Just like a fingerprint – footprints are as unique and varied.

As a foot reflexologist, I am continually amazed at how the size, shape and structure of the feet – quite often reflect the body and personality type of the individual they are attached to.

This is not to say that I always find this to be the rule.

On special occasions, I do find people who are small in stature – owning a  pair of “flipper size” feet.

And others, who are larger in stature – having a set of feet like “Tiny Tim“.

Body alignment and foot wear also play a factor here.

But as an overall observation, most people’s feet do fit the person.

And this goes for the hands as well.

Let’s take me for example:

I am a little guy (5′ 7″) – weighing 137lbs. with a slight, naturally muscled frame. However my bones and skin are dense and thick. Overall – my body type appears slightly heavier than it actually is.

My personality type is “hyper-active” (much like the EverReady Bunny) – causing me to sweat profusely (unless I’m in sub-zero weather).

My feet are size 7 1/2 – in good condition, small, wide, dense, thick-skinned and easily perspire.

So….my feet look and feel like a reflection of me.

Also, the feet hold a certain degree of tension (as does the body). And what I find ironic, is that the reflex points, which are sensitive on my feet, do in fact correlate to the same areas in my total physical anatomy.

I hold tension in my neck, shoulders and back. My foot reflex points, are the same.

So the next time your barefoot, take note to their size, shape and structure – and see if they reflect you.

Use the foot map that I have included in my pages and massage your feet. Take notice to any areas that are sensitive. See if they correlate to the areas in your total body where you hold tension.

I bet they will!

Our feet are one of the most ingenious and powerful parts of our anatomy. They truly reflect the “totality” of our being – Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.

They are as unique and individual….. as a fingerprint.

They carry us through our entire lifetime. 

So take notice.

And be well!