Reflexology….are you a Virgin???

Like all new things that we may experience, the unknown can sometimes feel…. “Virginistic” (is that even a word)?

In this post I would like to share with you, what to generally expect when receiving a professional foot reflexology session. I will also infuse some of my own techniques.

First off….. I have found that a majority of people feel somewhat strange about their feet.

The size, shape, condition, and exposure of their feet makes them a little apprehensive about setting up an appointment.

Please realize something. A foot reflexologist has seen a great many feet – so they’re use to a wide variety. Also, the reason that someone would choose this type of profession, is because they appreciate feet and know just how enjoyable and affective this modality can be.

So let go…..and feel free to bare your soles to us!

Scheduling an Appointment

The ideal way to set up an appointment, is to get a good recommendation from someone who already receives foot reflexology. If this is not possible, look for an alternative health directory magazine in your area. You can also check out my Find a Practitioner link list for services in your hometown.

After speaking to a few, go with your gut feeling. Like all bodywork modalities, it’s important to feel a “connection” between the client and practitioner. Also, be sure to ask about the practitioner’s credentials. You want to be sure to go to someone who has had solid training in their field.

Expect to pay anywhere from $45.00 to $80.00 for a full session. Average is $60.00 ($1.00 per min). Some practitioners offer 30 min. sessions. Base your choice on how you feel about the practitioner…..not the price.

The Session

 Each practitioner has their own unique way of presenting a session. There is no right or wrong way. Like myself, a practitioner will often change their routine, as experience teaches them. Some offer a “spa-like” environment, while others offer more “therapeutic”.

You first session will be longer in length (usually 1 1/2 hrs). This is due to additional time designated for questions and some minimal “wellness” paper work. A disclaimer will be read and signed. Be sure to understand everything before signing. A disclaimer is usually about what foot reflexology does and doesn’t do, and also what to expect after the session.

After removing your shoes and socks, you will be asked to either lie on a massage table or to be seated in a recliner chair specifically designed for foot reflexology. Your feet will then be cleansed and sanitized before commencing.

Traditionally this modality is received without the use of oil, lotion or creams. A dry surface is preferred, due to enabling specific finger techniques on the various reflex points. However, some practitioners find the use of a light lotion helpful. Through years of experience, we each find different ways to perform this art. All ways are acceptable.

Personally, I use a little cornstarch powder applied to the feet. This seems to keep my hands and surface of the feet dry, giving me more control over finger movements.

A session commonly starts on the right foot (going from toes to heel) and then moves to the left foot. Again…some practitioners move back and forth between both feet (I have done this myself).

During the session a deep relaxation response is very common. You may find that certain reflex points being worked on – are slightly tender. This is due to blockages within the energy channels, throughout the body. A reflexologist will “pick up” on that, and will work the reflex points gently until the energy returns to a balance (this may take a few sessions).

After the session is completed, I apply a light peppermint lotion in order to revitalize the feet and awaken the client.

After the Session

After the session, feel free to discuss any questions or feelings that may have come up during the session. At this point, I review the possible natural health responses that a client may or may not experience within the next few days, as the body is cleansed.

Examples: frequent urination and bowel movements, light- headiness, exhaustion, energized, emotional release, muscle soreness.

I usually leave it up to the client to decide when to schedule their next appointment. Each client is different. Some wish to continue with additional sessions, while others feel the desire to wait and see. I will sometimes offer a “game plan” to achieve optimum benefits. However, I always empower the client by allowing them to decide for themselves. Intuitively….they will know.

Foot reflexology is a deeply relaxing, effective, gentle, yet powerful bodywork modality. It is a wonderful means in helping yourself through your soles ………to recycle, revitalize and renew your entire being. It will always work to restore the perfect balance within each unique individual.

In my next post, I will be discussing various questions and answers that have come up during my professional practice.

I hope that I have enabled you to get a clearer view of what it’s like to experience a session of foot reflexology. Please feel free to investigate the books that I have highlighted on my book page. You will find them clear and enjoyable.

So until next time……tread lightly!

And be well.