Reiki for Animals


“Moo-Moo Reiki”


 A great many people feel the healing power of animals, which express love unconditionally and often comfort us when we are fearful or not feeling well.

Without a doubt, the most enlightening and moving experiences I’ve had, was when sharing Reiki with an animal.

Animals have the natural ability to completely surrender themselves, and simply trust that they will recieve what is needed.

And this, is when Reiki shows it’s true power. 

All animals can be treated with Reiki – BIG and small.

I’ve shared Reiki with cats, dogs, birds, frogs, and squirrels (even bugs!). I knew of a practitioner in Florida, who worked primarily with horses. And to watch her work, was truly amazing. She never actually touched them. She would hold her hands about 5 feet from their body, simply allowing them to draw in what was needed. And to witness the horses reaction, was a sight to behold!

Whether sharing with a person or an animal, Reiki can be applied either hands-on or hands-off. I have found with cats, being ultra-sensitive to energy, if I start with my hands off, and then slowly move them in to an actual touch – they seem to respond better.

It’s funny, an animal will always let you know when it has had enough – it will simply, get up and move away.

Just as with people, Reiki can be used for all types of physcial and emotional issues concerning an animal.



*Pre & Post-operative proceedures

*Physical or emotional trauma

*For aches and pains

*When traveling

*Through giving birth

* Through death


Throughout the lives of both my cats, up to their senior years, and even as they were passing – Reiki provided them and myself, with tremendous support, comfort, and love.

Being a “hard-core” alternative health believer, I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Reiki.

Sharing Reiki with the animal kingdom, always strengthens and reminds me of our “healing connection” with all living things.

So, thank you Reiki!

And be well….precious animals!


*Please visit the Find a Practitioner link on the sidebar of this blog to locate a professional Reiki practitioner in your area. You may also find someone who works primarily with animals.

This post is dedicated to Vicki @ Animal Tales for her love and devotion to all of God’s creatures. Thanks Vicki!

Photo: MBoudin




Paw-flexology ?!?


                                      Does reflexology work for animals?? 

When my two cats were at that “twilight age” – and they were both experiencing cases of hyperthyroidism (common amongst older kitties) – I would apply some paw-flexology.

Not really knowing what I was doing, I would gently rub the pads of their paws…and they seemed to really like it!

That is…when they were in the mood (you know how cats can be).

I works for people…why not animals?

I would always try it when they were “napping” – seeming to be more open to it.

Their little paws would flex and contract as I used my thumb and index fingers – by making small slow circles on and between the pads.

Knowing how a cats paws are ultra-sensitive, and not wanting a case of “Cat Scratch Fever” – I went about this very carefully.

Jerry was much more accepting than Zoe – but she was always a Diva in the “touch department” (I will allow you to feed me…and look at me…but don’t you dare touch me…until I’m damn good and ready)

God love her!

It seemed to relax them. So, on and off for a year, I continued this.

Both of them passed away at home. And as they did…I rubbed their precious paws.

Lately, I’ve tried to find some actual research on animals and reflexology.

What’s so bazaar…is that all this time, I’ve had some information on this topic, in a book that I’ve had for 7 years…and didn’t even think to look at!

I would like to share a section from the book entitled, “Healing yourself with Foot Reflexology” by Mildred Carter and Tammy Weber

Which ironically – is who’s method of foot reflexology I trained under!


~Reflexology for Pets~

“My story of reflexology and it’s individual cases would be less than complete were I to omit the story of Inky, our 3 year old Pomeranian dog. This is a breed subject to asthma attacks. Inky had an alarming attack one Sunday when we had guests. I kept rubbing his throat, giving him something to inhale to aid him in his breathing.

His difficulties did not lesson after we retired; he was in such discomfort that the family was kept awake by his attempts to breathe. Finally, I brought him to my side of the bed, rolled him over on his back, and began to rub his feet.

Certainly I had not the slightest notion where to rub a dog’s foot to ease him of his asthma. But with great care I worked each pad of each toe, then the center large pad.

After five minutes his panic-stricken struggle to breathe eased. I discovered the small extra toe, high up on the foot, was the most tender spot.

All four feet thus treated, he relaxed and I fell asleep. I was awakened later in the night by his wheezing, but this time it was not as loud. When I called him to the bed from his own blanket in the room, he came readily, lying on his back, feet upturned for a second treatment!

