The Foot Mirror

“Mirror, mirror on the feet”

Quite often when sharing reflexology with client for the first time, they will mention that they never realized how sore their feet were.

This is because foot tenderness doesn’t necessarily always come from foot issues, such as: standing on your feet all day; footwear; or podiatric concerns. Your feet may be in perfect shape, yet still be sore.

Sometimes the feet are sensitive, because they solely reflect the stress that is being held within the body.

Also too, I find that some people initially feel very little tenderness or response to the application of reflexology; however, as they continue to receive additional sessions, sensitivity becomes more obvious. This is because everyone’s stress level is different, and it may take a few times for the body to respond to the amount of stress it’s holding on to.

Everyone is unique in the way they react to reflexology. Some it’s instantaneous, others react slower.

It’s important to realize that reflexology is cumulative. This is why I will always recommend to a first time client, a series of sessions (usually 3 spread out over a period of 1 session per week). Eventually, once or twice a month is a good maintenance program.

Reflexology powerfully works to break up the stress pattern that the body is experiencing. You may not even be aware of this stress, because ironically, high levels of stress become almost “second nature” to most of us. The body does an effective job of taking care of itself; however, eventually it needs some support – and this is where reflexology comes into play.

Nothing replaces the application of a full professional session; however, I do believe that we can all help ourselves through this modality. Applying reflexology to yourself in between sessions, gives you a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with your own body. Also, when you work on yourself, if a reflex point is tender, you’re more aware of how much pressure to apply.

Self-Reflexology Recommendation

*Try rubbing and pressing on your feet everyday. I know this may sound time consuming, but I assure you, that you can always fit it in during times when you’re actually doing other things.

*While on your computer.

*While watching T.V.

*While on the phone.

*While at your work desk.

*Just before getting into bed.

*Before getting out of bed in the morning.

Note: Even just a short amount of reflexology is better than none.

*If you should find a tender spot, firmly, but gently continue to apply pressure until sensitivity dissapates.

Remember, like a mirror…the feet actually do reflect the human body.

So take sometime and look into the mirror of your soles!

Be well

*Please refer to the Foot Map Page to familiarize yourself with the reflex points.

*To find a professional practitioner in your area, please refer to the Find a Practitioner link on the sidebar.

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14 thoughts on “The Foot Mirror

  1. Nothing beats a professional reflexology treatment but next best thing for me is MWM massaging my feet, he doesn’t really like doing it but he loves me! 😉

  2. Morning Akelamalu~

    Hey…having someone you LOVE rub your feet…is even better than a professional treatment…even if they don’t like doing it!

    LOVE is the magical ingredient!

    Thank you for stopping by on this Saturday morning, my friend…enjoy your weekend!

    Be well,

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  4. Morning Kevin~

    AAHHHH…now that’s REAL magic!

    Thanks for your visit..have a wonderful weekend!

    Be well,

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  6. Hi Ron…I’m wondering about a book I found recently and would like your opinion on it if I may. Its called Sexual Reflexology: Activating the Taoist Points of Love by Chia and Wei

    ARe you familiar with this book? What did you think?

    Thanks for saying hello recently. I’m glad to see you posting here again. ((hugs))

  7. Evening Greenwoman~

    YES…I have seen that book in either Barnes and Noble or Borders (can’t remember which). I have not actually read it (just flipped through it).

    Along with reflex points, there are several meridian points that run through the feet as well (this must be what the book talks about) or even something that I may not even be aware of.

    I’m always open to finding out new things concerning the feet…so if you read it…please let me know what discover.

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello Greenwoman…it’s always a pleasure!

    Be well,

  8. Good morning, Ron 🙂 Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog.

    Reading this, it reminds me of the bliss I go into when I’m getting a pedicure! LOL The gal I see is lovely when it comes to caring for my feet…I can only imagine what it would feel like to have reflexology performed by a professional. The feet are oftentimes the very last things we think to care for where stress is concerned (Personally, I attract alot of tension in my shoulders & neck).

    Thank you for the pointers! As my job entails sitting at a computer all day, I’m going to try taking some short breaks to rub my feet, and see how that helps!


  9. Afternoon Grace~

    Thank you very much for stopping by Foot Notes for a read and a comment!

    I was quided to study reflexology through my reiki practice. What I’ve learned… is that the feet are a powerful tool in which to reach the soul. The more attention you give them…the more they open themselves up to show you.

    I do a combination of reiki/reflexology/aromatherapy in the sessions that I offer. They each support one another…beautifully.

    My foundation will ALWAYS be reiki…it’s my compass.

    I’m so happy that (through Greenwoman) I was able to discover your blog. You write beautifully. And what I find most appealing…is that you expose your “human-ness”…thank you!

    Stop by anytime, Grace!

    Be well,

  10. Hi Ron,

    I’ve always found that during a reiki session, I always spend a good amount of time working at my client’s feet, and I know it does them a world of good!

    Bright Blessings,

  11. Evening Beth~

    It’s always good to hear from you!

    Good for you…when I was JUST doing Reiki…I too would spend a great deal of time with my hands on the clients feet.

    You can achieve WONDERS…by ONLY applying Reiki to the feet.

    Now when I work…I apply pressure to the reflex points…and then if I feel that the point could use some “extra” time…I will then hold my hands on the reflex point and allow Reiki to move in deeper. Some clients will mention that they can actually feel the energy, let’s say, in their spine.

    The two of these modalities together…are such a blessing; however, (for me) Reiki will always be the POWER.

    Thanks for stopping by Beth…it’s always appreciated!

    Be well,

  12. As mentioned above love is the key ingredient to any application. When done with love, love of self or another, then the treatment has that little umph. When we offer the energy of love then all else follows to help with relief and comfort. Our bodies and our spirit takes the positive energy of love and applies to the area of distress. Once again, My friend thank you for the education and the energy.

  13. Morning Mr. Dave~

    You are inspirational, my friend…and thank you for sharing this in your own beautiful words.

    Have a wonderful day, Dave…and as always, it great to have you here!

    Be well,

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