Reiki for Animals


“Moo-Moo Reiki”


 A great many people feel the healing power of animals, which express love unconditionally and often comfort us when we are fearful or not feeling well.

Without a doubt, the most enlightening and moving experiences I’ve had, was when sharing Reiki with an animal.

Animals have the natural ability to completely surrender themselves, and simply trust that they will recieve what is needed.

And this, is when Reiki shows it’s true power. 

All animals can be treated with Reiki – BIG and small.

I’ve shared Reiki with cats, dogs, birds, frogs, and squirrels (even bugs!). I knew of a practitioner in Florida, who worked primarily with horses. And to watch her work, was truly amazing. She never actually touched them. She would hold her hands about 5 feet from their body, simply allowing them to draw in what was needed. And to witness the horses reaction, was a sight to behold!

Whether sharing with a person or an animal, Reiki can be applied either hands-on or hands-off. I have found with cats, being ultra-sensitive to energy, if I start with my hands off, and then slowly move them in to an actual touch – they seem to respond better.

It’s funny, an animal will always let you know when it has had enough – it will simply, get up and move away.

Just as with people, Reiki can be used for all types of physcial and emotional issues concerning an animal.



*Pre & Post-operative proceedures

*Physical or emotional trauma

*For aches and pains

*When traveling

*Through giving birth

* Through death


Throughout the lives of both my cats, up to their senior years, and even as they were passing – Reiki provided them and myself, with tremendous support, comfort, and love.

Being a “hard-core” alternative health believer, I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Reiki.

Sharing Reiki with the animal kingdom, always strengthens and reminds me of our “healing connection” with all living things.

So, thank you Reiki!

And be well….precious animals!


*Please visit the Find a Practitioner link on the sidebar of this blog to locate a professional Reiki practitioner in your area. You may also find someone who works primarily with animals.

This post is dedicated to Vicki @ Animal Tales for her love and devotion to all of God’s creatures. Thanks Vicki!

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10 thoughts on “Reiki for Animals

  1. Evening, Ron!

    I loved your post! Somehow it’s just the push I needed to find out how to experience Reiki myself–so I can share it with animals. And how very graceful to dedicate the post to little moi.

    As ever I am so grateful we have met!

    Enjoy your weekend, and your squirrels!


  2. I thank you Ron for this beautiful post… no more words…

    a BIG hug and have a great we!


  3. Good Saturday Morning to you Ron 🙂

    I smiled when I read your post, remembering the times I have treated animals with Reiki. Animals only take what they need and just walk away when they’ve had enough. My toughest one was giving Reiki to one of my son’s Rottwielers because I admit I am a bit wary of them. Buddy had an injured leg and the treatment he was getting didn’t seem to be working. After 2 Reiki treatments he was jumping around like a puppy!

    Have a lovely weekend, I hope the sun shines for you. x

  4. Morning Vicki~

    You are so VERY welcome….a pleasure!

    I always think of you when I read something about Reiki and animals.

    With all your Animal Tales….you could be like….a Reiki-911 paramedic!

    You’d be a NATURAL!

    Thank you for being such a wonderful “care-giver” to all the precious critters on this planet!

    Have a FAB weekend.

    moo-moo reiki,

  5. Buongiornio Francesca,

    Much thanks for stopping by to read….so glad you enjoyed it!

    Have a wonderful weekend in Milan. Have an Italian coffee for me!


    moo-moo reiki,

  6. Morn’in Akelamalu~

    Oh….how wonderful!!!!


    Yea…animals seem to get quicker results. I believe it’s because they don’t THINK about it…and they just let it HAPPEN.

    What’s so beautiful to me….is to FEEL that PURE, WIDE-OPEN connection between Reiki and them…I don’t always sense that with a human.

    The weather here (you would LOVE) is unbearably hot and humid (high 80’s)…maybe by Christmas…we’ll get some 70 degree temps!?!?


    Always a pleasure recieving a visit and comment from you Akelamalu…have a GREAT Saturday!

    moo-moo reiki,

  7. Greetings Greenwoman~

    Happy Saturday…and great to see ya!

    CATS (and squirrels) are my passion….LOVE EM’!

    Yes….cats HAVE to be in “the mood” (you know how THEY are). That’s why I do more hands-off Reiki with them.

    However, Jerry, my precious little Reiki teacher…use to take it anyway he could get it…I truly believe he was a Reiki Master Kitty. He taught me, shit-loads!

    My friend, just last year, lost her kitty to hyperthyrodism. However, I use to share Reiki with Katie a few times a week…and she loved it. For days afterwards…Marge said she would be quite active. I would send her long distance Reiki too (1-800-Reikisend)


    Animals and severly ill people, have been my greatest teachers, in showing me the POWERFUL and LOVING essence of Reiki.

    Just beautiful!

    Thank you mucho much for stopping by to say hello and to read, Greenwoman!

    Enjoy your weekend…how’s your Fall?

    It’s summer, here!?

    moo-moo reiki,

  8. Reiki, the gift that keeps giving. It is the one area in my life where the connection between me and the rest of me in this world happens.
    The energy that is generated in my sessions is always so special and so powerful. My cat loves to sit and let the Reiki enter and she seems so much calmer when she has had enough. And so am I.
    Ron thanks for your post

  9. Evening Dave~

    You said it my friend!

    “The gift that keeps on giving.”

    Me too, Dave…. it’s truly the one area in my life, where I can totally let go….and be ONE with that “connection.” Any differences, seem to vanish….leaving only, how much we are LOVED!

    Thank you, for ALWAYS leaving something “special” here Dave.

    We are ALL blessed!

    moo-moo reiki,

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