One Reiki Within All Styles


Yesterday, I received a comment from my friend Grace on the previous post entitled, “Essential Oils and Reiki Distant Healing.”

She shared her experience of a session she had had, and was curious to know if there were different “styles” that Reiki practitioner’s used.

This comment caused me to share some of my personal opinion with her, and then inspired me to share more of it on a post.

So, thank you Miss Grace!

I am a level 2 practitioner; attuned to the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing, and have been practicing since 1997.

I use Reiki on myself almost everyday, and have a small practice out of my home. Most of my practitice involves sharing this beautiful energy with those infected and affected with the HIV virus. This work has been a blessing.

To me, Reiki is a neutral energy. However, the beauty of Reiki, is in it’s ability to use each practitioner, in their own unique way. Once attuned, Reiki is the teacher.

This, I believe, is the result of so many wonderful styles.

Each recipient will be drawn to a particular practitioner, because of “something” that resonates between them and the practitioner.

Reiki is like ice cream. You have your choice of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or cookies and cream…however, it’s ALL ice cream.

It is One Universal Energy….with LOTS of flavors. And like all ice cream….it’s ALL good.

I do believe however, their is one COMMON ingredient to Reiki…which is infused and felt within ALL Reiki styles.

And that’s the ingredient of LOVE.

LOVE is the “magical ingredient” within Reiki. 

I honor and respect ALL styles of Reiki, because each one has a “special taste of being” for each one of us.

So…Bon appetite!

And be well.

P.S. And Reiki is also…fat-free!

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17 thoughts on “One Reiki Within All Styles

  1. I’m also a level 2 practitioner in Usui Natural Healing and been practising for 4 years. You describe Reiki so well Ron and I’m so happy it’s fat-free because I’m on a diet! AGAIN!! 🙂

  2. Greetings Akelamalu~

    I don’t know where the heck I got this “ice cream idea” from (Reiki, maybe?)

    Anyway, it sounded (and tasted) good!

    Good luck on your diet…and thank you for stopping by, dear friend…always a pleasure!

    Be well,

  3. Ron,
    Good answer.
    I have found reiki different from every practitioner. It is a ‘relationship’ while you exchange that energy, and unique between every pair doing it.

  4. Hi, Ron!

    Thank you so much for sharing your time and experiences with me. I really love sharing with you, and consider our meeting here in Blogland a true blessing. Thank you for your kindness to me!

    Next time the energy comes on my hands like that, I’ll do what you suggest and lay them on my heart. Last year I’ve actually considered going to massage therapy school because it has been my experience that I am a conduit for the healing energies. This started out in more traditional ways – with the laying on of hands in conjunction with prayer. But since then, I’ve had people tell me that when they touch me, they feel better 🙂 (I actually had a massage therapist…sweetest young woman…than when she finished working on me, she felt invigorated rather than ‘depleted’.) I’m sure I don’t have to tell this to you, but I don’t take any credit for the energy. I’m just the Hollow Reed. I’m willing. And I’m surrendered.

    You know what? I think the days of having rigid programs, structures, labels and ‘hierarchies’ – whatever the spiritual orientation! – are coming to a rapid ending. We are Community. We are Unity. We belong one to another, and there aren’t any Superstars because we are ALL children of the Stars! 🙂 So I agree with your assessment of your Reiki attunement going up another level spontaneously. Spirit is moving. And we can ALL join in the movement and Go with the Flow.

    It’s fun chatting with you..thank you for taking the time!

    And I’m totally DOWN with the Fat Free zone!!! 😉

  5. Evening Annie!

    That’s it….it’s a “relationship” in experiencing it!

    Great imput, Annie!

    I quite often feel “melded” with the recipient…experiencing the LOVE together!

    It’s wonderful to know that you are SO open and sensitive to these things!

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by and sharing, Annie…you add much!

    Be well,

  6. Evening Miss Grace!

    While I was responding to your comment the other day…I was suddenly filled with tremendous inspiration to write a post!!! It was much too cool.
    So thank YOU my friend!

    “Hollow Reed”….that’s the PERFECT visual expression of allowing healing energy.

    I went through a period of studying Bhakti Yoga (the yoga practice of completely surrendering yourself to be an expression for the Universe). They use the term “Hollow Reed” as a way to visualize yourself as you meditate. This is perhaps the most challenging of all yoga practices, however it’s the practice that I am most drawn to (because it is SO freaking difficult for me). Yet, when I am in sync with it…I’ve NEVER felt anything like it! It’s simultaniously…humbling and powerful!

