Spiritual Aromatherapy

The use of fragrance in making a spiritual connection is one the most ancient and enduring human activities.

Whether we pray to God, Christ, Buddha, Mother Earth, Father Sky – spirituality is about “making a connection”. We may take different routes, but the destination is the same.

The fragrant molecules that are essential oils, have been the vehicle for many spiritual journeys.

From a vibrational and energetic point of view, essential oils are in total harmony with life. They resonate with us, as the vibration of one cello string can cause vibration to another.

And what’s so remarkable about essential oils, is that they influence the “whole being” – body, mind and spirit.

When choosing an essential oil for spiritual connection, the chemical aspects are not as important because they are not being required to act on the physical matter of the body. What is most important is the energy of the essential oil, it’s vibrational note, which interacts with our own spiritual harmonic note as part of the universal symphony. This is why YOU must choose which essential oil is used.

When purchasing essential oils, it is very important that they are pure and not diluted with fixatives and other components. They can be purchased via the Internet or can also be found in a natural health food store. I strongly suggest testing various aromas before you make a purchase. This is a fun and enjoyable way to decide which oil “feels right” for you.

Listed below are four essential oils and their spiritual properties that I have found very helpful for my own spiritual connection. This is only a starting point for you. Remember: Choose the oils that feel special to you.


Warm, sweet, balsamic, spicy, incense-like

This sweet protector of the heavens operates far beyond the auric field, in the light realms. It is adaptogenic– it will adapt to a person’s spiritual state of being, offering support in a wide range of circumstance. Frankincense is elevating, spiritual, and meditative, and holds the wisdom of the Universe.

Chamomile German

Sweet, straw-like, and herby

The fragrance of this “blue chamomile” assists us in seeking spiritual understanding, with purpose and direction. It allows a deeper knowledge of the working of certain angelic orders who work close to the earth. German Chamomile can help the transference of prayers, and gives a clearer understanding of Universal energies and laws.


Fresh, fruity, woody

Juniper’s message is to complete the tasks and learn the lessons. It clears obstructions on our path to the Divine Spirit. While facilitating the transmission of our thoughts and prayers, it offers itself as a protective shield, disallowing negative thoughts to pervade our meditations and conversations with the Universe. A cleansing and purifying action takes place when Juniper’s fragrance is inhaled. It’s spirit can speak to our heart and mind.


Sweet, fruity, citrus with spicy-floral undertones

The high frequency of Bergamont is an amplifier of light energy – energizing and magnifying, opening the heart to joy. Bergamont lightens the shadows of the mind, bringing illumination and laughter, dispelling an aching heart, self-criticism and blame. Bergamont teaches that the help of the angelic realms is ever present; all we have to do is reach for it.

Before Prayer or Meditation

  • Place a single drop of the essential oil of your choice in the palm of one hand, then gently rub both palms together.

  • Then cup your hands and bring them up about 2 inches away from your nose and mouth (as if you are shouting to someone).

  • Close your eyes and take 5 deep relaxing breaths – allowing your body to surrender with each exhale.

  • Rest both hands on each leg or knee.

  • Then simply allow yourself……to receive!

I joyfully encourage you to explore the wonderful world of essential oils – allowing them to give you the valuable gifts they each hold within their essence. They will gently and compassionately guide you to a higher connection with the Source……and touch your heart along the way!

Be Well!

Essential oil supplies: Hands-On-Aromatherapy

Resource for this post gratefully supplied by: “Aromatherapy for the Soul” – Valerie Ann Worwood