me. So I believe my doubt, stems from my own ignorance and insecurity about where I’m going.

    It’s taught me the most valuable lesson about living in the moment (something that is extremely challenging for me).

    I LOVE what you said about allowing Reiki to flow parallel with your life and holding on to the feeling of peace that arises.

    That’s the PERFECT description of Reiki!

    WOW…thank you for putting it into words!

    It’s always a pleasure to have you visit here Francesca. Your wonderful “energy” adds much to this space!

    And yes…I REALLY do love the Winter and cold. I know…most people think I’m nuts! My body and spirit seem to be more balanced when it’s cold. I feel GREAT!

    Have a great week!


    P.S. I understood your English PERFECTLY!

  4. Hi Ron,
    it’s a real pleasure to share thoughts with you, thanks for your warming answer!

    “Siano leggeri i vostri passi sul sentiero della vita, camminerete sulla terra come se foste sulle nuvole del cielo”

    I try to translate this phrase I find so right for your site…

    “Let your paces be light along the path of your life, and you’ll be walking on earth as you were walking on clouds”

    Too bad I can’t attach a picture to go with it, it’s a deep meaningful picture, is there a way I can send it to you?

    If you decide to step off for a while, don’t do it for long, it’s rare to find a site like this, so professional still so warm and friendly! … I believe written words are our soul mirror…

    Have a nice walk in the autumn chilly air! It’s getting quite chilly here too but… I’m a lizard on this!! 🙂


  5. Morning Francesca~

    Much thanks for the beautiful phrase!

    It’s funny that you chose those words, because I was going to use a phrase in my blog header, that was somewhat “similar” in meaning. I think I’ll use it next month when I update it.

    That’s too cool!

    Thank you for enjoying Foot Notes and for your kind words. If I do decide to take a break, I’ll be sure to let you know beforehand.

    It was good talking to you again, Francesca.

    Have a wonderful “Autumny” weekend. Don’t worry…the “really cold stuff” won’t be here for awhile!

    Leap’in Lizards!


  6. Ron,

    I made a beautiful experience last evening with my little one, well… he’s almost turning 12… I’d like to tell you…
    As I told you, I’m finally starting to get confident with reiki, sort of “making friends”. Don’t really know how, ‘cause I didn’t attend any courses, nor received any attunment, but just read a lot (I’m a real bookworm!) when my doubts fulfilled my mind to the top and now I recognize it and most of all feel it as it could be reiki… Although always in doubt if this could be possible or not, the feeling is so strong that now I’m just entrusting to my life and “let things to occur” , and something extraordinary is happening and would like to share.
    I tried on myself, I tried on a friend, I also tried at distance and had a response, but the most touching feeling has been with my little son, last nigth. He laid down on bed, cuddled up in a pile blanket and “offered” himself to my hands… As soon as I posed them over his eyes, he burst into a laugh telling me he was feeling tingling and tickling all over his face! Couldnt’ go on, so in between the laughters I held my hands up high a few cm, now he told me he felt warmth, and his face just smiled, and his eyes wandered on the ceiling and then he started…. “d’you mom…we’r watching a movie at school….Anna Frank.. and on and on…”
    In all this “movement of things and words” I felt I was never loosing the contact with him. Although I was listening to his story and interacting with him, my hands were going over his body moving by themselves, and it surprised me I was feeling the energy just flowing indipendently by my attention and awareness, both mine and Filippo’s, who kept on talking narrating his story and enjoyng the feeling he was experiencing…

    And me too, made such an experience, can’t even describe how I felt after…

    Must cherish this big lesson… children are so straight to life, they dont’ expect anything, they just live and “catch” everything life gives them!
    Becoming adults, we so much lose our inner ability to “receive”… dont’ you think?

    Thanks for reading Ron,


  7. Greetings Francesca~

    You’ve share so much in this comment…and it’s all so beautiful…thank you my friend…thank you!

    You have a natural “gift” Francesca. Whether it’s Reiki or not…is really not important. But if you FEEL that it is…then it is! Trust that feeling.

    My beliefs about Reiki our very different than most practitioners. I believe that if Reiki wants to use you…then it will find you, and “attune” you on it’s own….and it will teach you on it’s own.

    Ultimately….once the “formal” attunement process is over….Reiki is the teacher!

    I am a level 2 Reiki practitioner. I started this process over 10 years ago. I’ve never wanted to move on to the other levels, because I never believed I needed to.

    About 3 years ago..on a retreat…I instinctively know that Reiki attuned me (on it’s own) to the 3rd level. Can I prove this? No. However, I know that it’s true.

    The reason that children (and animals) respond so well to Reiki…is JUST as you said….”they don’t expect anything, they just live and “catch” everything life gives them.”

    And this, Francesca….is Reiki!

    No expectations.

    The LESS you concern yourself with it…the more powerful it becomes!

    Just FEEL Reiki…and have no concerns with whether or not you’re “doing” anything right. The greatest lesson that I have learned through Reiki…is to surrender myself to it.

    For when I do….there is nothing that feels more beautiful.

    Reiki is LOVE.

    And how can anyone “really” teach love?

    It teaches…itself!

    Much thanks for sharing your experience with me Francesca…I appreciate that.

    You’ve caused me to once again, remember the essence of Reiki.



  8. Ciao Ron,

    Buongiorno! 🙂

    your words made me feel SO good, I think you’re so right, thank you, by heart! And you know, they reminded me of a fact happened four years ago which remained open…

    At that time, trying a way out of anorexia, I’ve been grooming horses for a while, beautiful animals and beautiful feelings!
    There has been one, unforgettable horse, with whom I shared an astonishing, immediate bond at “first touch”. It has been such a strong feeling “deep in my guts” I remember I stepped back looking at her, wondering “what the hell is happening, who are you??”
    She made a thought (she MUST have made a thought! ) that suddenly soothed me and with that thought she drew me to her and I was like in a trance grooming her, it was almost as I was her, all in one. I remember a feeling of primordial love filling my total vacuum… I kept grooming her crying rivers of tears and taking on my soul all the heat she was pulling out at every brush… I KNEW she was doing something extraordinary for me, although I didn’t know what then, I was just thankful to her, and getting from her, just getting …

    Later I realized she made me experience how it feels to receive higher love, uncondiotioned, unbonded, primordial. You can’t give love, you just don’t know how, if you dont’ know what it feels on receiving it… THAT is what I was missing, and THAT moment has been my first step back to life…
    Never happened again, I’ll treasure it FOREVER.

    Her name was DAYLIFE… she gave me one day of LIFE… the others I had to add…

    Last night, reading your words, I made the thought that SHE was giving me reiki…

    Thank you Ron, so glad I met you!

    I wish you a WONDERFUL and CHILLY we!!


  9. Buongiorno Francesca~

    Another beautiful story…and thank you for sharing!

    I like your choice of words..primordial love…and so true!

    You know, I knew a Reiki practitioner in Florida who ONLY worked on horses! One day, she allowed me to come watch her at the stables.

    It was an awesome experience. EVEN from a distance (with her standing about 5 feet from the horse) I could see how the energy was moving TO and THROUGH the horse…truly amazing!

    In my exprience, animals are the greatest teachers of Reiki, because of their ability to freely love…unconditionally.

    And because they don’t speak…using words….REIKI has the freedom to speak!

    How blessed you are Francesca, to have had this beautiful exchange of energy…and to have been open enough and wise enough….to “hear” the message that it gave you!

    And blessings to DAYLIFE too!

    Aren’t animals….the BEST???

    Have a wonderful weekend, Francesca (I hear it’s getting chilly, here).

    Yepee..and Yahoo!


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