Aromatherapy for Babies


Just like adults, babies will have moments of restlessness, crankiness, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

Through essential oils, nature has gifted us with a gentle and effective means to assist these precious cherubs, when they seem to have an “off-day.”

Babies are particularly sensitive and responsive to the application of aromatherapy; therefore, I recommend using only two essential oils that will greatly support them, yet not offend their delicate senses.


*Roman Chamomile


Note: use only one or the other at a time.

 Both of these essential oils have relaxing, calming, and stress-relieving qualities that are quite effective and extremely gentle.


*Suggested Applications*



*Place a single drop of essential oil on a facial tissue and place it in the crib, 8-10 inches from the baby’s head. The aroma will gradually diffuse the air, allowing the baby to breathe in the vapors.


Sleep/Eye Pillow

* You may have seen these small rectangular shaped pillows filled with lentils, rice, or oats. They are usually used for laying over your eyes to relax, or for headaches. They are sometimes scented with Lavender, however, they can be purchased unscented, so you can add the essential oil of your choice.

*Place a single drop of essential oil on the pillow and place it in the crib, 8-10 inches from the baby’s head. As with the tissue method, the essential oil will gradually diffuse the air.


Room Spray

*Place 4 drops of essential oil into a plastic/glass 4 oz. spray bottle filled with water (shake before each use). Lightly mist the air (away from the baby) allowing the essential oil vapors to gently diffuse the room.


Foot Reflexology

*Mix 1 drop of essential oil to 1 tsp. of jojoba carrier oil into a small glass bowl. Apply a small amount to the baby’s feet and gently rub. You will be affecting all the reflex points, relaxing and balancing the systems of the body.

Option: using your thumb – gently press and release over the soles and toes.

Babies respond very favorably to reflexology – so don’t be surprised if your little one suddenly calms down and nods off.


Caution Care

*Use only pure essential oils.

*External use only.

*Never use essential oils on the baby’s skin without first diluting with a carrier oil.

*Keep essential oils away from the baby’s eyes, nose, and mouth.

*Do not use any other essential oils other than the ones suggested.

*Do not use essential oils in the baby’s bath water.


So, when the stress of the “babyworld” seems to get to your baby…try some Aromatherapy.

Not only will it help Baby to chill….but also Mommy and Daddy!

Be well…Babies


For pure essential oils and supplies: Hands-On Aromatherapy

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For: Aromatherapy for Babies and Children – Shirley Price

Photos: Shane Bonham & Modgiesmom