Reflexology Recliner


Eight years ago when I was first certified as a foot reflexologist, I began searching for a portable recliner that I could use when making out-calls.

I needed something comfortable, compact, and durable.

One day I happened to walk into a Brookstone Store, where I spotted a fabulous looking recliner which I found out was made by a company called Lafuma.

Now what’s really interesting is that the recliner was not advertised as something for reflexology. It was actually a chair to be used for home use.

But after trying it out I knew it would be perfect, because it was absolutely one of the most comfortable portable recliners I’d ever sat in.

It was also the ideal height and width for administering a reflexology session.

So I made the purchase and couldn’t be more happier. And every client who sits in it immediately comments how wonderful they feel.

The cushion part of the chair is suspended from a metal frame with elastic woven cords, so it gives the feeling of “gentle buoyancy.”

The recliner also came with an adjustable headrest.

The chair easily reclines and returns to an upright position without any effort. And once reclined, the chair can be locked in that position.

What makes Lafuma recliners so special is something called Zero Gravity.

A zero gravity recliner is a chair that allows you to rest with your feet raised higher than your heart. By extending your lower legs and feet above your heart, the load on your spine is reduced, allowing your vertebrae to decompress after a full day of walking, standing, and sitting upright.

 The recliner model I purchased (which is identical to the photo above), has a cloth padded seat, however, Lafuma also makes recliners in a special material for outdoor use.

So if you’re a foot reflexologist searching for a comfortable recliner that’s durable and portable, or even if you’re someone who simply wants a quality recliner for home use, please head over to Lafuma.

They have many models and colors to choose from with prices ranging from $129.99-$269.99.

You’ll find the investment well worth it.

 Enjoy your recline!