Reiki and Chakras

The word chakra (pronounced chaa-kra) is Sanskrit meaning: “wheel” or “vortex” of energy.Within the subtle energetic anatomy of the human body (pictured) there are seven major chakras that run from the crown of the head to the base of the spine. They each represent different aspects of our entire human hood- body, mind and spirit.

Energy is the fuel of life. It is the invisible, yet tangible “food” that supports are very existence. Energy is around us whether we are aware of it or not. Example: Have you ever walked into a large group of people either at a party or restaurant and instantly felt the “vibes” of the place? Well…..that’s energy. It’s invisible to the eyes, yet very tangible to our energetic system.

Throughout the day, we are constantly bombarded with various energy levels of the people who interact with us. This explains why around some people we feel really “good” and others “not-so good.” Have you ever had a feeling about something in your “gut”? That too is energy.

For the most part- we unconsciously, like a sponge, absorb energy without ever being aware or discerning. It sometimes becomes apart of our own system, either energizing or draining us.

Chakras are the portals through which this energy is assimilated. Simply put- chakras are like spinning wheels that absorb, process and then distribute the energy, so that it may be used for the betterment of our health. Through illness, extreme stress, and life experiences- our own chakras may become “imbalanced”- which in turn- prevent us from receiving the full benefit of their assimilation.

When receiving a Reiki treatment, the chakras are cleansed and then balanced. Some chakras may have an excess of energy, while others may have a shortage. The beauty of Reiki, is in it’s ability to “equalize” energy. A Reiki session follows the locations of the seven major chakras.

The Chakra System

7th Crown Chakra

Location- Crown of head

Organ- Pineal gland

Color- Violet

Theme- Our personal connection to a higher power, intuition, spiritual awareness

6th Third Eye Chakra

Location- Between the brows

Organ- Pituitary gland

Color- Indigo

Theme- Intuitiveness, our ability to visualize and manifest, imagination

5th Throat Chakra

Location- Throat

Organs- Throat, thyroid gland

Color- Blue

Theme- Our ability to communicate freely, self expression, creativity

4th Heart Chakra

Location- Center of the chest

Organs- Heart, thymus gland, lungs

Color- Green

Theme- Our ability to freely give and receive love, forgiveness, empathy, trust

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra

Location- Upper abdomen

Organs- Stomach, liver, pancreas, solar plexus

Color- Yellow

Theme- Our ability to express personal power without ego, fear, emotions

2nd Sacral Chakra

Location- Pelvic region

Organs- Reproductive organs, kidneys, legs

Color- Orange

Theme- Creativity, relationships with others, vitality, desire

1st Root Chakra

Location- Base of the spine

Organs- Adrenal glands, bladder, genitals, spine, feet

Theme- Security, will to live, survival, life force

Some cultures believe, that as a human being enters this life, they begin the process at the first chakra and then gradually proceed upward toward the seventh. And if you really “feel” about that- it actually seems like a natural evolution process, doesn’t it? We begin our life relying on others for security and survival. Then we slowly proceed to interact with others, testing our own personal power. We then move on to understanding love, self-expression, creativity, and eventually come to a personal relationship with a higher power. We sometimes need to revisit particular chakras and discover things they we may have missed on our first visit.

Through Reiki we can do that. It lovingly and compassionately supports our journey. The cleansing process can at times be intense (I won’t lie to you). However through Reiki, we learn how to let go…..and allow the process to take us where we need to be. It’s all about allowing.

I ask that you continue to explore and enjoy your Chakras. Please check out these two book recommendations that you will find clear and very informative.“Reiki and the Chakras”- author- Richard Ellis — “Wheels of Light” – author- Rosalyn L. Bruyere

So get out there…….and spin your “Wheels!”

Be Well