Is Reflexology…Diagnostic?

I’ve shared this information within previous posts, however, I would like to expand a little more by giving it a “highlight” of it’s own.

The longer I work with reflexology…the more in awe I become of it’s many benefits and effective results.

However, I must always remember that this modality is not a means of “diagnosis.”

And that’s challenging!

It is amazingly accurate in locating where an imbalance may be located…yet it can’t tell me exactly what that imbalance is.

Webster said:

Diagnosis: a critical analysis to determine the nature of a thing.

Reflexology has absolutely no concern with analyzing anything. It’s only concern is to support the body in functioning as it was naturally designed.

Here’s a good example:

Say, the lungs are going through a form of imbalance. Through a series of “tests” – it may be concluded (diagnosed) that the cause of this imbalance is Asthma.

This result came from analyzing something.

Reflexology works  by knowing how the lungs were designed to function in health – so therefore, it’s only concern is to continually support that function.

It also knows that each organ, gland, and system of the body is like an “orchestra” – interdependent on each other.

When all the instruments are “in tune” – the sound becomes whole.


As reflexology is applied, it “conducts” the entire body, as if it were a symphony of energetic vibration…recreating the most perfect music!

So, do yourself a big favor and try some Reflexology…because your feet just know.

Wishing you many years…of beautiful, healthy music! 

Be well