Foot Reflexology

 The art of foot reflexology has it’s origins traced to ancient Egypt, India, Japan and China.

It works with the simple, yet highly effective principle that there are reflex points found on the feet that correspond to every organ, gland, muscle, bone and system of the body.

When these reflex points are stimulated via gentle finger-pressure technique, the entire body is rejuvenated, recycled and rebalanced.

The feet actually contain a “map” that reflects the human anatomy. It is through this map that foot reflexology keeps the body on course.

Although this modality is not massage, the feet themselves  receive tremendous benefit. Foot tension is reduced as circulation is increased, through the finger pressure applied.

Foot reflexology addresses the “whole” rather than one specific concern. It’s sole purpose is to provide an overall state of deep relaxation, reducing stress, allowing the body to return to it’s own natural rhythm.

And because the feet are so richly supplied with an abundant amount of nerve endings, they make the perfect “receptors” for this unique modality.

Hot Stone Reflexology 

Hot stone reflexology uses the same principles as foot reflexology – with the added benefit of warm stones.

This modality is not new. It can be traced to ancient Rome, Asia, Greece and Egypt.

When special stones ( basalt) are heated and applied to the feet, they produce deep relaxation, increase circulation, clear toxins, and most importantly, they assist in decongesting the body’s “energy channels”- which in turn reduce stress.

Basalt stones make the ideal tool. Their smoothness, energetic qualities and iron/magnesium content are unsurpassed in retaining heat because they were formed as molten lava cooled.

This modality is the “ultimate” in deep relaxation.


Aromatherapy is a gentle ancient art that utilizes the properties and aromas of essential plant oils to influence the body, mind and spirit for a feeling of “well-being”.

Essential oils occur widely in the plant kingdom and are sometimes referred to as the plants “life force”. This life force is very much connected to the human life force. When the two come in contact- natural restoration is possible.

Essential oils cause effects by two main routes – the skin and the nose. When applied to the skin, a carrier oil (vegetable) is used to dilute and distribute the essential oil over it’s surface. Simultaneously the aroma is absorbed through the nose, affecting the mind and emotions.

Aromatherapy is a powerful pathway that can open the consciousness, touch the spirit, quiet the mind, and rejuvenate the body.


Reiki ( pronounced- ray key) is an ancient wellness art that has been in existence for centuries. It was rediscovered and put into a formal practice in the early 1900’s in Kyoto, Japan. Rei can be translated as “spiritually guided”- Ki as “Divine wisdom”. 

Out of all the natural healing modalities, Reiki is perhaps the most challenging to explain. It’s simplicity does not match it’s deeply profound results. This is because Reiki has a Universal Intelligence of it’s own and needs no direction or manipulation from either the practitioner or client.

It works with the principle that the body is composed of matter and is therefore composed of energy. Through everyday stress and strain this energy may become sluggish and blocked. As we receive Reiki, our personal energetic system is rearranged, balanced and renewed.

Reiki is a hands-on yet noninvasive modality that is received fully clothed. The practitioners hands are gently placed on or above the seven major energy centers found within the human body. When this contact is made, the client will receive the perfect amount of energy needed for that particular session. It’s very similar to plugging a lamp into a wall socket. The electricity required to lite the bulb….just flows. No more, no less.

Each time Reiki is received, the experience may be different. This is because Reiki works on all levels of health – rejuvenating the body, clearing the mind, and reconnecting the spirit. Reiki will always work for the highest good of anyone who openly accepts it.

I strongly believe that Reiki is the underlining support for each of the bodywork modalities that I practice.