    You’re so right Grace…the days of rigid “formats” are coming to a close. I believe that the Universe is ever changing and moving…so how can we remain static, if we are to be a reed for it…and as you stated…go with the flow?

    Since I embarked on my spiritual journey…my feelings about spirituality have changed umpteen times. I use to think that it was because I couldn’t quite “find” my place in spirituality…until finally…I realized, that because I was surrendering to it…it was ASKING me to change my opinions.

    I know that you are a vessel of LOVE, Grace…and that that LOVE will always guide you to were you are needed to share it…and right now…it’s your wonderful blog…because we ALL feel it!

    Thank you, Universe….for allowing Grace and I to meet and share…it’s so much damn fun…isn’t it?

    Be well, my friend!


  7. I love your analogy to Ice Cream. It is a perfect visional form to use to teach Reiki. As you know I have received my Master Teacher certification in Usui Reiki. I hope you do not mind but when I teach Reiki to new students I will use your example. Of course, my friend in PA will be given credit.
    You are correct in saying that each practitioner is unique. Each of us has a different way of being a conduit of the universal energy. As long as we let our intention to help be guided by love then the person seeking comfort will receive the comfort for the area of discomfort that needs it. Some times the client will not experience what they desire but the Reiki goes to where it is needed.
    Spirit guides us to the areas of the physical and spiritual body that it is in need of Reiki.
    And like the old Zen saying when the student is ready the teacher arrives. People are drawn to a particular practitioners that offer what is needed at the moment, which may last a lifetime.
    Just for Today.

    Stay well my friend and I wish you peace and happiness.

  8. Morning Dave~

    I was JUST at YOUR blog leaving you a comment on your wonderful post….isn’t that funny?

    Hey…by all means, my friend….the “ice cream analogy” came from Reiki….so please feel free to use it!

    So true, Dave….Reiki will always work for the highest good…which is not necessarily what the recipient had in mind. But eventually…it will be understood.

    Thank you for layering this post with you own wisdom and understanding…it helps others to feel!

    Good to see ya, buddy.

    And thank for your well-wishes.

    Back at ya!


  9. Good Saturday morning to you, Ron ! How are you doing today ?

    Just came by to say hello, and see what was new with you. Hope that all is well.

    Happy Holidays to you and those you love —

    Loving Annie

  10. Evening Annie!

    Thanks for stopping by for a Hello….Hello!!!

    Just got back from having dinner with a friend of mine from work……5 Guys Burgers!!!!!

    She and I were in such BURGER moods…and after the INSANE day at work….we rewarded ourselves…yummmy!

    I feel like such a PIG right now. Oh…well…time for some reflexology on the stomach reflex!

    Hope you had a GREAT Saturday. Tomorrow is my day off…so it’s DO NOTHING DAY!

    Be well, Annie!!!!!


  11. Reiki is so much like ice cream without the fat! It makes you feel good and comforts you. It really is the energy of LOVE.

  12. Hey Beth!

    That’s great…..Reiki….a comfort food!

    (and you can’t O.D. either!)

    Thanks for adding your energy to this post!

    Bon appetite,

  13. Hi Ron,

    Just dropped by to say Happy New Year! YOU are a year ahead of me just now, already into 2008 and here I am in 2007!

    I hope your new year is full of warmth and friendship–and posts!



    So good to see ya!

    I know, I left a comment on Greg’s blog last night and said the same thing to him.

    WOO WOO 2008!!!!

    I’m not posting as much as I use to on this blog, simply because I’ve said all I can say on Reflexology, Reiki & Aromotherapy, at the moment (it’s been over a year). I’m leaving it here as a reference for people searching for information on these topics. I will be posting only once or twice a month.

    Please feel free to visit my other blog, as I usually post a few times a week. It’s VERY different than this blog, so if it’s not your cup of tea…I TOTALLY understand.

    I write about a WIDE variety of things. Also, I’m teaching myself HTML coding with this new blog, so I’m constantly redesigning the template. It’s been SOOOO much fun!

    Hope all is well for you and that this new year brings you much LOVE and HAPPINESS!

    Thanks for stopping by, Vick!


  15. Hey Annie!

    Thank you…and the same to YOU!

    It’s been a GREAT 2007…and looking forward to sharing with you in 2008!



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