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One of the things I feel very passionate about, is maintaining an honor and respect for our Seniors.

The Japanese culture strongly believes that as a person grows older…they become more valuable.

This too, is my belief.

Many Seniors lead full and active lives, and reflexology provides a valuable contribution to the maintenance of both physical and emotional health.

The contact of “touch” through this modality is especially beneficial for alleviating feelings of isolation, which may result from loneliness or bereavement.

For those Seniors who may feel a bit uncomfortable about undressing; reflexology provides the ideal tool (since only the removal of shoes and socks are required).

It is a gentle modality that can be administered with either the client lying down, or seated in a recliner.

Reflexology helps with a variety of physical concerns for Seniors; however, I would like to concentrate on one of the most common.


*Arthritis is a general body condition that can come from a variety of sources and is generally associated with an inflammation of a joint.


Focus Reflex Points

Solar Plexus

*To reduce over-all body tension associated with arthritis.


*Useful in eliminating waste materials that can gather around the joint.

Adrenal Glands

*To help reduce inflammation of the joints.


*To help remove toxins from the body


*To help with over-all deep relaxation.


*To greatly assist with knee pain.


*Please review the Foot Map Page to familiarize yourself with the location of these reflex points.



*With either your thumb or index finger – gently, press and rotate over the complete area of each reflex point.

*Work approximately 1 minute on each point – then repeat the process 2 more times.

*This can be done 2-3 times a day.

Remember – reflexology is cumulative; therefore, it may take a few days to start feeling the results. Be patient.


Caution Care

*Be especially aware of fragile bones and thin skin – always work gently.


*To find a professional reflexologist near you, please refer to the Find a Practitioner link on the sidebar.


When used with care and respect, Reflexology can help to rejuvenate, balance and restore the entire body.

Allow your feet to guide you…to a happy and quality life!

Be well…Seniors!


Portions of this post gratefully supplied by: “The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology” – Kevin & Barbara Kunz

Please visit the Book Page to find additional information on Reflexology

Photos: SteveM 61 & Magicmud

14 thoughts on “Reflexology for Seniors

  1. Buongiorno Ron! 🙂

    I have the same thoughts on our older ones, they are such of great value to us… too bad this is rarely understood in our occidental society so most of them bury their unvalued wisdom sacrifiying it to a more “safe” and “socially recognized” elderly wickedness or to the emptiness of solitude… what a loss!

    How was your we?
    Here in Milan we had our first foggish sunday 😦

    Ciao! 🙂


  2. Buongiorno Francesca!

    Dove sono il libri?

    (that’s the ONLY Italian I remember from high school)

    And that’s ONLY helpful if I’m in a library…tee-hee!

    Oh….foogy in Milan….how wonderfully beautiful!

    I should be shot….I’m an American-Italian….and have never been to Italy. I lived in Amsterdam and Belgium for a whole summer…and LOVED it! Europe is FABULOUS!

    Such history and beauty!

    I also lived in Japan for a summer, and remembered how respectful they are to their Seniors… was so heart-warming and beautiful!

    This is how it should be EVERYWHERE!

    We’re ALL going to be Seniors one day…and we need to remember that. I really enjoy sharing reflexology and reiki with seniors (I don’t do it as often as I would like…but when I do…it’s such a “special connection”).

    My weekend was great. The weather was cool, clear and sunny. I spent half of yesterday sitting under a gorgeous big tree in the park, listening to relaxing music, writing in my journal, and eating a HUGE veggie sub!

    It was a day of feeling very grateful!

    How was your’s? I really enjoy rainy, gray Sundays….it’s so calming and peaceful (especially if it’s foggy).

    Anyway, I thank you very much for your visit today….it’s always enjoyable sharing stories!

    Have a GREAT week…and we’ll talk again!


  3. Hi Ron 🙂

    At 58 (almost) I suppose I will be classed as a ‘senior’ soon enough, certainly my joints think I am! 😦

    You are so right, Reflexology is such a relaxing and helpful healing modality totally suitable for us old’uns! 🙂

  4. Afternoon Akelamalu~

    Oh my God….at 58…you are not anywhere NEAR being considered a Senior!

    You’re only a Junior!

    You have the energy of a 21 year old!

    I think of age, as a rippening process (kind of like a banana)


    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and say hello Akelamalu…much appreciated, my friend.

    Boogie down,

  5. The community where I work is predominantly Asian, and the monster shopping center is open to early morning classes for seniors to do their…. not sure what it is. It looks like martial arts in slow motion, very graceful.

