The Agony of Da Feet !?*?#!

It seems like the only time we give notice to our feet – is when they HURT.

And can you blame them?

We throw a sock over them, stuff them into a dark tight shoe and then pound them over flat, unyielding surfaces for miles a day.

It’s no wonder they scream…….you would scream too!

Our feet contain 28 bones, 114 ligaments, 20 muscles and over 7,000 nerve endings. When you think of their size in relation to the body weight they support…’s a pretty amazing “feet”.

Feet are the great barometers of our physical and emotional states. Whatever they feel….so do we. Unfortunately feet are the most abused and ignored part of our anatomy.

The feet transport us through our entire lives. Through everyday use – they take a lot of wear and tear. If we can begin to think of our feet as “tires” on our car. We would realize the valuable importance of taking proper care of our “treads”.

If we take the time to put our feet up and give them a regular “rotation”…..they’ll give us many more happy miles.

When are feet cry out in pain, it’s a sure sign that they’re trying to get our attention, so that we will give them a little TLC.

As we begin to treat our feet with respect…..they in turn will respect us!

Please stay tuned for upcoming posts. Where I will share with you some easy, inexpensive and enjoyable tips on caring for your “peddle-pushers”.

Until then…..tread lightly!

Be well