Good Stuff for Your Feet!


Feet are the most abused and ignored part of our anatomy.

Through improper footwear, and constant pounding on hard flat surfaces, our feet take a lot of wear and tear.



Most adults have abused feet, caused by ill-fitted shoes. There are no shoes on the market that truly conform to the outline of the human foot – this is obvious if you just place your shoe beside your foot and compare the shape. Another factor is that one foot may be slightly larger than the other.

High-heeled shoes are probably the worst culprits as they affect the body weight, balance, and spine.

Synthetic shoes should also be avoided as they do not ventilate, thus increasing the risk of fungal infection. Rubber and plastic shoes will stifle the feet.

Low-heeled, lightweight, leather or natural fiber shoes are the best. So choose your shoes carefully; your health depends on it.

*Tip: shop for shoes in the late afternoon or evening after any foot swelling has occured.



Socks made of synthetic materials should be avoided, as they increase the likehood of sweating. Choose cotton or wool rather than nylon.


Exercising You Feet

Regular foot exercise will not only keep the feet in good shape, but can also combat deformities.

There are some simple, easy exercises which can be done at home or the office, which will be beneficial to the feet and should be practiced whenever the opportunity arises:

*Rotate the feet to limber them up.

*To tone up the ligaments and tendons, pick up marbles with the toes.

*To strengthen the arches, stand with your feet flat on the floor and curl the toes under.


Walking is the best and simplest form of exercise. Walk barefoot as often as possible to allow your feet to recover from the confinement of shoes. Barefooted people are less likely to develop foot deformaties. A barefoot walk on the beach, grass or bare earth brings the feet into contact with the earth and the energies that flow through it to provide a revitalizing, energizing and natural massage.


The feet transport us through our entire life.

So, if we can begin to think of them as the “tires” on our car…we would realize the importance of taking proper care of our “treads.”

Allowing them to give our life…many more happy and healthy miles.

Be well feet!



Please visit: How to Buy Shoes

Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “The Art of Reflexology” – Inge Dougans with Suzanne Ellis

Photo: Debbie in California


10 thoughts on “Good Stuff for Your Feet!

  1. Good Tuesday evening to you, Ron !

    My feet love clean cotton socks, orthopedic inserts to balance my pronantion, and the correct New Balance walking shoes !

    Happy feet and a happy week to you, dearest !

  2. Oh my God Annie~

    What a wonderful “treat” to hear from you!

    I JUST posted this not 5 minutes ago. Boy…are you quick!

    It’s nice to know that there are people in the world who truly take care of their feet…good girl!

    I hope all is going well for you Annie. I miss you, but know that you are very happy and full. So, I’m happy for you!

    Much thanks for taking the time to stop by and say hello. That makes me feel so nice!

    Be well my friend,

  3. Hi Ron 🙂

    I’m happy to say my feet are quite good considering the ill fitting shoes I wore when I was young. I was determined that my sons would have well fitted shoes as long as I was buying them and am pleased to say they both have lovely feet! Not sure they wear such good fitting shoes now though.

  4. Howdy Akelamalu~

    Such a good mother are you!

    I’m sure your boys’ feet appreciate that!

    It’s truly amazing to me, that when my feet feel awful (like from standing all day on a hard concrete floor), I feel like poop. And when my feet feel relaxed and free…so do I!

    Good shoes are such an important part of how the rest of our body feels. Comfort, means so much more to me, than style!

    Thank you my friend, for taking the time to stop by to say hello. It’s much appreciated!

    Here’s to happy feet!


  5. Hey Brian~

    So good to see ya!

    Hey listen, no apologies needed.

    You come and visit whenever it moves you.


    I think one of the comments I left you on your blog about a week ago, got lost in either cyberspace or Akismet. I left you a congratulatory comment on your wife’s new book, and when I hit ENTER….it vanished. I tried it again, and it vanished once more.

    Anyway, I am SO happy for her! And for you too! So please let her know that I send my very best wishes.

    I’ve been having issues on this blog with Akismet, throwing random comments into purgatory, and then finding them when I go to clean it out. It’s even grabbed my OWN comments!

    Go figure!?!?

    ALSO, my blogroll disappeared for a day, and my header freaked out!@!?

    I’ve not been by your place lately, because I’m working on a new blog project. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

    Much thanks for stopping by to say hello…it’s always a pleasure hearing from you Brian!

    Be well,

  6. Hi Ron! I wish I had read this post when I returned from New York last week. A 16 hour flight from Northern California to the Catskills with two connections (one in Philly- wink) left my feet feeling battered and bruised at the end of the day. And sadly enough the gentleman sitting next to me had restless leg syndrome that compelled him to move his legs for 5 hours straight. I am sure that he was in far worse of a state than I at the end of the day.

    All parts of the body are important. Viva la gestalt!

    Thank you for posting this! Timely indeed… since I will doing the same trip in the coming weeks.


  7. Welcome, welcome Ajen!

    So nice to see you!!!!

    Wow….a 16 hour trip!>!?##@

    Don’t you just LOVE flights when you have to connect every two states?????

    It’s like riding a BUS!

    Oh my God…you were here in Philly??? Is’nt our airport disgusting???? I apologize!

    I flew to Japan one year, and I was up without any sleep for 27 1/2 hours. The actually flying time was around 16 hrs too! And I know what you mean about your feet. I didn’t dare take my shoes off, in fear that I would never get them back on again.

    That’s wonderful you get to travel…how great!

    Hey listen, if you haven’t already, please read my post on aromatherapy and flying. There’s some recommendations for staying healthy when you fly. You may find it interesting.

    It was so good hearing from you Ajen. It’s always a pleasure!

    Here’s to healthy feet!


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