    I see it sometimes on my way to Starbucks. =]

    I have to respect seniors… one day it’s going to be me looking into the mirror and wondering how it happened.

    Disco fever,

  6. Greetings Greg!

    Oh… cool!

    I think it may be TaiChi. I met this woman who teaches it, where I volunteer. She gave a class to kids about a year ago, and I was able to actually take the class with them. It was very SLOW motion, fluid movements.

    It was a very powerful experience….just beautiful!

    How wonderful, that you’re around the Asian community….LOVE EM’ I spent some time in Japan and was in awe of their respect for the Seniors….so touching!

    Hey…are you TOO a Starbucks fan?????

    I’m there everyday – there’s one on every other corner in this city. They OWN Philadelphia! Some people feel that their coffee is too strong and bitter (me….the STRONGER the better). I like it when my spoon can stand up in the mug – tee-hee!

    You’re right Greg…we’re ALL going to be Senoirs one day looking in that mirror!

    Thank you for sharing my respect for them!

    Mucho grassy for stopping by for a read and a comment – it’s always a treat!

    And remember……BURN, BABY, BURN!

    Best wishes,
    John Travolta

  7. Hello Ron,
    You are so correct. I work with seniors at a local hospital. They are so apprectiative of any work (it’s really the attention) they receive. They have so much to offer and so much to give. Ane one day we will be in thier place. Thank you my friend. I also loved the education you provide for the rest of us here in blog land.
    Stay well

  8. Hey Mr. Dave~


    How was your vacation??? I bet if felt wonderful to take two weeks and just visit a new place!

    Travel…the BEST!

    You were very missed. I stopped by your “place” to say hi…and read all your well-wishes and misses!

    Oh……it’s so GREAT that you work with Seniors at the hospital. I bet they DO appreciate it…. all that loving, “Dave Energy.”

    Feeling LOVED, is in my opinion, the greatest abundance there is.

    Oh yeah….and Happy Libra Birthday! I don’t know if you’re a September Libra or an October Libra? My birthday was yesterday (52) woo-woo!
    I had a very nice day.


    And as always….your presence here….adds a great deal of “good stuff.”

    THANK YOU for that!

    Boogie down,

  9. Hi Ron,

    Yep.. TaiChi it is. I confirmed with one of the guys. Yeah, it’s a cool culture with its good and bad moments. Start talking about driving, and it gets scary… Anything goes on the streets here.

    I’m hoping to a)never get old or b) never lose my memory.

    SB… ohh yeah. 🙂 Thinking about one right now. Tall Americano. Mochas and lattes on the weekend. Ahh. And you?

    Keep on Truckin,

  10. Evening Greg~

    Oh my God….you made me laugh!@!!

    Yes…driving is, ANYTHING GOES…your right! I remember that!

    (crash helmuts)

    Yes….losing our memory can be quite devistating
    (although…at 52….I’m already forgetting in the middle sentence…WHAT my point was??)

    I’m so boring with Starbucks, Greg….. just a grande or venti dark roast coffee, I’m afraid. Although, there was a time when I really enjoyed Americano’s. However, I found that (for me) PLAIN coffee gives me MORE of a BUZZ!

    And I LOVE that feeling!

    I have two cups a day (but, HUGE cups).

    I enjoy French Pressing my coffee on the days that I have off. It’s a wonderful first cup in the morning!

    All this “coffee talk” is making me want one!!#%@*

    Hey..thanks for dropping by again, Greg!

    Cool Beans,

  11. Hi Ron,

    TANTI AUGURONI per i tuoi bellissimi 52 anni!!!!

    I just finished drinking a steaming hot short strong black italian cooffe!! … wonderful way to start a day! 🙂

    Just dropped by to say hello!

    Me too, I would love to work with seniors… and the young ones too, our memory and our potential…

    May be when “I grow up”, I’m working on that!

    Have a beautiful day Ron and a g o o d morning coffee! 🙂


  12. Morning Francesca~

    I’m assuming you just said HAPPY BIRTHDAY?!?!

    If you did….THANK YOU!

    Oh…that’s too funny, cause I’m sitting here having a LARGE french press coffee at this very moment! (except, mine has some cream in it).

    Don’t you just LOVE that first cup of coffee in the morning??

    Thank GOD for coffee beans!

    (the simple things in life)!

    Much thanks for stopping by to say hello and good morning, Francesca.

    Have a wonderful day too!


  13. Hey Dave~

    Thank you buddy!

    I’ll be by to see you on the 13th.

    Dear God…I hopes it’s not on a Friday!?!?


    Have a great weekend,

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