Almost at once, his breathing became easier and when I drifted off to sleep the second time, my little dog patient was slumbering also.

For all the rest of the years our pet was with us, he had few asthma attacks; when he did, reflexology quickly relieved him”!


So apparently, when applied with “tender loving care”- reflexology can assist our pets!

It never ceases to amaze me,  just how powerfully helpful this modality can be.

So….try a little Paw-flexology….your pet will love you for it.

Be well…..pets!





Sealed with LOVE

Yesterday while glancing over my wall calendar for May, I noticed that this week is “Be Kind to Animals Week“.

I LOVE all critters.

But for those of you who really know me…..know that CATS are my top banana!

However for today and the rest of the week, I would like to pay tribute – by honoring the Harp Seal.


 To look into their precious eyes… to look into a deep well of LOVE.

It is my own personal belief, that God has placed His animals on this earth, so that through them, He exemplifies His LOVE for us.

Animals LOVE us without any condition. They simply LOVE. With pure abandonment.

They ask for little in return…..other than we openly accept their LOVE.

They entrust us with their lives…..believing wholeheartedly…..that we are trustworthy.

        Be Well.

Deer Reiki

Very often, I feel and see things – represented as the essence of an animal.

Maybe this is because I feel such a strong connection to nature.

Whenever anyone asks me to describe Reiki, I always seem to explain it as a feeling first – then the technique.

Reiki has a unique way of revealing itself to everyone in a manner, in which each person will understand it’s presence.

And for me……it’s LOVE.

Deer have always held a “special place” in my heart. They gracefully seem to encompass the true qualities of Reiki.

  • Wisdom

  • Power

  • Awareness

  • Compassion

  • Strength

  • Agility

  • Respect

  • Tenderness

  • Patience

  • LOVE

Many times while sharing Reiki with my eyes closed, I will actually feel the presence of several deer – simply giving their LOVE.

My purpose as a Reiki practitioner has always been – to hold the LOVE CONNECTION between the recipient and Reiki – while silently witnessing the Grace that is bestowed upon them.

In complete faith, I know that Reiki will give whatever is needed.

And deliver it…….with DEER LOVE!

Be well



Reiki: Teachings of a Cat

Ironically, my greatest master teacher of Reiki was Jerry- my cat and companion.Through the final transition of his life, he gave me a clear glimpse into one of Reiki’s most profound teachings…..allowing.

I was at a pinnacle point of my own spiritual growth at this time, going through a deep surrendering process. Confused, lost, frightened and very angry- I had no other choice but to accept and trust. Not only was I confronting my own “smallness” as a human being, but was also learning the excruciating lesson of allowing myself to be supported by “true power.”

In 1999 Jerry had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. After initially hearing the different options I had from a traditional veterinarian, I decided to use alternative health care to assist him (as I do with myself). Through the teachings of a holistic veterinarian, along with much Reiki and some time, his health returned to a balanced state. With hyperthyroidism there are “highs and lows”- which are to be expected using any type of healing method. However I watched him very carefully, adjusting his health care as he adjusted.

In 2001 I decided to make a move back to the northeast, but was very concerned about whether or not he would be physically up for it. After some blood work and a physical examination, the vet seemed amazed that Jerry was doing so well. Apparently the thyroid test was showing sky high results. However when the vet checked his heart rate…..Jerry was as calm as a cucumber. He said that this was very unusual, because it did not match the test results. He also said that he could see no reason to not go ahead with our moving plans. So off we went.

About 6 months after settling down to our new life, Jerry’s health took a nose-dive. It was at this point I knew intuitively, that nothing else could be done and that this situation was going to be what it was. So I made a choice. I had witnessed Jerry coming into this world 19 years prior- and I wanted to witness him as he left it.

During the last day of his life, Reiki was the only assistance that I could offer him. I watched as this compassionate energy- gently and calmly guided him through his own transition. As I fought and struggled- Jerry let go by simply accepting and embracing. There seemed to be a natural flow to what was happening and he seemed to have the “inner knowing” to move with it. And as he did…..he experienced peace.

It is my personal belief- that animals are placed on this earth to be wise spiritual teachers.

They seem to have a natural understanding of acceptance. Animals also seem to understand the “workings” of Reiki. Perhaps it’s because they know that Reiki is a part of them……and they simply allow it.